Monday 30 December 2019






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Virgin Mary: The evil one attacks those who love God the most.

Virgin Mary: The evil one attacks those who love God the most.

Featured Image -- 24965My child just as more of God’s children embrace these Holy Messages so, too, will more people reject them.
All those closest to My Son will be tempted by the evil one to turn their backs.
They will suffer the most and doubts will block their minds to the truth.
The evil one attacks those who love God the most.
When he blinds them to the truth he wins.
Those who revere me, the Mother of God, will also be a target where the evil one will pull them away from the Book of Truth.
Never does he, the evil one, give up. He inflicts terrible torture on those loving souls so that they will deny the Word of God.
I beg all of those who love My Son to hear my call. You must listen when My Son speaks to you.
Do not denounce the chance to help your brothers and sisters to obtain the eternal life promised to them.
Do not allow doubts planted by the deceiver prevent millions of souls from being saved.
This is the fierce opposition that will assail you from this day.
You must call on me, Your Mother, to help you, guide you and lead on to the true path.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Sunday 29 December 2019

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Thursday 26 December 2019

Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name.

Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name.

My dearly beloved daughter tell God’s children that My Prophets in the world today will be rejected just as they were in the beginning.
Those who profess to come in My Name today, but who do not receive messages from God, will be embraced and accepted.
Those who proclaim My Holy Word and who prophesy in the Name of My Father will suffer the biggest rejection.
Priests and clergy will attack My Prophets today because Satan blinds them to My Holy Word.
Let any man who tries to stop the true prophets of God know that they will commit a grave sin in the Eyes of God.
Sacred servants and those who proclaim the truth of My Teachings will be punished should they try to sabotage this Holy Mission.
To those who do not believe in My Holy Word given to the world at this time you must keep silent.
For if you don’t and denounce Me you will be held responsible and you will weep and beg Me to forgive you.
By then the damage you caused will have been felt where souls will be lost.
Never reject My Holy Word given to you through the prophets.
Embrace it and accept it for much work is needed to prepare all of mankind for My New Kingdom.
Remember this.
When Man denies My Word that is to be expected when Satan roams the earth.
When a faithful servant of God rejects Me this is like a sword cutting through Me.
It is the most painful rejection of all.
Come to Me all of you. If you do not believe then pray that you will be shown the Truth soon.
If you are in any doubt turn to Me and ask Me to open your heart
Let me fill you with graces so that you will help Me gather souls in every part of the world in time.
Do not believe that The Second Coming can or will take place without the help of My prophets, sent to prepare you so that you are fit to enter My Kingdom.
Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name.
Woe to those who tear apart My prophets for they will have to answer for their offenses against My Holy Father, God the Most High.
Go open your eyes.
Look when I reveal to you the truth.
Do not turn your head.
Do not close your eyes.
It is time for you to choose.
Follow Me and help lead My children to Eternal Life.
Turn your back and you deny those souls the chance of redeeming themselves in My eyes.
Your Jesus

Monday 23 December 2019

Honour the importance of the Family

Honour the importance of the Family

holy_familyToday, My daughter, is a celebration of My Birth. It is also a special day for families.
Remember, the Holy Family was also born on this day. This Holy Family has a bearing on people all over the world today.
Just as all souls on Earth are part of My Eternal Father’s family, then, so too, should people everywhere honour the importance of the family.
It is only through the family that true love is born. While many families in the world suffer from disruption, anger and separation it is important to understand this.
If there were no families on Earth, there could be no life. The family represents all that My Eternal Father wishes for His children on Earth.
Families, when together, create an intimate love known only in the Heavens. Damage the family and you will damage the pure love that exists within each soul, which is part of that family.
Satan loves to divide families. Why? Because he knows that the kernel of love, essential to the spiritual growth of humanity, will die when the family is split.
Please pray, children, for families to unite. Pray for families to pray together. Pray to keep Satan from entering your family home.
Never forget that you are all part of My Father’s family and you must emulate this unity on Earth whenever possible. It is not always the case I know, but strive always for family unity in order to retain love for one another.
If you do not have a family on Earth then remember you are part of the family that My Father created. Strive to join My Father’s family in the New Era of Peace.
Pray for the graces needed to enable you to find your rightful home in this New Paradise, which you will be invited to enter at My Second Coming.
Your beloved Jesus
Saviour of Mankind

