Saturday 29 June 2019

Even the sin of murder can be forgiven

Even the sin of murder can be forgiven

My dearest beloved daughter, it is I. Tonight I come to offer comfort to sinners who believe they are not worthy to stand before Me.
I call on those of you, poor, tortured souls, who believe that your sins are so repulsive that I could not forgive you. How wrong you are.
Don’t you know that there is not one sin I cannot forgive? Why are you so afraid?
Don’t you know that even the most grievous sin of murder can be forgiven? All sins can and will be forgiven if true, heartfelt remorse is shown.
I Am waiting. Open your hearts to Me. Confide in Me. I Am probably the only true friend you have, in that you can tell Me anything and it will not shock Me.
Sin is a fact of life. Very few souls including chosen souls can remain in a state of grace for any length of time.
Never feel that you cannot confess your sins, irrespective as to how serious they may be.
If you fear Me and continue to turn your back, you will distance yourself from Me even more.
Many of My children do not feel worthy of My Love. Yet I love everyone including hardened sinners. I do not condone the sin. I could never do that. But I love the sinner.
It was because of sin that I was sent into your world as a Saviour so that you could be pardoned.
To be pardoned you must ask for forgiveness. When you seek forgiveness you must be humble first. For without humility there is no true remorse.
I, your Saviour, beg you to stop and think about how you live your life. You either love God by your good deeds and love of neighbour or you don’t.
You do not have to know Me in order to love Me, children. By your works, your love of each other, the kindness and generosity you show others, you demonstrate your love for Me without realizing it.
It will also be through your humility of heart, when you show true remorse for all the wrongdoings in your life, that you will also prove your love for Me.
How else do you think you can become close to My Heart?
You must never be afraid to approach Me. I Am never far away.
Come to Me now so I can nourish your soul and give you the peace you crave.
Your beloved Jesus

Friday 28 June 2019

Virgin Mary: Plan to redeem mankind for Second Coming is complete

Virgin Mary: Plan to redeem mankind for Second Coming is complete

My child, the world must prepare for my Son through prayer. My precious Son’s plan to redeem mankind for the Second Coming is complete.
Time has been given to allow faith to be spread through these and other Divine Messages.
Even a small group of devoted Christians, who pray for those who deny my Son, can save these souls.
You, my child, must ask as many followers as possible to pray for immunity for those poor souls in sin.
I urge all of my Son’s followers never to give up hope for the whole of mankind.
Many poor souls do not understand what they are doing when they deny the Existence of God the heavenly Father.
Their minds are dictated by human logic where all things are based on how they are seen by the naked eye.
They fail to understand that Earth is simply a planet, which was created by God for His children. It is only a temporary place.
The New Paradise is their True Inheritance.
Pray, pray, pray for these children so that the Holy Spirit will touch their souls and spark love in their hearts for my Son.
Never forget that Christmas is a Holy Feast to celebrate the Saviour Who was sent to give you, all my children, eternal life.
Your Blessed Mother
Queen of the Heavens

