Sunday 29 March 2015

You will be just as guilty as those who were responsible for handing Me over to My executioners
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 @ 08:40
My dearly beloved daughter, My Promise to come again will be fulfilled. Nothing can prevent My Second Coming, but still those
 who know Who I Am and who work for My nemesis with open and willing hearts believe that they can destroy souls before this
 Great Day.
To My enemies, know this. I know you. I can see your souls. I can see what evil resides within your hearts. I can also see
 the goodness, which lies side by side within you. Hear Me, as I reveal to you the Truth of what is to come.
If you love Me, you will be encouraged not to.
If you believe in My Teachings, you will be asked to believe in a new false substitute.
If you believe that I Am communicating to you, through these Messages, you will be convinced by the evil one that these
 Words do not come from Me.You will be tempted, therefore, to betray Me and you will do this by persecuting My servants, who
 support this Mission. You will become traitors of this Mission and, as such, you will be just as guilty as those who were
 responsible for handing Me over to My executioners.
If you do not listen to Me, then that is up to you and I will not hold you accountable, for I will never force My Will upon you. Far
 better you ignore Me and follow My Teachings, than to inflict suffering on others.
Now that My Plan to salvage billions of souls has commenced, know that I will rise above the will of men who oppose Me. Nothing
 – no words – no actions – no deeds – no wickedness of any kind – can stop Me in My quest to salvage humanity. Those
 who stand in the way of God will be powerless and will, in the end, lie prostate with grief before Me on the Day I come to judge.
Your Jesus

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