Monday 27 April 2015

My dearest beloved daughter, I call out today to all children over the age of seven and to every single...

This is a re-made video, of an older message, dated April 12, 2012 -- the last time it was made, folks didn't care for the music attached to it, so I remade it - reading it, it is:

Friday 24 April 2015

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Messages from The Book of Truth

Messages given to Europian visionary Maria Divine Mercy, by Jesus, God The Father and Mother Mary, contained in the Book of Truth.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Remember The Feast Day June 4th.2015
Our Mother of Salvation Crusade Prayer {154}

Monday 20 April 2015

Crusade of Prayer (70) Prayer for Clergy: to remain firm and true to the Holy Word of God

“O dear Jesus, help Your sacred servants to recognize the schism within Your Church, as it unfolds.
Help Your sacred servants to remain firm and true to Your Holy Word.
Never let worldly ambitions cloud their pure love for You.
Give them the Graces to remain pure and humble before You and to honour Your Most Holy Presence in the Eucharist.
Help and guide all those sacred servants who may be lukewarm in their love for You and re-kindle the Fire of the Holy Spirit in their souls.
Help them to recognize temptation, placed before them to distract them. Open their eyes, so they can see the Truth at all times.
Bless them, dear Jesus, at this time and cover them with Your Precious Blood to keep them safe from harm.  
Give them the strength to resist the seduction of Satan, should they be distracted by the allure of denying the existence of sin. Amen.”
My sacred servants are the backbone of My Church.
They are the first in line to face a terrible onslaught of attack from Satan at this time.
Help Me to steer them on the path to salvaging the remnants of My Church as it heads into the schism which will be created by the False Prophet shortly.
Gather together and pray for the unification of My sacred servants who are needed to keep My Church strong in the days which lie ahead.
Your Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (69) Prayer to accept the Divine Will of My Father.

“God the Almighty Father, I accept Your Divine Will.
Help Your children to accept it.
Stop Satan from denying Your children’s right to their Father’s inheritance.
Never let us give up the fight for our inheritance in Paradise.
Hear our pleas to banish Satan and his fallen angels.
I ask You, dear Father, to cleanse the earth with Your Mercy and to cover us with Your Holy Spirit.
Lead us to form Your most holy army, laden with the power to banish the beast, forever.  Amen.”
Go in peace.
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (68) Protect me from the influence of Satan

“O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation, cover me with your Most Holy Mantle and protect my family from the influence of Satan and his fallen angels.
Help me to trust in the Divine Mercy of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, at all times.
Sustain me in my love for Him and never allow me to wander away from The Truth of His Teachings, no matter how many temptations are placed before me.  Amen.”

Pray, pray, pray always for protection against the evil one for he causes terrible hurt, harm and misery in your lives.
If you do not ask you cannot receive these graces.
Trust in me, your Mother, at all times for it is my role to help my Son to salvage the souls of all of God’s children.
Your loving Mother
Queen of the Earth
Mother of Salvation

Crusade Prayer (67) Keep my children safe from the King of Lies

“Please dear Jesus, I ask You to keep my children safe from the king of lies.
I consecrate these children (name them) to Your Sacred Heart and ask that, through the cloak of Your Precious Blood, You will enlighten their souls and take them safely into Your Loving Arms, so that they can be protected from all harm.   I ask that You open their hearts and flood their souls with Your Holy Spirit, during the Illumination of Conscience, so that they are cleansed of every iniquity. Amen.”
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (66) For clergy: Help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word

“O dear Jesus, help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word, at all times.
Give me the strength to uphold the Truth of Your Church in the face of adversity.
Fill me with the grace to administer the Holy Sacraments in the way in which You taught us. Help me to feed Your Church with the Bread of Life and remain loyal to You, even when I am prohibited from doing so.
Free me from the chain of deceit I may face, in order to proclaim the True Word of God.
Cover all Your sacred servants with Your Precious Blood, at this time, so that we will remain courageous, loyal and steadfast, in our allegiance to You, our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Do not be disheartened My beloved sacred servants for the discord has been prophesised and must come about in the final battle for souls.
I love you and I will be with you now as you walk with Me the thorny road to Calvary so that Salvation can be achieved once more for all souls.
Your Beloved Jesus

Crusade Prayer (65) For those in mortal sin

“O dear Jesus, Saviour of mankind, through Your Divine Mercy, I plead for clemency for all those poor souls in sin who may be taken from this earth during The Warning.
Forgive them their sins and in memory of Your Passion, I beg You to grant me this special favor in atonement for their sins.
I offer myself to You in mind, body and soul, as a penance to salvage their souls and to bring them Eternal Life. Amen.”
Your Beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ

Crusade Prayer (64) Save my brothers and sisters

“O my dearest Saviour, Jesus Christ, accept my gift of prayer and sacrifices to help save my brothers and sisters from the prison of darkness they are in.
Allow me to help salvage their souls.
I beg You to forgive them, for their sins, and I ask that You flood their souls with the Holy Spirit, so that they will run into Your Arms, as the refuge they so desperately need, before they are lost forever.
I offer You my gift of surrender, for such souls, in humble servitude and thanksgiving. Amen.”
Children you are one with my Son.
Your love brings Him great comfort and your sacrifices and prayers will help Him to bring all of humanity into the safety of His New Paradise on earth.
Only then can the Holy Family of God the Most High re-unite and live in peace for ever and ever.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade Prayer (63) Preserve me on this journey

