Tuesday 31 March 2020

Jesus stood in the dock again THIS WEEK before His accusers a week before Easter,in the rain alone .

Jesus stood in the dock again before His accusers a week before Easter, alone in the rain silent, no one to speak up for Him, in this re-enactment of His trial before Pilate.

Virgin Mary: Conversion can weaken the impact of the antichrist

Virgin Mary: Conversion can weaken the impact of the antichrist

Fatima2My child let all God’s children know that the more opposition that there is to the Holy Word of my Son, at this time, the more will be the graces poured out upon the disciples of my Beloved Son.
All the prophecies foretold can be mitigated in many ways were all God’s children to accept the grace of conversion.
Conversion can weaken the impact of the antichrist. Your daily prayers, including the recital of the Crusade Prayers will help bring this about.
To those who oppose my Son’s Mission on earth I ask that you pray for their souls.
This battle for souls is intense and you must rise above the torment and the scourging to ask me to pray for poor misguided souls who believe that they speak in the Name of my Son but who are, instead, being deceived by the evil one.
My Son will never give up His quest for souls especially those who reject Him, mock His Holy Word and whose souls are blackened by sin.
You must stay strong, children, all of you and remain firm in your resolution to do the Holy Will of my Son.
This will not be easy but to gain entry to the New Paradise is not easy.
It requires much patience, much prayer, much love for one another and the ability to forgive all those who cause you grief and who desecrate the Word of my Son.
Thank you for responding to my call.
Mother of Salvation

As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day

As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day

scourging at the pillarMy dearly beloved daughter, it is My Desire that those who love Me, truly, make amends through the Gift of Reconciliation, during Holy Week. When you show Me true remorse for your sins, I will pour over you a special Gift of Acceptance, in accordance with My Holy Will. I urge you to trust in Me, at this time in history, like never before, because, if you listen carefully, I will be able to make My Word heard by all – including those who do not know Me at all. 
When I was hunted down by My enemies, they went to great lengths to discredit Me. They vented their rage at many poor innocents and tortured men they believed to be Me. They spread lies about My apostles, tried to discredit Me in many ways and went into fits of anger, when they could not physically assault Me. They would have killed Me, had they captured Me, before Good Friday – had I not protected Myself. Their hatred, their lies, the slander they spread about My Mission and their false accusations against Me, spread to every town and village, before the day when I was finally betrayed by one of My Own.
The venom, which poured forth from the mouths of My enemies, came from the serpent, who infested their souls. They imitated him in every way – they screamed in a violent rage against Me, although their accusations were false and meaningless. They spat at My apostles, tortured My disciples, as well as those unfortunate men they mistook for Me. They tried to turn others against Me, who had not heard of Me and spoke wicked things against those they could not convince to denounce Me.carry the cross
Every devil from the bowels of Hell tormented Me during My last weeks on Earth, when My Word had pierced the hearts of many and converted thousands.
When My Presence was at its strongest, the hatred intensified and the roars of those who opposed Me were like those, which come from wild animals. People who joined the groups of Pharisees, to inflict punishment upon Me, became just as bad as those who incited them into an evil rage upon My Character. I was accused of being unclean in Body and Soul. They said My Word came from unclean spirits. They said I bore false witness against Moses and that I was sent by the evil one to corrupt their souls. They ignored the Love that I spread, the conversion to love one another that I created amongst them and the miracles that I performed. While they chanted obscenities against Me, they stood tall and proud and, at the same time, they blasphemed against God, they declared they spoke in His Name. This is exactly how Satan deceives people. 
crossofchristThose who blasphemed against Me, during My Crucifixion, do not live in My Kingdom, for they suffered the worst punishment. My Father will destroy anyone who says that I speak with the voice of Satan. So to those of you, who claim that My Voice is that of the evil one, know that your suffering will be worse than death. Your tongues will no longer spill out the venom Satan has placed within your souls; your eyes will no longer see, for it is only darkness that you desire – and so be it. Your ears will never hear the sweetness of My Voice, for you refuse to listen – and so be it. Your heart has no love and so no love will it ever feel, once you shut out the Love of God. Your words will be your downfall, and when those who accuse Me, your Lord God, Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind, of speaking evil, they will be heard no more. They will die.
My Anger at this time, against the hypocrites, who roam the world pretending to come from Me, is beyond endurance and My Punishment will befall each of you, who spit at Me. Away from Me – you have little hold over Me. I will cast you away.
When I hear the screams of those possessed with the hatred of Satan in their souls dare to publicly declare their allegiance to Me, I feel sickened. They disgust Me and are no better than those who fought lots to hammer the first nail into My Body.
repentAs Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day. On that day, when you suffer My Pain, given to you to bring you to your senses, you will know that I Am calling you.
I do this, not because you deserve one ounce of My Sympathy, but because I love you – despite everything. On that day, I ask you to call on Me as follows: 
“Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.”
I will respond and help you come to Me, with Love and Joy in My Heart.
Your Jesus

Monday 30 March 2020

Important Message God the Father: I will grant immunity from the Gates of Hell to those souls for whom you pray.

