Thursday 30 April 2020

The false prophets are poised now and will pounce on this mission

The false prophets are poised now and will pounce on this mission

jesus-3My dearly beloved daughter I must warn you about false prophets who try to interfere with this mission.
So many poor deluded souls, who believe that they are receiving divine messages, are being led astray by the evil one.
He does this by preying on their love for me and targets, especially, holy devout souls.
Any person who tells you that they have a message from Heaven which instructs you to change or amend a message from Me is a liar.
This is not the way in which I authorise communications from Heaven. The only messages I allow to be communicated from one visionary to another is one of support and love, but only when this is necessary.
Messages received by genuine prophets or chosen souls are either true or false.
There is no in between. Heaven would never send a message to contradict another message received by a chosen soul from Heaven.
Beware of false prophets. Those who do not realise that they are false can cause terrible harm when they interfere with My Holy Word. You, My daughter, must not engage with those who say they come in My Name unless I instruct you otherwise.
The false prophets are poised now and will pounce on this mission. You must not engage with them.
Be alert to these dangers for the most dangerous of all will be the man who will come and claim to be Me.
Allow yourselves, My disciples, to be drawn to the false prophets and you will be easy prey to the antichrist and his false prophet.
Trust in My Holy Word. Many of you cannot, still, accept the Truth and you will argue with me but it will be of no use. For the biggest criticism you have of Me, is that I love all of God’s children, especially sinners.
I love all equally. To those of you who accuse Me of favouring sinners know this.
Never try to confuse others by saying that Jesus condones sin.
You know this is a lie. I detest the sin but love the sinner.
Your Jesus

Update on the video prayers: Am up to 81 completed now

Update on the video prayers: Am up to 81 completed now.

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Wednesday 29 April 2020

So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it

So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it

climbing a a hill to the crossMy dearly beloved daughter there comes a time when a man must ask himself – who am I and why do I live?
The only answer, which brings him peace, is when he understands that he is a child of God. Rather than deny the Truth, because of the pressures exerted by those who sneer at those who believe in God, he must be honest with himself.
He knows that the love he feels comes from God.
He knows, in his heart, that the wretchedness he feels when in darkness and despair comes from the other side. The dark side.
So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it.
Although the Truth has been recorded in the Holy Book, many cannot accept that Holy Scripture contains all the answers they seek.
You must embrace the Truth and hold onto it for dear life for it is your path to salvation.
Many people will do everything that is possible to deny the Truth. Mainly they will use human intelligence to tear the Truth apart and have you believe a lie.
Every argument will be made to deny the Truth of God. So convincing will these arguments be that many believers will find it difficult to defend the Truth.
james4-7Your faith will stand the test of time but only if you allow Me to guide you day and night.
For Me to guide you, you must never take your eyes off Me and lean on Me for support.
Speak with Me. Communicate with Me at any time of the day, in the car, at work, at school or in your church. It does not matter where for you can call on Me at any moment and I will respond.
This path, the route to Calvary is the lot of My followers. It is a very difficult hill to mount. You must endure the setbacks and the pain of rejection of those who will not accept your right to practice your religion. The top of the hill should be your goal. Only when you reach the top will you find peace.
Persevere, My beloved followers and My Love will be felt by you in such a way that it will give you a strength you would not believe possible.
I love you. I walk with you. I will never leave you. I bless you all.
Your Jesus

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Prepare to witness signs soon to be revealed from Heaven

Prepare to witness signs soon to be revealed from Heaven

My dearly beloved daughter it is with love that I ask all of God’s children to prepare to witness signs soon to be revealed from Heaven.
Signs will be presented to the world in different ways in order to awaken God’s children. Many will try to deny these signs and dismiss them as superstitious and in the imagination of believers.
For those who will witness the signs you must know that they will help you to prepare your souls. For when you have nurtured your souls and have asked for the forgiveness of your sins, your suffering, after The Warning, will be minimal.
Accept these signs, these miracles, as a Gift from Heaven.
Do not fight them or ignore them for they are proof of My Promise to prepare you all before My Second Coming.
Go now and have faith.
Trust is the most important act of loyalty for Me, your Jesus.
Trust in Me and all will be well.
Your Jesus

Monday 27 April 2020

Any man who hates another, because of their religion, does not truly love God

Any man who hates another, because of their religion, does not truly love God

jesus_scrollMy dearly beloved daughter any man who hates another, because of their religion does not truly love God.
How it disgusts Me to witness the hypocrisy by those who claim to be devout followers of God. These people threaten to kill those who disagree with them and murder those who insult their gods.
It is a sin to hate another. It is a mortal sin when you murder another or try to mortally wound another soul in the name of religion.
Don’t you know that if you are quick to condemn another to death because they insult God that you are not following the Laws of God?
I call out to all religions and all creeds who say they believe in God. If you believe in God then you must show love to others even when they torment you or insult you.
Many paths lead to My Father but there is only one God. The True God is the Creator of the world and you can only be accepted into His Kingdom when you love your neighbour and this includes your enemies.
It is very easy to hate another for evil spirits infest and torment God’s children every battle-between-good-and-evilsecond. How the evil one rejoices when a religious man, who openly professes to love God, incites hatred and who does not think twice about murdering those he believes are his enemies.
No man will escape chastisement if he kills another. No man will be accepted into the New Paradise if he murders another in My Father’s Name.
It may be difficult and it may hurt you when a man insults your faith but you must pray for him and you must never forget the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”
My Father’s Commandments are very simply. They are clear. They do not need to be defined but woe to the man who breaks My Father’s Laws.
Your Jesus