“O my beloved Mother of Salvation, I ask you to pray that I am given the Food of Life to preserve me on this journey to help save all of God’s children.
Please help all those who are being deceived by false idols and false gods to open their eyes to the Truth of your Son’s death on the Cross, to save every one of God’s children and to bring each one Eternal Life.  Amen.”
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade Prayer (62) For Lost and Helpless Sinners

Crusade Prayer (62) For Lost and Helpless Sinners
O Jesus, help me, for I am a sinner lost, helpless and in darkness.
I am weak and lack the courage to seek You out.
Give me the strength to call You, now, so that I can break away from the darkness within my soul.
Bring me into Your Light, dear Jesus. Forgive me. Help me to become whole again and lead me to Your Love, Peace and Eternal Life.
I trust You, completely, and I ask You to take me in mind, body and soul, as I surrender to Your Divine Mercy. Amen.”

Your Beloved Jesus

Crusade Prayer (61) Avert One World Control

Crusade Prayer (61) Avert One World Control
“O dear Heavenly Father, in memory of the Crucifixion of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, I beg You to protect us, Your children, from the Crucifixion being planned to destroy Your children, by the antichrist and his followers.
Give us the Graces we need to refuse the mark of the beast and bestow upon us the help we need to fight the evil in the world, spread by those who follow the way of Satan.
We beseech You, dear Father, to protect all of Your children, in these terrible times, and make us strong enough to stand up and proclaim Your Holy Word at all times. Amen”

Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (60) Prayer for conversion of families during The Warning

“O dear Sweet Jesus, I beg for Mercy for the souls of my family, (name them here). I offer You my sufferings, my trials and my prayers to save their souls from the spirit of darkness.
Let not one of these, Your children, denounce You, or reject Your Hand of Mercy.   Open their hearts to entwine with Your Sacred Heart, so that they can seek the forgiveness necessary to save themselves from the fires of Hell.
Give them the chance to make amends, so that they can be converted with the Rays of Your Divine Mercy. Amen.”

Children of God, prepare every day for The Warning for it can happen at any time.

Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (59) A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will

Crusade Prayer (59) A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will
“O God the Most High, O Heavenly Father, I pledge to You my firm allegiance to honour and obey You in all things united to Your Divine Will on earth.
 I, through the Sacred Blood of Your only beloved Son, the True Messiah, offer You my mind, my body and my soul on behalf of all souls, so that we can unite, as one, in Your Heavenly Kingdom to come, so that Your Divine Will is done on earth, as it is in Heaven. Amen.”

You must pledge your souls to My Heavenly Father as a token of your Faith and in memory of  My Death on the Cross so that each of you will drink from the Cup of Salvation.
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (58) Crusade of Conversion

Crusade Prayer given to the world by the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Salvation.
I urge you children to dedicate the month of June to the conversion of mankind and to ensure that they will seek salvation.
Call this month the Crusade of Conversion month and pray as one through prayer groups throughout the world.
Here is the Crusade Prayer for the Crusade of Converstion
Crusade Prayer (58) Crusade of Conversion Prayer
“O dear Jesus, I call on You to embrace all God’s children and cover them with Your Precious Blood.
Let each drop of Your Blood cover every soul to shield them from the evil one.
Open the hearts of all, especially hardened souls and those who know You, but who are stained with the sin of pride, to fall down and beg for the Light of Your Love to flood their souls.
Open their eyes to see the Truth, so that the dawn of Your Divine Mercy will shower down upon them so, they are covered with the Rays of Your Mercy.
Convert all souls through the graces I ask You for now, dear Jesus, (personal intention here).
I beg You for Mercy and offer You this gift of fasting for one day, every week (for this month of June), in atonement for all sins. Amen.”

Children you must fast for one day each week in the month of June.
You must recite My Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily.
To do this children you will save the souls of millions through the Mercy of My Son Jesus Christ.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (57) Prayer for the Clergy – Jesus let me hear Your call

O my dear Jesus, open my ears to the sound of Your Voice. Open my heart to Your loving call. Fill my soul with the Holy Spirit, so I can recognize You at this time.
I offer You my humble allegiance to all that You ask of me. Help me to discern the Truth, to rise, respond, and follow Your Voice so, I can help You to save the souls of all of humanity.
Your Will is my command. Give me the courage to let You guide me, so I can take up the armor needed to lead Your Church towards Your New Kingdom.  Amen.”

Remember, I Jesus Christ, will never allow My Sacred Servants to wander off the Path of Truth. I will stand at every corner, every avenue and point you in the right direction.
You may find this frustrating at times. You may be confused. You may not want to hear the Truth. You may be fearful. But know this.
I will always love you. I will always be at your side.
I will never desert you.
Your beloved Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (56) Priests seeking Protection for Holy Eucharist

You must ask for My Help now through this Crusade Prayer (56). It is for Priests seeking Protection for the Holy Eucharist
O Dear Father, in the Name of Your Precious Son, Who sacrificed Himself on the Cross for the whole of mankind, help me to stay true to the Truth.
Cover me with the Precious Blood of Your Son and give me the Graces to continue to serve You in faith, trust and honour, for the rest of my ministry.
Never let me stray from the True Meaning of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass or the Presentation of the Holy Eucharist to Your children.
Give me the strength to represent You and feed Your flock, the way in which they must be fed, with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind. Amen.”

