Sunday, 15 September 2019

The Holy Bible is not being shoved aside in favour of these Messages

The Holy Bible is not being shoved aside in favour of these Messages

My dearly beloved daughter, I missed you yesterday. I woke you during the night do you remember? You were too tired, but how I wanted to speak to you then.
Today I must urge you to tell the world that war is to escalate and that, unless more of My followers pray, there will be a nuclear war inflicted.
This is close and prayer can avert this along with the Hand of My Eternal Father.
I need more of My followers to spread My Holy Word given to all of humanity for the good of your souls.
You, My daughter, are being attacked by those who say that the Holy Book of My Father is being shoved aside, in favour of these MessagesThis is not so.
My Messages today are to reinforce the Teachings contained in the Holy Bible, because so many in the world today do not know what is contained therein.
Nor will they know the warning signs of the end times unless I reveal them to you now. Why is this? I must prepare your souls for My New Paradise. Never feel I Am trying to bring you on a different path.
For there is only one Path to Paradise and I Am the One who will guide you to its Gates.
Heed My Word. Listen to My Call. Walk with Me with your heads high, without fear in your hearts, as I lead My Army to help Me to reclaim My Kingdom on Earth.
Your beloved Jesus

Friday, 13 September 2019

Satan’s last days – Like a wasp when dying, the sting will be the most painful

Satan’s last days – Like a wasp when dying, the sting will be the most painful

Jesus-Christ-3109My daughter, please remember that man only has to look around him to know big changes have come into the world. Normal every day events no longer seem the same. The joys you receive, children, from material gain have lost their lustre. They no longer appeal. They are tinged with a mask of nothingness.
Why is this? Don’t you know that it is the scourge of the antichrist and his presence on Earth, which casts these shadows?
He, the spawn of Satan, infects every level of your society including politics, the military forces, financial institutions, humanitarian organisations and even your churches.
Not one sector has been spared in order that he can inflict pain on humanity in these his last days on Earth.
Remember that I, your Jesus, have given you, My followers, the Power of the Holy Spirit to render these evil perpetrators impotent.
The more you rise in battle through the strength of your faith then the weaker will be the grip of the antichrist.


Prayer, and especially the Crusade Prayers given to you, My messenger, will help drive out this evil.
All evil can be destroyed through prayer. It is that simple.
The days are numbered for the survival of Satan and his army. However, like a wasp when dying, the sting will be the most painful.
Show patience and perseverance during these trials and you, My Army, in hope and confidence will march in unity towards the gates of My New Paradise on Earth.
Your Saviour, Jesus Christ