Important Message God the Father: I will grant immunity from the Gates of Hell to those souls for whom you pray.

My dearest daughter it has been seldom that the Holy Trinity has communicated to mankind in this way and the first time that I, your Father, has sanctioned a Mission of this kind.
My children, many of whom do not realize the significance of this Divine Intervention, will understand soon why it is necessary. If the Second Coming of My Beloved Son were to occur, without warning, My precious children would never enter the gates of My New Paradise.
They would never have been able to prepare their souls and would not be fit to be admitted to the New Era of Peace.
This is a communication which the world will find difficult to respond to.
So dark is the cloud which covers the hearts of man that few souls will be able to see the Light of My Divine Promise.
The forces of evil, ever present in the world, prevent My children from reaching out to Me.
My determination to bring My family close and to unite them to My Bosom is fierce.
Let no man fail to understand that I will facilitate the rapid conversion of humanity, whatever the cost.
Allowing for the free will of all of My children to remain untouched, the miracles I will command, will turn their hearts inside out.
This is My Promise as I call out to each of you dear little children of Mine.
I, your Beloved Father, yearn to take you, gather you and hold you close to My Heart and take you to safety.
So few of you know the depths of My Love. Once you experience love for Me, your Eternal Father, you could never sever again your link from Me.
I want to give you comfort.
I desire to let you know that My Love for you means that, through My Son Jesus Christ, great Mercy will be shown even to those with hearts of stone and to those with souls so black that only a miracle can save them.
To those who love Me I say this. Your love for Me, your Father, will be given back to you in abundance. Your love for My Precious Son will be rewarded in that I will grant immunity from the Gates of Hell to those souls for whom you pray.
Nothing is impossible.
My Love is endless.
Trust in me.
Trust in My Son.
When you do I will grant great graces for the Salvation of mankind.
Your beloved Father
God the Most High

Give My Father thanks for the Gift of His Grace of Immunity from the Fires of Hell

Give My Father thanks for the Gift of His Grace of Immunity from the Fires of Hell

meeting-jesus-in-heaven1My dearly beloved daughter I want you to ask My disciples to begin the recital, daily, of My Jesus to Mankind Litanies as and from now.
These prayers will bring great Graces and will save all those for whom you place within your special intentions for the salvation of their souls.
This second one, is in honour of My Eternal Father, who loves every one of His cherished children.
I lay My Head on His Shoulder, My Arms wrapped around Him every day, to give Him comfort as He frets for all those poor souls who are lost to Him.
Come to Him, My beloved disciples, and give My Father thanks for the Gift of His Grace of Immunity from the Fires of Hell to those who respond to His Call.
Jesus to Mankind Litany Prayer (2) For the Grace of Immunity
O Heavenly Father Most High
I love You.
I honour You.
Lord Have Mercy.
Lord forgive us our trespasses.
I adore You.
I praise You.
I give You thanks for all Your special Graces.
I beg You for the Grace of Immunity for my beloved
(name all t hose in a list for the salvation of souls)
I offer You my loyalty at all times.
You O Most Heavenly Father,
Creator of all things,
Creator of the Universe,
Creator of humanity,
You are the source of all things.
You are the source of Love.
You are Love.
I love You.
I honour You.
I lay myself before You.
I beg for Mercy for all souls who don’t know You,
who don’t honour You,
who reject Your Hand of Mercy.
I give myself to You in mind, body and soul
so that You can take them into Your Arms, safe from evil.
I ask You to open the Gate of Paradise so that all Your children
can unite, at last, in the inheritance you have created for all of us.
I want all of you to know this.
The love My Eternal Father has for each of His children is beyond the capacity of your knowing.
It is one hundred times, or more, stronger than that which a parent holds in their hearts for their own child on earth.
So strong is the love that My Father has for His children that He has made many sacrifices which you are not aware of.
His Hand has been pulled back from inflicting many chastisements which He planned in order to punish His children.
His patience has been tried beyond endurance.
The insults thrown at Him have been ignored by Him.
Instead He wants to bring His children back to Him, not through fear, but through the love of those children of His who love Him the most.
He relies on those of you with a deep abiding love for Him and me, His Son, to help gather His lost children so He can take them to Him.
Bring all those souls close to your heart and place them now before the Throne of My Father and, in His Mercy, He will give you the greatest Gift of all.
He will grant their salvation.
Bring the names of dark souls, including a list of those not known to you, and beg for mercy for their souls.
My Father awaits, with love in His Heart, for your generous response.
Come. Do not hesitate, for this is the most extraordinary Gift of its kind from Heaven.
You of this generation are, indeed, blessed.
Your Jesus