Please know that I walk with each of you, My Beloved Sacred Servants, every day.
I hold you up. Lean on Me and I will keep you close to My Sacred Heart in these times of terrible torment within the Catholic Church.
Your Beloved Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (55) Prepare for The Warning

Pray this Crusade Prayer (55) Prepare for The Warning
“O my Dear Jesus, please open the hearts of all God’s children to the Gift of Your Great Mercy.
Help them to accept Your Divine Mercy with love and gratitude.
Enable them to become humble before You and beg for the forgiveness of their sins, so that they can become part of Your Glorious Kingdom.   Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (54) Prayer to the Father to dilute impact of World War 3

“O Heavenly Father, in the Name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Who suffered greatly for the sins of mankind, please help us in these difficult times we face.
Help us to survive the persecution being planned by greedy rulers and those who want to destroy Your Churches and Your children.
We implore You, dear Father, to help feed our families and save the lives of those who will be forced into a war against their will.
We love You, dear Father. We beg You to help us in our time of need. Save us from the grip of the antichrist. Help us to survive his mark, the mark of the beast, by refusing to accept it.
Help those who love You to remain true to Your Holy Word at all times, so that You can bestow on us the Graces to survive in Body and Soul. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (53) Prayer for the Catholic Church

“O God the Father, in the Name of Your Beloved Son I beg You to give strength and the Graces needed to help priests withstand the persecution they endure.
Help them to adhere to the Truth of the Teachings of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and to never waiver, weaken or submit to untruths about the Existence of the Holy Eucharist. Amen.”
Your loving Mother, Queen of the Earth
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (52) Prayer to the Father

Crusade Prayer (52) Prayer to the Father
“My dearest Father, in the Name of Your precious Son and in remembrance of His Passion on the Cross, I call out to You.
You, God the Most High, Creator of the World and all that is, hold our Salvation in Your Holy Hands.
Embrace all of Your children, including those who don’t know You and those who do, but look the other way.
Forgive us our sin and save us from the persecution of Satan and his army.
Take us into Your Arms and fill us with the hope we need to see the way of the Truth. Amen.”

Go in peace. Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (51) For the Gift of the Holy Spirit

“O come Holy Spirit, pour Your Gift of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge, over my humble soul.
Fill me with the Light of Truth, so that I can discern the Truth of God, from the lies spread by Satan and his angels.
Help me to grasp the torch and spread the Flame of understanding to all those I meet, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.”
Go in Love, Light and Peace.
Rest and allow My Holy Spirit to descend upon you.
I love you.
Your Precious Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (49) Pledge of loyalty for Christian Clergy

“O Jesus, I am Your humble servant and I pledge my love and loyalty to You.
I beg You to give me a sign of Your Calling.
Help me to open my eyes and witness Your Promise.
Bless me with the Grace of the Holy Spirit, so that I will not be deceived by those who claim to come in Your Name, but, who do not speak the Truth.
Show me the Truth.
Allow me to feel Your Love, so that I can fulfil Your Most Holy Will.
I ask You, with a humble heart, to show me the way in which I can help You to save the souls of humanity. Amen.”
Your beloved Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (48) Prayer for the Grace to Proclaim the Second Coming of Christ

“O my Jesus, grant me the grace to proclaim Your Holy Word to all of humanity, so that souls can be saved.
Pour Your Holy Spirit over me, Your humble servant, so that Your Holy Word can be heard and accepted, especially by those souls who need Your Mercy the most.
Help me to honour Your Holy Will, at all times, and never to insult or condemn those who refuse the Hand of Your Mercy. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (47) Re-kindle your love for Jesus

Received from the Virgin Mary on Sunday 22 April 2012
“O blessed Mother, Mother of Salvation for the whole world, pray that my love for Jesus can be re-kindled.
Help me to feel the Flame of His Love, so that it fills my soul.
Help me to love Jesus more. Pray that my faith, love and devotion, for Him, become stronger.
Allay any doubts, which torment me, and help me to see clearly the Divine Light of the Truth, which radiates from your beloved Son, the Saviour of all humanity. Amen.”

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Crusade of Prayer (46) Free me from the chains of Satan

“O Jesus, I am lost. I am confused and feel like a prisoner caught in a web I cannot escape from.
I trust You, Jesus, to come to my aid and free me from the chains of Satan and his demons.
Help me, for I am lost.
I need Your Love to give me the strength to believe in You and trust in You, so that I can be saved from this evil and be shown the Light – so I can find peace, love and happiness at last.   Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (45) Prayer to conquer negative thoughts

Please call out to Me in this Crusade Prayer (45)
“O Jesus, I know very little about You, but please help me to open my heart to allow You to come into my soul, so that You can heal me, comfort me, and fill me with Your Peace.
Help me to feel joy, to conquer all negative thoughts, and to learn the way to make me understand how to please You, so that I can enter Your New Paradise, where I can live a life of love, joy, and wonder with You, forever and ever. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (44) Strength to defend my faith against the False Prophet

“Dear Jesus, give me the strength to focus on Your Teachings and to proclaim Your Holy Word at all times.
Never allow me to be tempted to idolize the false prophet, who will try to present himself like You.
Keep my love for You strong.
Give me the Graces of Discernment, so that I will never deny the Truth contained in the Holy Bible, no matter how many lies are presented to me to encourage me to turn my back on Your True Word. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (43) “Save Souls during The Warning”

