Sunday 29 March 2015

Once paganism grips My Church, this will mark the final chapter
Saturday, May 24th, 2014 @ 21:20
My dearly beloved daughter, the main reason so many people today, and especially the young, do not want to know Me is
 because of their unmitigated self-interest. Self-obsession, and a desire to please only one’s self and desires, has meant that a
 lack of real love for one another is missing and there is little charity present in such souls. When they separate themselves from
 others, in pursuit of self-fulfillment, they cannot love their neighbor. When they do not love their neighbor, they cannot
 love Me.
Separation from God has never been so widespread. With little love in their hearts, evil finds a welcome environment in which
 to take root. Once evil is planted, in the souls who become easy prey, it will grow and spread quickly. The further it spreads, the
 less love will there be in the soul and a hatred for others will be instilled within it. Soon, hatred, jealousy, envy, avarice and greed
 will become the common traits, which unite modern society, until eventually, it will become synthesized until souls will feel
 nothing. Emptiness of spirit leads to great danger, for the evil one is intelligent and he will use souls at that stage to
 wage war against the Presence of God in the world. When the world becomes self-obsessed and demands every kind of right,
 which it deems to be more important than giving generously of one-self – then nothing good can come of this.
When Lucifer disobeyed My Father, it was pride, which led to his downfall. Pride and a love of self, where all else comes
 second, will lead to the final downfall of the human race. Disobedience to God is rampant at this time. So little regard for His
 Commandments can be seen and this has meant that man will disobey every single one of the Ten Commandments. When the
 First Commandment is broken by My Church on Earth – the final bastion of My Father over His children – the world will
 witness the worst chastisement since the flood.
Once paganism grips My Church, this will mark the final chapter.
When God’s children love themselves and preen before Him, He weeps bitter Tears. But, when He is replaced in the hearts of all
 by paganism and a false god, His Wrath will be unprecedented.
Your Jesus

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