Sunday 26 April 2020

There are only three ways to protect yourselves from the evil one

There are only three ways to protect yourselves from the evil one

sacrament holy eucharistMy dearly beloved daughter you must never become complacent and feel that this work, when it seems to be going well, will for one moment escape the scourge of the evil one. He is furious. He picks at every task you undertake, creates problems and obstacles, which leave you frustrated and helpless.
So many people are blind to the scourge he inflicts on humanity. Because they cannot see him they do not believe that he exists. Those who open the way to him, through sin, and allow him into their souls will find it impossible to rid themselves of the terrible hurt and discontent he will bring into their lives.There are only three ways to protect yourselves from the evil one.
The first is, the Sacrament of Confession cleanses your soul, if you are genuine in your remorse. For non-Catholics please accept the Gift of the Plenary Indulgence in Crusade Prayer (24), given to the world through this Mission.
The second way is through the daily devotion to My Mother who has been given the power to crush Satan. Her Holy Rosary is an important shield, which will cover you and your family away from his evil eye.
The last is through the State of Grace, which you can achieve through regular communication with Me by receiving Me in the Holy Eucharist.

So many people who want to escape from the clutches of Satan, and who in their hearts know they have been sucked into a vortex of evil, must turn to Me and ask Me to help them through this special Crusade Prayer (78) Save me from Evil.O Jesus protect me from the power of Satan. Take me into Your Heart as I release all my allegiance to him and his wicked ways. I surrender my will and come before You on my knees with a humble and contrite heart. I leave my life in Your Holy Arms. Save me from evil. Release me and take me to Your safe haven of protection now and forever.Amen.

Crusade Prayer (86) Release me from the torment of doubt

I come before you confused, unsure and frustrated, dear Jesus, because I am worried about the Truth You proclaim within Your Messages.
Forgive me if I have wronged You.
Forgive me if I cannot hear You.
Open my eyes so that I can be shown what it is You need me to understand.
I implore You, to give me the Power of the Holy Spirit to show me the Truth.
I love You, dear Jesus, and I beg You to release me from the torment of doubt.
Help me to respond to Your call.
Forgive me if I have offended You and bring me closer to Your Heart.
Guide me to Your New Kingdom and grant me the favour, so that through my own prayers and suffering, that I can help You to salvage souls so precious to Your Sacred Heart.
Your Jesus

Saturday 25 April 2020

Virgin Mary: Great changes will commence in the world very soon

Virgin Mary: Great changes will commence in the world very soon

My child great changes will commence in the world very soon.
It is time for the plan of Salvation to be introduced across all nations in the hearts of humanity. So many people will be shaken with the Truth of where they come from and how they must redeem themselves in the Eyes of God.
So unprepared are God’s children for these great events.  It is because of the Love of God, for all His children that you are being warned.
Ignore these warning signs at your peril. Laugh or sneer at these Divine Interventions, which will take place to bring the hearts of man into the Heart of God and you will suffer.
Children you must stay alert at all times. The signs from Heaven and the miracle of Divine Intervention are drawing closer by the day.
Pray that you will be given the Graces to open your hearts to the Great Mercy of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
All roads are opening to entice God’s children back to the refuge of His Sacred Heart.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death

Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death

My dearly beloved daughter, I allow you this intense physical suffering to save more souls today. Offer this pain for those selected souls you must help Me salvage. This pain will not last long but when you are relieved know that many souls were saved from the fires of Hell and are now in Purgatory awaiting purification.
As a victim soul you must accept that I can allow you moments of suffering to help save the souls of God’s children. You will, some day, meet these souls and then you will understand how much happiness this brings My Father. Know that when you suffer, I suffer with you in order to ease your pain. You are not alone. When you feel you cannot breath, this is the same feeling of suffocation felt by souls who, after death, face the fumes of the fires of Hell.
If only people knew the Truth of life after death. After the soul leaves the body, whether it is in a state of Grace or not, Satan torments through the power of seduction. He tries, even then, to draw souls to him. Prayer for such souls is very important.
I draw souls towards My Light. But only those who are in a State of Grace can withstand the Power of My Light of Mercy. If they are not pure of soul then they must be cleansed in Purgatory.
There are, My daughter, many layers in Purgatory and, depending on the sins committed by the soul, they will be filled with the cleansing Fire of the Holy Spirit.
Purgatory is painful for the soul and those who have to spend time there feel it like a physical pain as though they were still alive.
Let no man underestimate the sacrifices needed to keep their souls in a state worthy of My Father’s Kingdom.
My Father loves all His children but souls must earn the right to be fit to enter My Father’s Kingdom.  To be worthy they must redeem themselves in My Eyes while they are still alive. They must atone for their sins with a sincere heart.
Even at the point of death, a sinner can avail of My Great Mercy by asking Me to forgive him his sins. I will snatch him and take him into My Arms. I will then pour out My Mercy over him and then take him by the hand to the Gates of Paradise.
Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death.
Your Jesus