“O God the Almighty Father, on behalf of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and in commemoration of His death on the Cross to save us from our sins, I beg You to save souls who cannot save themselves and who may die in mortal sin during The Warning.
In atonement for the sufferings of Your beloved Son, I urge You to forgive those who are unable to seek Redemption because they will not live long enough to ask Jesus, Your Son, for Mercy to free them from sin. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (42) Prayer of fasting to stop One World Currency

“O God Most High, I offer You my gift of fasting, so that You will stop the grip of evil in the world being planned to starve my country of food, including the Bread of Life.
Accept my offering and listen to my pleas for other nations, to prevent them from the suffering being planned by the antichrist.
Save us, dear Lord, from this wickedness and protect our faith, so that we can honour You, with the freedom we need to love and adore You, forever and ever. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (41) For the souls of Non-Believers

I urge you to prayer for these souls through this Crusade Prayer  (41) For the souls of Non-Believers
“O my Jesus, help Your poor children who are blind to Your Promise of Salvation.
I beseech You, with the help of my prayers and suffering, to open the eyes of non-believers, so that they can see Your tender Love and run into Your Sacred Arms for protection.
Help them to see the Truth and seek forgiveness for all their sins, so that they can be saved and be the first to enter the Gates of the New Paradise.
I pray for these poor souls, including men, women and children and urge You to absolve them from their sins. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (40) Prayer for the Clergy to prepare souls for Second Coming

Look to Me for guidance through this prayer Crusade Prayer (40) Prayer for the Clergy for  preparing souls for the Second Coming
“O my Jesus, I am but a humble servant and need You to guide me, so I can prepare souls for Your Glorious Second Coming.
Help me to convert souls and prepare them, according to Your Holy Will, so that they are fit to enter the New Heaven and Earth, which You promised all of mankind through Your death on the Cross.
Give me the Graces I need, so that I can impart Your Word to thirsty souls and that I never waiver in my duty to You, dear Jesus, to Whom I pledged my allegiance through my Sacred Vows. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (39) Help prepare souls for the New Paradise

Crusade Prayer 39 is now being gifted to you so that you can walk amongst all of God’s children and help them to prepare their souls for the New Paradise and My Second Coming.
“O Jesus, my beloved Saviour, I ask You to cover me with Your Holy Spirit, so that I can speak with authority Your Most Holy Word, to prepare all God’s children for Your Second Coming.
I beseech You, Lord Jesus, for all the Graces that I need, so I can reach out to all faiths, creeds and nationalities, wherever I go.
Help me to speak with Your Tongue, soothe poor souls with Your Lips, and love all souls with the special Divine Love, which pours out from Your Sacred Heart.
Help me to save souls, so close to Your Heart, and allow me to console You, dear Jesus, when lost souls continue to reject Your Mercy.
Jesus, I am nothing without You, but with Your generous aid, I will fight in Your Name to help save the whole of humanity.  Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (38) Salvation prayer for Catholic Church

“O Blessed Mother of Salvation, please pray for the Catholic Church in these difficult times and for our beloved Pope Benedict XVI to ease his suffering.
We ask You, Mother of Salvation, to cover God’s sacred servants with Your Holy Mantle, so that they are given the graces to be strong, loyal and brave during the trials they face.
Pray too that they will look after their flock in accordance with the True Teachings of the Catholic Church.
O Holy Mother of God, give us, your remnant Church on earth, the gift of leadership, so that we can help lead souls towards the Kingdom of Your Son.
We ask you, Mother of Salvation, to keep the deceiver away from the followers of your Son, in their quest to safeguard their souls, so that they are fit to enter the Gates of the New Paradise on Earth.  Amen.”
Mary Mother of  Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (37) Unification of all God’s children

“O dear Jesus, unite all Your beloved followers in love, so that we can spread the Truth of Your Promise for Eternal Salvation throughout the whole world.
We pray that those lukewarm souls, afraid of offering themselves to You in mind, body and soul, will drop their armor of pride and open their hearts to Your love and become part of Your holy family on earth.
Embrace all those lost souls, dear Jesus, and allow our love, as their brothers and sisters, to lift them from the wilderness and take them with us into the Bosom, Love and Light of the Holy Trinity.
We place all our hope, trust and love in Your Holy Hands.
We beg You to expand our devotion so that we can help save more souls. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (36) For those who need help to honour the one true God

You and all those who knowingly withdraw now from the king of darkness will be given the gift of discernment if you ask me in this Crusade Prayer (36) Help me to honour the true God
“Jesus, help me, for I am lost and confused. I do not know the Truth of life after death.
Forgive me if I offend You by honouring false gods, which are not the True God.
Save me and help me to see the Truth with clarity and save me from the darkness of my soul.
Help me to come into the Light of Your Mercy. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (35) Prayer for souls to enter Paradise

“O my Jesus, help me to help You salvage the remnants of Your children on earth. I pray that You will, through Your Mercy, salvage souls from the spirit of darkness.
Accept my trials, sufferings and sorrows in this life to save souls from the fires of Hell.
Fill me with the Graces to offer You these sufferings, with love and joy in my heart, so that we will all unite as one in love for the Blessed Trinity and live with You, as one holy family, in Paradise. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (34) My Gift of Fasting to Jesus

“O my Jesus, help me, in my own small way, to imitate Your Life of Sacrifice in order to save mankind.
Allow me to offer You the gift of fasting, one day a week, throughout Lent, to save all of humanity, so that they can enter the Gates of the New Paradise on Earth.
I offer You, dear Jesus, my sacrifice, with love and joy in my heart.
To show You the extent of my love through this sacrifice, I beg You for the Salvation of every soul who may have fallen from grace. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (33) Rise now and accept the Seal of the Living God

Important SEAL for all of God’s followers on earth was given to Maria Divine Mercy by God the Father. He asks that all accept this Seal as a protection for each and every one of us and our families during the future difificult times we will have to live in.

Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God.
Recite this Crusade Prayer (33) to acknowledge My Seal and accept it with love, joy and gratitude.
“O my God, my loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection.
Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity.
I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my beloved Father.
I beg You to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever.
I love You, dear Father.
I console You in these times, dear Father.
I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children. Amen.”

Go, My children and do not fear. Trust in Me, Your beloved Father who lovingly created each of you.
I know every single soul, every part of you is known to Me. Not one of you is loved less than the other.
Because of this I do not want to lose one soul. Not one.
Please continue to pray My Divine Mercy Chaplet every day.
One day, you will understand why this purification is needed.
Your loving Father in Heaven
God of the Most High

Crusade of Prayer (32) Pray to stop Abortion in Ireland

Pray, pray, pray my crusade prayer for Ireland (32)

O Mother of Salvation, pray for your children in Ireland to prevent the wicked act of abortion from being inflicted upon us.
Protect this holy nation from sinking deeper into despair from the darkness, which covers our country.
Rid us of the evil one who wants to destroy your children, yet to be born.
Pray that those leaders will have the courage to listen to those who love your Son, so that they will follow the Teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.   Amen.”
Go now my child and tell my children in Ireland that they must be strong. They must stand up for what is right.
They must never be afraid to proclaim the truth, the Holy Word of God, no matter how difficult this may be.
Your beloved Queen of Heaven

Crusade of Prayer (31) Chain of Protection

Prayer dictated by Jesus to offer protection for those living in Europe.
“My followers span many countries. Now you must join together in prayer to stop European leaders, some of whom are intrinsic in bringing about terrible hardship on innocent people, in their wicked ways.
I urge you to say this Crusade Prayer (31) to stop them.
“O my Jesus, let my prayer invoke Your Holy Spirit to descend on those leaders driven by lust, greed, avarice and pride to stop the persecution of Your innocent children.
I ask You to stop poverty, famine and wars from devouring Your children, and I pray that European leaders will open their hearts to the Truth of Your Love. Amen.”
Your Beloved Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (30) Prayer to avert war, famine and religious persecution

Prayer to Me, your Father, must now be included in your daily prayers with this special Crusade Prayer (30)
O my Eternal Father, God the Creator of the Universe, in the Name of Your precious Son, I beg You to make us love You more.
Help us to be brave, fearless and strong in the face of adversity.  Accept our sacrifices, sufferings and trials, as a gift before Your Throne, to save Your children on earth.
Soften the hearts of unclean souls. Open their eyes to the Truth of Your Love, so that they can join with all of Your children in the Paradise on earth You have lovingly created for us, according to Your Divine Will. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (29) Protect the practice of Christianity

Please pray this, the Crusade Prayer (29) to protect the practice of Christianity
“O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You to pour down your Holy Spirit over all of Your children. I beg You to forgive those who have hatred in their souls for You.
I pray that atheists open up their hardened hearts during Your Great Mercy and that Your children who love You can honour You with dignity to rise above all persecution.
Please fill all Your children with the Gift of Your Spirit, so that they can rise with courage and lead Your army into the final battle against Satan, his demons and all those souls who are slaves to his false promises. Amen.”
Go in peace my child and tell the world to prepare for this great injustice.
Thank you for responding to my call today.
Mary Queen of all the angels
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (28) Virgin Mary prayer for unification of all Christian Churches

All of you with a devotion to my Son must put your differences aside and join together to fight the anti-christ.
Pray for the unification of all God’s children through this special Crusade Prayer (28)
“O God of the Most High, we kneel before You to beg for the unification of all Your children in the fight to retain Your Christian Churches on earth.
Let not our differences divide us at this time of great apostasy in the world.
In our love for You, dear Father, we beseech You to give us the graces to love one another in the Name of Your beloved Son, Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
We adore You.  We love You.   We unite to fight for the strength to retain Your Christian Churches on earth in the trials we may face in the years ahead. Amen.”
Trust in me children to guide you towards the New Paradise and my Son’s reign on earth as it is meant to be.
Your loving Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (27) Prayer for Peace in the World

I give you now a new crusade prayer (27) Prayer for Peace in the World
“O my Jesus, I beg for Mercy for those afflicted by terrible wars. I plead for peace to be instilled in those tortured nations who are blind to the Truth of Your Existence.
Please cover these nations with the Power of the Holy Spirit, so that they will stop their pursuit of power over innocent souls.
Have Mercy on all Your countries that are powerless against the evil atrocities, which cover the whole world. Amen.”
My daughter I urge you to be patient for it will not be long before the Confession. Once it takes place everything will become calmer.
Go in peace and love. Above all place all your trust in your beloved Jesus.
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (26) Pray the Rosary to help save your nation

In a message given to Maria Divine Mercy on Sunday 05 February 2012 Our Lady urged people to say her Holy Rosary to help save their nation.
“Never forget the importance of my most holy Rosary because when you say it every day you can help save your nation.
Satan’s power is weakened when you say my Rosary. He runs away in great pain and becomes powerless. It is most important, no matter what Christian faith you belong to, to say this at least once a day.

