Saturday 30 November 2019

Please say My Divine Mercy and start My Novena on Good Friday

Please say My Divine Mercy and start My Novena on Good Friday


Featured Image -- 23696My dearly beloved daughter, the time is almost here for the world to reflect on My death on the Cross.
This is the time, during 2012, that I urgently need your prayers for those who will not recognise Me and for those who do not know about Me.
It will be up to you, My beloved followers, to help Me save those poor souls, whom I need to bring close to My Bosom, so that I can prepare them for My New Paradise.
Children, I need you to say My Divine Mercy Chaplet and commence the nine day Novena of the Divine Mercy, from Good Friday.
It is important that as many of you complete this Novena for other souls. You will receive great Graces and for this I will never forsake you. I will salvage your soul when you come before Me on the Day of Judgment.
You must never become tired of praying to save other souls. You are My Army and through the Graces I give you, you will work with Me to clean the Earth of sin, before My Second Coming.
Praying does not come easy to all of you. The best way is to unite yourself in My Sorrowful Passion, and meditate on My suffering and in particular, My Agony in the Garden. My Great Mercy is at its most potent then. It was precisely because of sinners, including those pagans who were never given a chance to know Me, whom I agonised over the most.
For those of you who love Me know this.
The more you trust in Me completely, the stronger is My Mercy. The more I can forgive. My Mercy is so powerful that it can wipe out the sins of all mankind.
Those who believe in Me, trust Me, can achieve great sanctity by helping to save the souls of their brothers and sisters, as a priority. They do this out of their love for Me for they know that this brings Me much consolation.
You, My pure and just followers, who love Me so much, know that it is through your generosity of heart, that I can save sinners.
Sinners, you must understand, are who I died for and are the ones I thirst for most of all. I show great compassion for sinners.
But, you, My followers, who are also sinners, must trust in Me completely. By doing this, I grant a number of special Graces.
The more you ask for My help, the more you receive. It is because of this bond that you and I hold between us, that you can help Me to save other souls from drowning in despair and hopelessness.
Remember the Power of My Divine Mercy Novena and the number of souls you will save for Me, this year.
Your beloved Jesus

Friday 29 November 2019

Good Friday is the Day I desire, and this year, especially, to be remembered for what it really means

Good Friday is the Day I desire, and this year, especially, to be remembered for what it really means


image-of-jesusGood Friday is the day I desire, and this year especially, to be remembered for what it really means.
My Father sent Me into the world and offered Me, as a ransom, to save the world from the fires of Hell. I came to serve you, children, not to condemn you. My death was a special Grace, free of any obligation on your part, other than to accept the Hand of Mercy, given to you by My Eternal Father.
This Gift was offered to allow mankind to receive the Gift of Reconciliation, so that they can be made fit to enter My Father’s Kingdom.
Before I was crucified I attended a very important Passover Supper with My apostles the night before My death on the Cross.
This Last Supper provides another special Gift. The Gift of celebrating the Holy Eucharist, is a Sacrament of Love, to provide you with a unique Gift where you can truly receive Me in Holy Communion.
My True Presence, contained in the Holy Eucharist in the world today, when celebrated during Holy Mass, provides very special Graces to those in a state of Grace who love Me, who receive Me.
holyeucharistMy Presence can be felt in a way, which will strengthen your faith, when you accept My True Presence in the Holy Eucharist.
If you reject My Presence, in the Holy Eucharist, you reject one of the most significant Gifts I left behind when I came to Earth to atone for your sins.
I died to save you and this is, in itself, a great Gift.
But, I left you a very special Gift, where you can receive Me in mind, body and spirit.
Accept My Presence and your soul will become closer in true union with Me.
Accept Me. Do not forsake Me. Do not deny Me.
Believe, without any doubts in your hearts, that it was because of the Love of God, the Father, that these Gifts were bestowed upon you.
sacrament holy eucharistReflect now on the Real Truth of My Teachings
Do not accept My Crucifixion, without accepting the Gifts also offered to you at My Last Supper. If you do, you will be starving your soul of the Food of Life.
Your beloved Jesus
Redeemer of Mankind