Thursday, 12 September 2019

God the Father: Europe will be first target of Red Dragon, followed by the USA

God the Father: Europe will be first target of Red Dragon, followed by the USA

My daughter, My timing, in relation to My Chastisement and The Warning, is not for your knowing. There is no need for concern about My Divine timing, for this will be only according to My Holy Will.
Know this, though, the Red Dragon you were told about some time ago, has now risen his head coyly, but with a deadly intent of devouring Christians all over the world.
Patient for so long, in waiting, he will now swoop down and with fire from his mouth, destroy everything that represents homage to Me, God of the Most High, and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
Europe will be his first target and then the United States of America.
Communism will be introduced and woe to those who oppose the reign of the Red Dragon.
My daughter, I realise that the recent Divine Messages given to you are distracting, but the Truth must be revealed.
It is only through the prophecies made known that faith will be restored. This is the reason why prophecies are being given to My children now, so that they will recognise the Truth of My Teachings.
All prophecies given to My prophets, Daniel and John, will unfold layer by layer.
Details will be given to you, My daughter, to help build the remnant of My Church on Earth.
They, My children, will need to be consoled through My Messages of Love and I will reassure them of this.
Lean on Me, children, your beloved Father, and I will give you the Graces you need to defeat the enemy.
They cannot win and their power will not only be short-lived, but the Red Dragon and his blind allies will be thrown into the fires of eternal damnation.
Pray for their souls, because you can help them through your prayers, in order to save them.
The Warning will matter little to Satan’s followers, the Red Dragon and his armies.
So hardened are their hearts, that they will deliberately side with the evil one. Their allegiance is to the false paradise he promises them.
Just as chosen souls are given the Gift of apparitions or, as in your case, the Gift of seeing Me and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, certain souls are shown visions of Satan and his fallen angels.
So close is their commitment to the evil one, that many of Satan’s followers would rather die, than acknowledge Me, their Almighty Father.
My Promise is this, children.
I will protect all of My children, who have the Seal of My Love, embedded in their souls.
You will be spared the persecution so that you remain strong to pray with all your might for these wicked people.
This will help dilute the terror and avert war, famine and religious persecution.
Prayer to Me, your Father, must now be included in your daily prayers with this special Crusade Prayer (30) Prayer to avert war, famine and religious persecution
“O my Eternal Father, God the Creator of the Universe, in the Name of Your precious Son, I beg You to make us love You more.
Help us to be brave, fearless and strong in the face of adversity. Accept our sacrifices, sufferings and trials as a gift before Your Throne, to save Your children on Earth.
Soften the hearts of unclean souls. Open their eyes to the Truth of Your Love, so that they can join with all of Your children, in the Paradise on Earth, You have lovingly created for us according to Your Divine Will. Amen.”
Please do not ignore My Heavenly Intervention in your lives today, children.
For those of you with a deep love for Me, your Father, know that I must prepare you for this important journey.
I would not be doing My duty as your loving Creator and Father were I not to communicate with you during these, the end times, as you know them on Earth, as it is now.
To those who may be frightened by My Most Holy Words, let Me console you, by telling you that this does not mean the end of the world, because it does not.
It is simply the end of Satan’s reign on Earth, which is to be welcomed, children. The time is drawing closer for My Son to take up His Rightful Throne, when He will come, for the Second time, to Reign over the New Perfect Paradise on Earth.
My Heart bursts with joy when I tell you children of the new Earth, which I have prepared for you. My children will live for 1,000 years in the Paradise I created for Adam and Eve.
There will be peace, love, harmony and you will want for nothing.People will marry, have children and the flowers, rivers, mountains and lakes will take your breath away.Animals will live with My children in harmony and you will be governed with Love, under the Reign of My Son, Jesus Christ.
Only then will My Holy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Your loving Father
God the Creator of all mankind
God of the Most High

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Wicked group perpetrating biggest lie in order to seize control of countries

Wicked group perpetrating biggest lie in order to seize control of countries

My dearly beloved daughter, you must tell My children, all those followers of Mine, to link and form a chain of protection in prayer.By joining as brothers and sisters in prayer for those lost children, who wander, seeking love for Me, but who cannot find peace in their souls, you can save them.
They need you to pray for them because The Warning won’t convert these poor souls.
You, My loyal followers, bring Me the consolation I need when I see the terrible pain and hardships, which are now being endured by My children in almost every corner of the world.
This wicked group, made up of some of the worlds most powerful and elite are perpetrating the biggest lie through their deliberate plotting to seize control of countries in the Middle East, Europe and the US.
Their plan is unveiling before your eyes. Can’t you see? This plan has taken decades to develop.
Every one of My children needs to stay awake at all times.
Do not allow them to take your countries. Stand up to them. Money is their weapon of deceit. The collapse of your banking systems was deliberate. Now they move to complete the next phase of their plan.
You, children, can stop this evolving through your prayers.
Already My Father is placing obstacles in their way.
My followers span many countries. Now you must join together, in prayer, to stop European leaders, some of whom are intrinsic in bringing about terrible hardship on innocent people, in their wicked ways.
I urge you to say this Crusade Prayer (31) to stop them
“O my Jesus, let my prayer invoke Your Holy Spirit to descend on those leaders driven by lust, greed, avarice and pride to stop the persecution of Your innocent children. I ask You to stop poverty, famine and wars from devouring Your children. And I pray that European leaders will open their hearts to the Truth of Your Love. Amen.”
My daughter, the chain of prayer will spread out far and wide and the Power of the Holy Spirit will help stop those people, who have the power to stop suffering and halt them in their actions.
Spread My Word in order to spread conversion.
My time to come to Reign is close. So, there will not be time enough to save all souls.
Do all you can for Me, your Jesus, Who loves and cherishes you all.
We must work together, children, for the sake of all of mankind, in our battle to prevent the antichrist and his atrocious plan of deception.
Hope, love and prayers, children, this is what I expect of you.
I thank you for all your loyalty and obedience.
You have not seen, yet you have believed. Once you heard My Voice, through these Messages, you recognised Me.You were able to do this because of the Holy Spirit, which reigns in your souls.
You must share this great Gift so that you can bring all of your loved ones with you into My New Paradise on Earth.
I love each and every one of you. You bring Me such consolation and joy.
Your beloved Jesus