Crusade of Prayer (25) For Protection of visionaries around the world

I will now give you a Crusade Prayer (25) to ask for protection for all my visionaries and those chosen by God the Father to spread His most holy word on earth in these times.
“O God of the Most High, I plead with You to offer protection to all Your holy messengers in the world. I pray that they are protected from the hatred of others.
I ask that Your Most Holy Word is spread quickly, all over the world. Protect Your messengers from slander, abuse, lies and every kind of danger.
Protect their families and cover them with the Holy Spirit, at all times, so that the Messages they give to the world are heeded with contrite and humble hearts. Amen.”
My child, pride is a trait which is most displeasing in the eyes of My Father. It is more painful for Him when the sins of pride invades the souls of devout and holy souls when they refuse to accept the truth of His Holy Word given to the world today through His messengers.
They must ask for the gift of true discernment which will only be granted by the power of the Holy Spirit to humble souls with a pure heart empty of pride and arrogance.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (24) Plenary Indulgence for Absolution

My army, through their love for Me, will be given very special graces now.
I grant them this Plenary Indulgence to enable them carry My torch of fire so that they can spread conversion.
This gift from me will enable them to spread the truth of My Holy Word so that it will touch hearts everywhere they go.
They must say this prayer for seven consecutive days and they will be given the gift of total absolution and the power of the Holy Spirit.
“O my Jesus, You are the Light of the earth. You are the Flame that touches all souls. Your Mercy and Love knows no bounds.
We are not worthy of the Sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross, yet we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You.
Grant us, O Lord, the Gift of Humility, so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom.
Fill us with the Holy Spirit, so we can march forth and lead Your army to proclaim the Truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters for the glory of Your Second Coming on earth.
We honour You. We Praise You.
We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings as a gift to You to save souls.
We love You, Jesus.
Have Mercy on all Your children, wherever they may be. Amen.”
Go forth in peace My beloved followers and remember that your love for Me enkindles My heart and brings great joy to My Eternal Father, My Blessed Mother, the angels and all the saints in Heaven.
I love you all. I await the moment when I will embrace each and every one of you in My arms so that you will find the peace, love and joy that you have been awaiting for all your lives on earth.
Your Beloved Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (23) Prayer for Pope Benedict’s safety

Revealed to Maria Divine Mercy by Our Blessed Mother on Saturday 28 January 2012 at 21.00 hours
Here is a special prayer Crusade Prayer (23) for Pope Benedict’s safety
“O, my Eternal Father, on behalf of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and the suffering He endured to save the world from sin, I pray, now, that You protect Your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, Head of Your Church on earth, so that he too can help save Your children and all Your sacred servants from the scourge of Satan and his dominion of fallen angels who walk the earth stealing souls.
O, Father, protect Your Pope, so that Your children can be guided on the True Path towards Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.”
Your heavenly Queen of the Earth
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (22) Catholic Priests to uphold the teachings of the church

I need you to prepare My flock in order to welcome Me during My long awaited Second Coming on earth.
You will need to persevere and not allow your love for Me to be dissuaded no matter how much pressure you are put under.
You are my true disciples and I must urge you to take up your weapons to save My Church. This very church founded on the Rock by My beloved disciple Peter will never fail.
The enemy may believe it to be destroyed but that would be a foolish assumption.
No one will, or can, destroy My Church. Out of the ashes it will rise to proclaim My Glory as I come back to salvage My Kingdom on earth.
You must never desert Me, your beloved Saviour, ever.
For without Me there is no light. Without light there is no future.
My daughter I give the world this Crusade of Prayer (22) for the Catholic Clergy to recite
“O my beloved Jesus, keep me strong and the flame of my love for You alight, every moment of my day.
Never allow this flame of love for You to flicker or die.
Never allow me to weaken in the presence of temptation.
Give me the graces needed to honour my vocation, my devotion, my loyalty and, to uphold the Teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church.
I offer You my allegiance, at all times. I pledge my commitment to fight in Your army, so that the Catholic Church can rise again in glory to welcome You, dear Jesus, when You come again. Amen.”
Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ
King of all Mankind

Crusade of Prayer (21) Thanksgiving to God the Father for the salvation of mankind

Pray now in thanksgiving for this special gift which is now being offered to mankind by My Father, in this the Crusade Prayer number 21
“We praise You and thank YouO Holy God, the Almighty Creator of mankind, for the Love and Compassion You have for humanity.
We thank You for the Gift of Salvation You bestow on Your poor children.
We beg You, O Lord, to save those who follow the evil one and that their hearts will be opened to the Truth of their Eternal Life.  Amen.” 
Rejoice children for this great gift.
But you have still much work to do to help souls as many of your brothers and sister will remain stubbornly opposed to the truth of My Holy word.
Your Beloved Jesus
Saviour of all Mankind

Crusade of Prayer (20) Stop the antichrist from destroying the world

“O God the Father, in the Name of Your precious Son, I call on You to prevent the antichrist from ensnaring the souls of Your children.
I beg You, Almighty Father, to stop him from inflicting terror on Your children.
I beg You to stop him from contaminating Your Creation and ask You to have Mercy on those poor souls who will be powerless against him.
Hear my prayer, dear Father, and save all Your children from this terrible evil. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (19) Prayer for young people