Thursday 27 June 2019

God the Father: My Son is being sent to claim His Rightful Throne

God the Father: My Son is being sent to claim His Rightful Throne

My daughter, just as I sent a Saviour into the world the first time to save humanity, I Am now ready to send My Son, Jesus, the Redeemer of mankind, once again, to salvage those souls who could not be otherwise saved.
My children must understand the significance of the bittersweet Sacrifice I made for mankind when I sent My Son the first time.
When I realized that the only way to redeem mankind was to send a Saviour, I knew I could not expect any prophet or chosen soul to suffer such a Sacrifice. I decided, through the Second Person of My Divinity, that I would send a Son to save humanity. This was the only effective way to foil the plans of Satan, such was My Love for My children.
To watch My Son grow up to become a man was both delightful and painful knowing what lay ahead of Him. Yet, because of the deep, tender Love I have for each of My children, this was a Sacrifice endured willingly in order to save My family.
Now that The Warning approaches, I Am also preparing the World, through these Holy Messages, to welcome My Son for the Second Time.
The Second Coming of My beloved Son is close, children. He is being sent to claim His rightful Throne when He will Reign as King of Mankind.
This Glorious Event will be spectacular and is the final part of the plan to save the human race from the evil that exists in your world. Satan will be cast away shortly. His followers and those wicked of heart will be shocked and dismayed. They will be expected to make a choice at that stage. Drop down and plead for Mercy and be saved. Or refuse the great Gift, which will be presented to them.
My children, unite all of you and do not fear ridicule. You are all being guided by the Holy Spirit and are being afforded the protection of the angels and saints in Heaven. It will be up to you, My followers, to proclaim the Word and promise of My Son, Who wishes for these Messages to be spread around the world.
It will also be through your prayers that lost sinners can be plucked from the arms of the evil one.
Children, you are in the early stages of the final battle. Your second chance of eternal salvation is being given to you through the Mercy of My dearly beloved Son. Don’t squander this opportunity. Join as one in union with your family in Heaven to save your brothers and sisters on Earth.
Rejoice this Christmas, for it will be a special celebration as you must now help souls prepare for The Second Coming of My Son, after The Warning takes place.
I love you all, children. Take my Love. Embrace Me, your Eternal Father, Who will do everything possible to take you all into the New Era of Peace.
God the Father

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Honour the importance of the Family

Honour the importance of the Family

holy_familyToday, My daughter, is a celebration of My Birth. It is also a special day for families.
Remember, the Holy Family was also born on this day. This Holy Family has a bearing on people all over the world today.
Just as all souls on Earth are part of My Eternal Father’s family, then, so too, should people everywhere honour the importance of the family.
It is only through the family that true love is born. While many families in the world suffer from disruption, anger and separation it is important to understand this.
If there were no families on Earth, there could be no life. The family represents all that My Eternal Father wishes for His children on Earth.
Families, when together, create an intimate love known only in the Heavens. Damage the family and you will damage the pure love that exists within each soul, which is part of that family.
Satan loves to divide families. Why? Because he knows that the kernel of love, essential to the spiritual growth of humanity, will die when the family is split.
Please pray, children, for families to unite. Pray for families to pray together. Pray to keep Satan from entering your family home.
Never forget that you are all part of My Father’s family and you must emulate this unity on Earth whenever possible. It is not always the case I know, but strive always for family unity in order to retain love for one another.
If you do not have a family on Earth then remember you are part of the family that My Father created. Strive to join My Father’s family in the New Era of Peace.
Pray for the graces needed to enable you to find your rightful home in this New Paradise, which you will be invited to enter at My Second Coming.
Your beloved Jesus
Saviour of Mankind

Tuesday 25 June 2019

I was accused of heresy and blasphemy when I walked the Earth

I was accused of heresy and blasphemy when I walked the Earth

I Am your Jesus, Who never leaves you, no matter how much you suffer. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, Son of God made man and born of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.
My dearly beloved daughter, rise above this sudden burst of suffering and never forget the number of souls you are saving in the process.
My children must suffer purification in order that their souls be cleansed at this time. So they must get used to this. Many of My children are still being purified before The Warning takes place. They will understand why this is happening to them in time, My daughter.
The angels are with you all the time, like never before. For you, My daughter, you will now attract the greatest number of attacks, so far, because of these Messages.
Every Word I utter will now be pulled asunder.
Every lesson and Truth I try to impart to the world now, will be questioned and deemed to be blasphemous.
My Holy Word, when taught to My followers when I walked the Earth was also criticized.
I was accused of heresy, blasphemy and for condoning sinners, when I walked among My people. My Word was not accepted then in many quarters and especially among the priests and Pharisees.
My daughter, those people, whose boastful taunts, because of their self-proclaimed Scriptural knowledge, continue to attack these Messages, will be the worst offenders. They will arrogantly argue that their flawed interpretation of the Holy Gospel is more important than the Truth.
Their pride prevents them from recognizing My Voice when it is being imparted to the world today.
Never engage with these poor souls, My daughter, for they are not of the Light. Sadly, they believe themselves to be. Remember, those who look down and sneer at others in My Name do not represent Me.
They do not show love, understanding or humility.
These attacks are being mounted to stop you in this Work and to create new doubts in your mind. Pray for these people. Ignore them. Focus only on My Voice and do not allow this Sacred Work to be affected in this way.
Satan is working actively within these souls and will use every form of cunning argument to undermine these Messages from My Lips. By engaging or responding to these attacks, you give Satan the power he seeks.
Go now in peace. Keep looking ahead and remain obedient to My wishes at all times. Remember you have given Me the gift of your free will. Allow Me, therefore, to guide you.
Trust in Me completely.
I love you.
Your Jesus