Sunday 22 December 2019

Celebrating Christmas

Celebrating Christmas

My beloved daughter, why do you hesitate? Don’t you know that you are being guided daily? You know, in your heart, surely, that all you need to do is sit down, open your heart and you will, shortly, hear My Message.
Trust in Me. Surrender. Believe that when you pass Me over your fears, worries, concerns and questions that I will take them away from you and respond accordingly. You must now put the time aside to take heed of these most urgent Messages for all of mankind. Do not hesitate to forge ahead with this most Sacred Work.
Now heed this, My beloved daughter. As Christians all over the world turn to pay homage to My Birth in Bethlehem, many will simply pay respect, without real love in their hearts. Many will, though, become close to My Heart. Others will simply nod, smile and speak briefly about the significance of this most important time in celebrating the biggest Gift ever bestowed on My Father’s children since the beginning. Yet, when My children, My devout followers, celebrate Christmas they are distracted by the pomp and ceremony associated with worldly goods.
How many Christians explain to their children the significance of My birth? How many remind themselves of the humility shown by My beloved Mother and her most holy spouse Saint Joseph? How many understand that I became man to save the human race from the path to Hell? It was this simple Message that became distorted through the centuries and was camouflaged by ostentation.
Nevertheless, it has been acknowledged by devout Christians as a time to reflect on their allegiance to Me their Saviour. Please, I urge you, children, to use this Feast to pray for all those in the world who need to wake up to the fact that they have an inheritance. This is where a special place has been reserved for each of them, in My Father’s Kingdom, should they choose to accept it.
Time for Great Warning decided
So caught up are My children, with news, every minute of the day, that while it may affect their lives, it is of no consequence in the eternal life. Children, it is time for you all to examine your conscience, now, before the Great Warning, which precedes My Second Coming. Use prayer in your own simple words to ask for Divine guidance.
The time for the Great Warning is now decided. Be alert. Stay on your guard.
Your Divine Saviour and Just Judge
Jesus Christ

Saturday 21 December 2019

I shower you with this Special Blessing today

I shower you with this Special Blessing today


Nativity_SceneMy dearly beloved daughter, Christmas Day is My Gift to humanity. It is because of this day that eternal life became possible for mortal man.
I, Jesus Christ, Saviour of the World, welcome you all, God’s children, into the Kingdom promised to Me by My Father.
I came into the world unknown by but a few. My Birth changed the future. My Promise was accepted by My followers. They knew that I would come again but had no idea when. They listened to My Teachings, although many of them were not learned men. They were poor and lived simple lives. Yet, they were the ones who welcomed Me.
The same will be true now when I prepare you for My Second Coming. It will be those souls with a simple love for Me who will open their hearts to My Call. And it will be those amongst you, humble of heart and pure of soul, who become My disciples of today. It will be through you, just as it was when I walked the earth, that My Word will be heard and believed.
I shower you with this Special Blessing today. I desire that you accept My Blessing of Protection through this, Crusade Prayer to welcome Me, the Messiah, as I will unveil My New Kingdom.
Crusade Prayer (90) Thanksgiving for Your Most Glorious Second Coming
O My Jesus, I offer You praise and thanksgiving for Your Most Glorious Second Coming.
You, my Saviour, were born to give me Eternal Life and to free me from sin.
I offer You my love, my thanks and my adoration as I prepare my soul for Your Great Coming. Amen.
Go now and prepare. For the times are short and much is needed to be done in order to salvage every soul. I bring you Peace, Love and Joy on this special day.
Your Jesus