Virgin Mary: Prayer for young people who don’t know what they are doing
My child I am sorrowful today because I suffer much as I think of those poor souls who will die during The Warning.
You must ask for urgent prayer for these souls who anger My Father. Their behaviour is an abomination in His eyes.
Please pray, pray, pray for these children of the dark many of whom do not know what they are doing.
Their wickedness causes My Son to weep and his wounds to fester. It is important that as many souls as possible are enveloped into the arms of My Son at His Divine Mercy. Please ask for this Crusade of Prayer to be said to me, the Mother of Salvation, to save these poor children.
“Mother of Salvation, I ask you to pray for the Mercy of young souls who are in terrible darkness so, that they recognise your beloved Son when He comes to Redeem the whole of mankind.
Let not one soul fall by the wayside. Let not one soul reject His Great Mercy.
I pray, Mother, that all are saved and ask you to cover these souls with your Holy Mantle to provide them the protection they need from the deceiver. Amen.”
My child all souls are important to My Son. But it is the young souls in mortal sin that hurt Him the most.
Pray that the light of Mercy shines through the darkness of their minds and souls. Pray that they will reject their terrible lives of depravity and emptiness that they lead. Pray that they will reach up and beg for mercy otherwise they will never receive the graces they need to enter the New Paradise.
What a loss these young people will be to the rest of you who will accept the gift of the Warning and enter the New Era of Paradise on earth.  It will break My Son’s heart if they cannot be saved.
Your beloved Mother
Mary Queen of Heaven
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (18) Stop the antichrist & his group

New Crusade of Prayer (18) to help stop the antichrist and his group about whom I speak.
“O dear Jesus, save the world from the antichrist. Protect us from the wicked snares of Satan. Save the last remnants of Your Church from evil.
Give all Your churches the strength and graces needed to defend ourselves against wars and persecution planned by Satan and his army of terrorists. Amen.” 
Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (17) Mother of Salvation Prayer for Dark Souls

Virgin Mary: Many will be too weak to grasp the mercy My Son will offer them.
Pray for these souls I urge you. My son is determined to save these souls first. He needs more prayer children. You must beg for mercy for these darkened souls.
My child ask my children to dedicate this Crusade of Prayer to me, The Mother of Salvation
O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Salvation and Mediatrix of all Graces, you who will participate in the salvation of humanity from the wickedness of Satan, pray for us.
Mother of Salvation, pray that all souls can be saved and accept the Love and Mercy shown by your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who comes once again to save humanity and to give us the chance of Eternal Salvation. Amen.”
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Crusade of Prayer (16) To accept Graces offered during The Warning

Extract from private message revealed to Maria Divine Mercy which includes the 16th Crusade of Prayer for people to accept the graces to be given to them by Jesus during The Warning and a pledge to proclaim His most Holy Word to the world.
My daughter, The Warning will prove to all the authenticity of these My holy messages to the world. You must never doubt them. None of them have been contaminated in any way.
Prepare for The Warning and tell your family and children to say a little prayer seeking forgiveness for their sins.
I will give you a special Crusade Prayer now for the world to help souls stay strong during the Great Act of Mercy I now present to the world.
“O my Jesus, keep me strong during this trial of Your Great Mercy. Give me the graces needed to become little in Your Eyes.  
Open my eyes to the Truth of Your promise of Eternal Salvation.
Forgive me my sins and show me Your Love and Hand of Friendship.
Embrace me into the arms of the Holy Family, so that we can all become one again.
I love You Jesus and promise from this day forth that I will proclaim Your Holy Word without fear in my heart and with purity of soul forever and ever. Amen.”
Never fear this great act of My Mercy which must take place or nations would destroy each other.
Most of mankind will convert but the battle for souls will now intensify.
Your beloved Jesus
Redeemer of all Mankind

Crusade of Prayer (15) Thanks for gift of Divine Mercy

My dearest daughter how I wish that Christians everywhere will pay homage to My birth from the depths of their hearts.
I fervently wish that the whole of humanity will allow My Holy Spirit to penetrate their hearts and souls at this time.
My birth must be revered for what it represents when celebrating My birth. Remember you are honouring My gift of Salvation.
This is why I was sent by My Father the first time.
This is why I will return again to offer mankind a second chance of redemption.
I want My children to offer up this next crusade of prayer this Christmas
“O my Heavenly Father, we honour You with a deep appreciation of the Sacrifice You made when You sent a Saviour into the world.
We offer You, in joy and thanksgiving, our prayer in humble gratitude for the Gift You now give to Your children, the Gift of Divine Mercy.
O God the Most High, make us worthy to accept this Great Mercy with gratitude. Amen.”
Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (14) Prayer to God the Father for protection against Nuclear War

Prayer given to Maria Divine Mercy by Jesus for everyone to pray to God the Father for protection against potential Nuclear War and to ask for Salvation.
“O Almighty Father, God the Most High, please have Mercy on all sinners. Open their hearts to accept salvation and to receive an abundance of graces.
Hear my pleas for my own family and ensure that each one will find favor in Your Loving Heart.
O Divine Heavenly Father, protect all Your children on earth from any nuclear war, or other acts, which are being planned to destroy Your children.
Keep us from all harm and protect us. Enlighten us so we can open our eyes, hear and accept the Truth of our salvation, without any fear in our souls. Amen.”
Go in Peace. Your Loving Saviour Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (13) Prayer calling for immunity