Virgin Mary: Embrace the Gift of the Grace of Immunity children. Cherish it for it is a rare Gift from Heaven.

Virgin Mary: Embrace the Gift of the Grace of Immunity children. Cherish it for it is a rare Gift from Heaven.

meeting-jesus-in-heaven1My child Heaven rejoices.
The Choirs of Angels are singing at the top of their voices in praise of my Father.His Glorious Mercy, bestowed by Him, through the special Grace of Immunity, is being acclaimed with great love and joy by all the angels and saints in Heaven.
My children do not, as yet, understand the significance of this great Gift of Mercy by The Father, God the Most High.
You, my children, now have the power to save the others, the lost souls.
This means that the power of the evil one can be conquered in a way, which was not possible up to now.
The lies, the deceit and the hatred which the evil one plants in the minds of God’s children can be rendered useless if the prayers given to those who love my Son are presented before the Throne of my Father.Featured Image -- 24373
Embrace the Gift of the Grace of Immunity children.
Cherish it for it is a rare Gift from Heaven.
It proves to you the Love of your Father for each of His beloved children.
It is one of the great miracles, presented to all of God’s children in the end times.
Thank you for responding to my call.
Mary, Queen of Heaven.
Mother of Salvation

Sunday 29 March 2020

Hatred is the cause of all evil in the world and it takes many forms.

Hatred is the cause of all evil in the world and it takes many forms.

this-is-my-commandment-that-ye-love-one-another-as-i-have-loved-you1My dearly beloved daughter, hatred is the cause of all evil in the world and it takes many forms.
Hostility towards another person springs from fear, the fear that this person may hurt you in some way.
Disagreements with another person can come about because of the sin of pride. This is when you feel that you must prove your worth, at all costs, even if you are wrong.
Jealousy very soon turns to hatred although it can be mild to begin with.
Dislike of oneself begins because you compare your life with others whom you feel have better fortune than you.
Very soon this dislike develops into hatred of oneself and one’s body. This then leads into sins of the flesh.
Hatred may also develop because of the sin of coveting another’s possessions.
This can lead to war when one country covets the riches of another.
Or it can mean allowing greed to consume your soul when you crave the same worldly riches as your neighbour.
Envy also turns into a form of hatred especially when, no matter how hard you try to emulate another, you fail to achieve what you set out to do.battle-between-good-and-evil
All sins, if allowed to fester, can lead you towards hatred.
When you feel hatred you must know that Satan has managed to invade your spirit.
When this happens he will hold you in a vice-like grip and will not leave you alone.
No matter how much you try to release his grip, he will hold onto you for dear life. Your only weapon is prayer.
Pray, pray, pray when hatred surges through you. For until it leaves you, you can never feel peace, love or joy again.
When hatred takes hold of your heart and soul, you become one step further removed from Me, your Jesus.
You suffer terribly and feel an anger and a helplessness which you cannot control.
Never believe the final lie which Satan will plant in your soul, when he has cast a cloak of hatred over you.

The lie is this. Your hatred can only be dissipated when you seek final revenge on the target of your hatred.
What to do when hatred envelops you? The power of love can evaporate hatred, instantly.
When you pray and ask me to help you My answer will be this.
jesus-my-love1Forgive your adversaries and those whom you believe are the cause of your hatred.
But to forgive you must humble yourself before Me and ask Me to forgive you first.
Once you forgive those you hate you must then atone for your sin.
Show your adversaries love. Fight hatred, a wicked and dangerous disease of the soul, with love.
Love is the cure to rid your soul of this infestation.
When you can do this you will have defeated Satan and he will leave you be.
Never be afraid to fight hatred in your soul even though you will find it very difficult.
If hatred could be diluted in this way, through the humility of the sinner, peace would reign in the world.
Your Jesus