Thursday 28 November 2019

Easter is the time when My death on the Cross is contemplated properly

Easter is the time when My death on the Cross is contemplated properly


dmcMy dearly beloved daughter, how you console Me, in My time of sorrow. How you give Me the love and comfort I so desire from souls. Oh were all souls to unite and intertwine their hearts with Mine, God’s holy family would be fully complete. Only when all souls are salvaged will My Father’s Divine Will be done.
Easter is a time when My death on the Cross is contemplated properly and My Resurrection from the dead is fully acknowledged, for the freedom it brings humanity.
My Resurrection means that all of you who love Me and proclaim My Holy Word, can also be raised from the dead.
All those who have died in a State of Grace, and favoured by My Father, will also be raised in glory from the dead on the Day I come to Judge.
They will join those, who are alive not just in body, but in the Spirit of the Lord and be awarded Eternal Life.
Many people do not understand My Promise.
All those whose names are contained in the Book of Life will be raised body, mind and soul, free of bodily corruption and in full union with Me.
All those chosen, will live according to the Divine Will of My Father.
You will live in love, peace and harmony during my Glorious Reign on Earth for 1000 years.maryand-jesus-on-cross
You will join in glory, with the first resurrection of the dead. Those souls, including your beloved family and friends, who are deemed fit to enter My New Paradise on Earth.
This is the life you must all seek out. Let there be no doubt.
For those poor souls who cannot accept the Truth of My Existence or My Promise to Judge the living and the dead, they will tear their hair out when faced with the terrible fate, which will lie ahead of them when the Truth is revealed.
For those believers, you must also be careful.
Many of you who do not love Me enough or take Me for granted, making the mistake of believing that My Mercy ignores sins, where no remorse exists.
My Mercy is abundant, I want to lavish My Graces upon every sinner. But there are those, who are smug in the false assumption, that their knowledge of My Teachings is enough to save them.
They are indifferent to My Love. They lack a tender heart, have little humility in their souls and believe that certain sins are not worth repenting.
This thinking is dangerous and serves only to remove such souls from Me further.
divine-mercy-confessionThere is not one sin so small that can be ignored. Absolution can only be given when you repent. You can only repent if you are free from pride and humble of heart.
Rejoice, My children, this Easter. Just as My death on the Cross gave you the Gift of salvation, it was My Resurrection from the dead that will also give you the Eternal Life, which has been planned by My Eternal Father for so long.
You have much to look forward to. For the Eternal Life promised to you, means just that – eternal life, in body, mind and soul.
It is important that you strive for this new life and that you prepare your souls.
Every effort will be made by Satan and his demons to convince you that Eternal Life in My New Paradise does not exist. That My Second Coming is a lie.
Priests, members of the clergy and devout Christians, will be the first target.
Pray, pray, pray to My Eternal Father to protect you with My Precious Blood so that not one of you strays from the Truth.
Your beloved Jesus Christ
Redeemer of Mankind

Wednesday 27 November 2019

I Am the Church. The Church was founded by Me and it can never die

I Am the Church. The Church was founded by Me and it can never die


Pope Benedict xi
My dearly beloved daughter, the schism I spoke of has begun in the Catholic Church.
My Teachings, which have never changed since My Holy Scriptures ended with the Book of Revelation, are now being challenged.
There have been a number of challenges, opinions and theological assessments of My Holy Word throughout the centuries.
Many fine men questioned the instructions and the Teachings, which I imparted to mankind.
Some of My Teachings were taken apart, analysed, new interpretations sought and then accepted.
Yet this has been unnecessary, for the Truth was given to man by the prophets who came before Me and then by Me during My time on Earth.
The Truth has never changed. The Truth is simple.
Featured Image -- 23696
St.Faustina holding the Divine Mercy image
Other information, not contained in Holy Scripture was given, as a Gift to the world, through chosen souls, for one reason only. To help you contemplate on My Sacrifice for mankind and to show and remind you of the Love I hold in My Heart for all of God’s children.
Any Divine Revelations given to the world today are to help you prepare for Eternal Life.
My Teachings, honoured by the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, are now being attacked in the first of many challenges, which will result in the division of the Church.
New laws will be introduced to suit modern opinion and so that they sit comfortably with those who, with pride in their souls, feel a need to pacify mankind, rather than show obedience to the Teachings of the Church.
I Am the Church. The Church was founded by Me and it can never die.
Many, including those from within, as well as from outside the Church, will attempt to break down its structure.
Pray that My Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will remain strong amidst the opposition he now faces.
This is a deliberate attempt, by those connected with the false prophet, to create a new church.lightning_strikes_vatican_david_wilcock_article
These cunning people will have you believe it will be the same Church, but it cannot be.
How can My Church, with new laws, twisted versions of the Truth I gave to the world, represent Me?
It can’t. This is why My Father will direct His Church, the true, loyal believers, from the Heavens.
He will hold the keys, until the Second Coming, when the New Jerusalem will rise, the One True Catholic Church, out of the ashes to be reclaimed by all of God’s children, all religions, all creeds as one.
This is the way it was meant to be in full and final union in the New Era of Peace on Earth.
Your beloved Jesus Christ

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Heaven and Earth will become one. One won’t exist without the other

Heaven and Earth will become one. One won’t exist without the other


Jesus-Christ-3109My dearly beloved daughter, the time for My Reign on Earth is drawing closer and there is only so much time for humanity to grasp My Mercy and repent.
It is also important that My Church prepare its flock for Eternal Life and use every opportunity to encourage reconciliation.
This is an important time of the year and you must turn to Me, your Jesus, and pray for the Graces to ensure that you, My followers, have the strength of conviction to spread the Truth of My Second Coming.
The suffering of humanity and that of My Eternal Father and Me, His beloved Son, is coming finally to an end.
Satan’s reign on Earth will cease and I will take over My Rightful Throne.
While My Reign, within My Church, has meant that My Spirit has been present with great Graces, offered to deserving souls, it will not be until Satan is bound that My Father’s Will can finally be fulfilled.
No man truly understands what Eternal Life is.
No man understands fully what will happen at My Second Coming.
No man, because of the limitations of human understanding, can know of My plans for the gathering of My twelve nations on Earth.
So many believe that My Second Coming is the end of the world.
It may be the end of times as you know it, but it is only the beginning of the glorious future planned by My Eternal Father for all His children.
Heaven and Earth will become one.
I love you child
One won’t exist without the other. The righteous will live in My New Paradise and there will be great abundance in all things.
So much wonder can never be described in human terms. Great peace and joy will be felt by every soul who inherits the right to be part of My Kingdom.
My Heart breaks when I see fear in your eyes, children, when I refer to the end times.
Instead, I ask you to trust in My Great Love for you all, and know that My Promise is that you will be truly at home with Me and your sorrows will be banished for eternity.
The New Paradise I promise is to be revealed to humanity very soon.
Do not waste one single moment in fear. Rejoice. Look forward to your future.
Trust in Me completely, for I love you too much to ever let you down.
Pray that all of My children will be humble in heart to accept the Keys to Paradise.
Your Jesus