Prayer given by God the Father to Maria Divine Mercy urging for prayer for those who reject the Mercy of Jesus shown to them during The Warning
“My Son will envelope the whole of humanity now and when the Illumination of Conscience is past your prayers are truly needed at that stage. Your prayers children will help save those people who will defiantly continue to reject the mercy My son will show them.
My solemn promise children is that all those of you who call on Me on behalf of My beloved Son Jesus Christ to save your brothers and sisters that they will be granted immediate immunity. Special graces will be given to each of you who pledges a full month of prayer for their souls. Here is what I request you to say
“O Heavenly Father, through the Love of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Whose Passion on the Cross saved us from sin, please save all those who still reject His Hand of Mercy.
Flood their souls, dear Father, with Your token of Love. I plead with You, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation.
Through your Mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth.   Amen.”
Your Heavenly Father
God the Most High

Crusade of Prayer (12) Prayer to avoid the Sin of Pride

My daughter I need the prayers of all believers so that they can save the souls of the wicked.
Many are so full of pride because of their self proclaimed knowledge of My teachigns that their lack of humility pains me. They must pray for the graces so that they can become little again and trust in Me. Ask them to recite this prayer
“O my Jesus, help me to avoid the sin of pride when I speak in Your Name.
Forgive me if I ever belittle anyone in Your Holy Name.
Help me to listen, Jesus, when Your Voice is spoken and fill me with Your Holy Spirit, so that I can discern the Truth of Your Word when You Call out to mankind. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (9) Offer of Suffering as a gift

“O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, teach me to accept insults, in Your Holy Name, when I proclaim Your Word with humble thanksgiving.
Teach me to understand how humiliation, pain, and suffering, bring me closer to Your Sacred Heart.
Allow me to accept such trials with love and generosity of spirit, so that I may present them as the Gifts so precious to You, in order to save souls.  Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (8) The Confession

I, Jesus your King and Saviour now present My prayer for confession.
This prayer should be said to plead for clemency for the forgiveness of sin during and after The Warning.
“Dearest Jesus, I ask Your pardon for all my sins and for the hurt and injury I have caused to others.
I humbly pray for the graces to avoid offending You again and to offer penance according to Your Most Holy Will.
I plead for the forgiveness of any future offense, which I may partake in and which will cause You pain and suffering.
Take me with You into the New Era of Peace, so that I may become part of Your family for eternity.                                                             
I love You, Jesus. I need You. I honour You and everything You stand for.   Help me, Jesus, so that I may be worthy to enter Your Kingdom.  Amen.”
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (7) Prayer for those who refuse Mercy

Prayer for those who refuse Mercy
My dearly beloved daughter My arrival to save mankind yet again before the final judgement is so close. My joy is tinged with deep suffering because of those souls who will reject My Mercy.
You, My daughter must fight along with My army of those beloved children of the cross to save these souls. This is the prayer they must say to beg for mercy for souls in darkness.
“Jesus, I urge You to forgive those sinners, so dark of soul, who will refuse the Light of Your Mercy.
Forgive them, Jesus, I plead with You, in order to redeem them from the sins, which they find it so difficult to extract themselves from.
Flood their hearts with Your Rays of Mercy and allow them the chance to return to Your fold.  Amen.”
Your beloved Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (5) Praise to God the Most High

My daughter the world must offer this special prayer in praise and thanksgiving to God the Father for the mercy he is providing the whole world.
“O Eternal Father, we offer You our prayers, in joyful thanksgiving, for Your precious Gift of Mercy to the whole of mankind.
We rejoice and offer You, Most Glorious King, our praise and adoration for Your loving and tender Mercy.
You, God the Most High, are our King and for this Gift You now bring to us we lie at Your Feet in humble servitude. Please, God, have Mercy on all Your children. Amen.”
Your Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (4) Unite all Families

My daughter this prayer is important for it will help keep families together so that they can remain as one in my New Kingdom of Paradise on earth.
“Unite all families, Jesus, during The Warning, so that they may receive Eternal Salvation.
I pray that all families remain together, in union with You, Jesus, so that they may inherit Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen”
Your loving Saviour
Redeemer of Mankind
Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (3) Rid the world of fear

My dearly beloved daughter I now provide you with the prayer to rid the world of fear
“O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You to rid the world of fear, which detaches souls from Your loving Heart.
I pray that souls who will experience real fear during The Warning will stop and allow Your Mercy to flood their souls, so that they will be free to love You in the way they should. Amen.”
Your loving Saviour
Jesus Christ

Crusade of Prayer (2) Prayer for Global Rulers

My dearly beloved daughter today I urge My followers to offer this prayer to save those poor children who are being tormented by the leaders of their own countries who in turn are being dictated to by Global forces, not of God.
“My Eternal Father, in the Name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, I ask that You protect your children from the persecution, which is being plotted by global forces against innocent nations.
I pray for the forgiveness of sin of those souls who are the cause of this hardship, so that they may turn to You with humble and contrite hearts.
Please give Your tortured children the strength to withstand such suffering in atonement for the sins of the world, through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

Crusade of Prayer (1) “My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls”

My beloved daughter please ask My children to recite these prayers from now until The Warning. My followers are requested to recite these prayers which I will give you every day to save souls. This is the first prayer
My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls
“My dearest Jesus, You Who loves us so much, allow me, in my humble way to help save Your precious souls.
Have Mercy on all sinners, no matter how grievously they offend You.
Allow me, through prayer and suffering, to help those souls who may not survive The Warning to seek a place beside You in Your Kingdom. Hear my prayer, O sweet Jesus, to help You win over those souls You yearn for.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pledge my allegiance to Your Most Holy Will, at all times. Amen.”
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