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Mother of Salvation: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my Heart

Mother of Salvation: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my Heart

ABORTION-NORTHERN-IRELAND_800-e1449083028861I am your beloved Mother, Queen of the Angels, the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception.
O how I weep today, as Ireland, the country most dedicated to me, their beloved Mother, falls prey to the evil one.
Great darkness has descended over this nation. So many have lost their faith, just as so many have turned their hearts away from my beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
My children in Ireland have allowed the evil one to turn their hearts to stone.
Those who love my Son are in pain as they witness the secularism, which has taken control over this, once holy, country.
Attempts are now being made to introduce abortion and if this were to happen, it will deeply offend my Precious Son.
My children, should you introduce abortion in Ireland, you will sever the link that has brought you so close to my Heart.
So many people in Ireland now insult my Son through the disrespect they show Him. I also am no longer tolerated and my name is demeaned.

My beloved child

Children of Ireland, chosen as special souls to impart the Word of my Father, throughout the world, you must listen to me.
Pray, pray, pray that these plans to introduce abortion laws do not take place.
Should this happen, Ireland will lose much favour in my Father’s Kingdom.
The sin of abortion is the most grievous in the Eyes of my Father. It is the worst kind of genocide.
You must fight this evil, children. You must do it now or the last Divine link, which needs to be strengthened, will, instead, be weakened.
You must rise, children, and reclaim your Catholic and Christian Faiths, for they are being stolen from you.
Do not allow those in power to sneer at you when you proclaim the Holy Word of God.
This spirit of darkness has now, not only covered your country, but the Holy Shrines at which I am supposed to be revered.
I weep in sorrow as I see my beloved Ireland fall by the wayside.
Yet there is hope, children, but you must now join, in force, to protect your Faith.
Soon you will be forced to abandon, not only your Catholic Faith, but your Christian Faith.
Reclaim your country from socialism and secular dictatorships.
They will plead for the right of citizens, but will deny the very rights they claim to protect, including the right to pray.
They will force you to accept, in law, the right to murder children not yet born.
Remember, each soul was lovingly created by God, the Almighty Father.
Any man who chooses abortion or assists in the wicked act of abortion commits mortal sin.
Pray, pray, pray my Crusade Prayer for Ireland (32)
“O Mother of Salvation, pray for your children in Ireland to prevent the wicked act of abortion from being inflicted upon us. Protect this holy nation from sinking deeper into despair, from the darkness, which covers our country.
Rid us of the evil one, who wants to destroy your children yet to be born. Pray that those leaders will have the courage to listen to those who love your Son, so that they will follow the Teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Go now, my child, and tell my children in Ireland that they must be strong. They must stand up for what is right.
They must never be afraid to proclaim the Truth, the Holy Word of God, no matter how difficult this may be.
Your beloved Queen of Heaven
Mother of Salvation