Monday 24 June 2019

Virgin Mary: Birth pangs have commenced

Virgin Mary: Birth pangs have commenced

My child, the birth pangs have commenced.
The time has come for the birth of a New World, a New Beginning.
Many changes will now take place on Earth the likes of which have not been witnessed before.
My heavenly Father is sending my beloved Son, Jesus Christ to once again save mankind from his wickedness.
You, my child, will witness a series of events, which have already been revealed to you.
You must not be frightened for this cleansing is essential in order to wake up mankind, if souls are to be saved.
The signs will commence as foretold. My children must accept these changes with a humble and contrite heart.
Pray, pray for souls to discard the sin of pride and seek forgiveness for their offences against God the Father.
Failure to redeem themselves will result in a severe chastisement.
My Son’s Mercy is so great He will give time to my children to repent.
But you must pray now for all souls so that they may be worthy to enter into the New Era of Peace.
Your beloved Mother
Mary, Queen of the Heavens

Sunday 23 June 2019

God the Father: Accept this last chance or face a terrible chastisement

God the Father: Accept this last chance or face a terrible chastisement

My daughter, you now have a duty to inform My children everywhere of the urgent need to seek redemption. Because of My great Mercy, I now send My Son to offer humanity a last chance to turn back to Me, their heavenly Father.
I can reveal that the great Mercy to be shown to all of My children will take place only the once. They, My children, must accept this last chance of salvation, or accept that a terrible chastisement will fall upon the world.
Every single soul on Earth will shortly witness the signs of the Illumination of Conscience. Each of them will be brought to their knees in shame when they see, probably for the first time, how painful their sins appear in My Eyes.
For those with a kind and humble heart, they will accept this great Mercy with gratitude and relief.
For others, they will find this a very difficult trial and many will reject My Hand of Love and Friendship.
Pray for these souls urgently, My daughter, for without prayers, they cannot be given a second chance.
The world will finally accept the Power of their heavenly Father when the miracle in the skies will be witnessed by everyone everywhere. The birth of the New World is almost upon you. Grasp My Mercy now while you can. Do not leave it until the last minute.
Join as one in union with Me to embrace the New Era of Peace, which awaits all those gracious souls who love Me.
My Mercy is so great, however, that the Prayer that My Son has given to the world through you, My daughter, for immunity for these souls (see below extract from Crusade of Prayer number 13) will be so powerful that souls who are still in darkness can and will be saved.
“O heavenly Father through the Love of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Whose Passion on the Cross saved us from sin, please save all those who still reject His Hand of Mercy. Flood their souls dear Father with Your token of Love. I plead with You heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation. Through Your Mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth. Amen.”
Remember, children, the power of prayer and how it can mitigate the chastisement.
Pray, pray, pray that the world can and will be saved and that the Great Tribulation can be averted.
Your heavenly Father
God the Most High

Saturday 22 June 2019

Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations

Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations

My child, reciting my Holy Rosary can save nations.
My children must never forget the power of my Holy Rosary.
It is so powerful that it renders the deceiver useless. He can do nothing to you, or your family, when you recite this daily.
Please ask my children to begin to say my Holy Rosary from this day forth in order to protect not only their families, but their communities also.
The Rosary is the most powerful weapon against the evil one’s plans to destroy what he can, in these his last days on Earth.
Never underestimate the lies that he plants in people’s minds in order to turn my children away from the Truth.
So many, under his influence, will kick and fight against the Truth of my Son’s great Mercy.
By saying my Holy Rosary you can protect these souls from lies.
Their hearts can and will be opened if you set aside the time to say my Rosary.
Pray now for my children to open their hearts to the Truth. Pray too that all my children will find the strength to accept my Son’s Mercy.
Your beloved Mother
Queen of the Angels