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Seal 33
(This is a list of some of the promises that are found in the Book of Truth for those who accept the Seal of the Living God.  There might be more but I recommend printing this list out and keeping a copy of it with your Crusade Prayer Book.  It is important to remind ourselves of these promises from time to time).
  1. Never forget the importance of the Seal of the Living God. It will offer you and your family protection, not just in spirit, but a physical protection also. May 16th, 2012
  2. Satan and his fallen angels do not have authority over them. March 8, 2012
  3. All those with the seal are granted a place in the new paradise. Aug 23, 2013
  4. Only those with the Seal of the living God will escape a form of the genocide of the soul. April 4, 2013
  5. Your home will not be seen. It will be invisible to the enemy. Medal of Salvation will protect such refuges. Aug 5,2013
  6. There will be many Divine powers associated with the Seal. May 17,2012
  7. They will not have to accept the Mark of the Beast. They will be protected against the Mark of the beast. May 5,2014
  8. They will have the Graces to defend the Word, to remain true to God, to protect their faith with courage. May 17,2012
  9. They will be given relief from their suffering when all things seem unbearable. Aug 23,2014
  10. The Seal will enable them to overcome the opposition they will face when Christianity will be brutalized. June 7,2014
  11. Seal will protect you from physical and spiritual death during wars. Sep 21,2013
  12. They will become immune to the suffering which the AC will inflict on the world. Aug 30,2013
  13. The Seal will sustain all during persecution, domination and war, and any kind of persecution. Oct 11,2013

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All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father

All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father


My dearly beloved daughter, many souls do not acknowledge Me, simply because they don’t want to.
They know Who I Am.
They know that they have been created out of nothing, by God the Father, yet they choose to ignore God.
They use My Name in the most casual way, many, many, times and My Name is included in the curses spewed by those possessed by demons.
It is only when people are afflicted by tragedy that they stop and think of death and any future life they believe may be ahead.
This is why I sometimes punish those souls, out of My Mercy, to bring them to their senses, so I can save them.
Through suffering, all those material attractions, sought out by the senses, will become meaningless and be seen for what they are – fleeting novelties, which will vanish within a short period of time.
Many souls are born into this world sent from Heaven. They choose suffering, including those aborted children, as a means of seeking salvation for sinners.
It is difficult for the human mind to understand the Divine Kingdom, for no man has been blessed with this Gift.
When the fallen angels rebelled against My Father, He – My Father – never forfeited the right of His children to their free will, for He will never take away the Gift he gave to humanity.
All mankind will have free will, until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father.
Satan takes advantage of free will. What he cannot fight is when those chosen souls forfeit their own free will and offer it to God to save sinners.
By making this sacrifice, through the acceptance of suffering, Satan’s influence is weakened.
Then sinners can be saved even when they have not repented. This is the miracle that is suffering.
Your beloved Jesus

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering, into the New Heaven and Earth

Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering, into the New Heaven and Earth


My dearly beloved daughter, again, I must tell all of God’s children not to feel worried or frightened of events to come.
All of humanity will witness My Mercy soon and many, while remorseful for their sins, will not fear Me.
Instead, their souls will be flooded with My Divine Love. My Light will radiate through their bodies and they will rejoice.The time for the New Era of Peace brings tremendous joy and excitement for those who acknowledge My Hand of Mercy.
Every single sinner is invited to live Eternal Life and must not walk away because they are confused. My Era of Peace will be a new Earth, where twelve nations will rule, under My Guidance.
You will live in peace, love and harmony. The natural surroundings you see on the Earth today will pale into insignificance when compared with the world, which lies ahead.
For those worried or frightened for your family or loved ones – bring them with you to My wonderful, New Paradise.
Pray for them and I will give them special Graces so that they will be given the Gift of recognising My Love.
This is My Father’s greatest wish, to see the wonder, joy and love, shine through each of His precious children when He unveils the New Paradise.
You will be reunited with your loved ones who died in a state of Grace and who will be resurrected from the dead.
Why would you not believe in such a Gift? When you trust in My Promise to come again, then you will feel peace.
All I ask is that you prepare through prayer. When you pray for Grace and for others, all will be well.
My Mercy is so great that few will fail to recognise My Divine Promise to gather all of God’s children and take them home and away from the vice-grip of Satan and his demon angels.
The Truth of My Kingdom will be seen even by atheists who will be shocked, yet, their disbelief will in most cases turn into humble love and acceptance. While many difficult times lie ahead none will be so hard that you cannot overcome them, through your love and devotion to Me, your Jesus. Please do not allow fear to get in the way of accepting, with joy, the Gift of My New Paradise.
Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering, into the New Heaven and Earth.
What should concern you, are those hardened sinners who will not ask Me to forgive them, who will refuse My Hand and who will, instead, hold onto their wicked ways.
They need your prayers.
Pray hard for the salvation of their souls.
Your beloved Jesus

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Litany Prayer (6) Gift of Graces

Litany Prayer (6) Gift of Graces

O dearest Jesus, my beloved Saviour,
Fill me with Your Love.
Fill me with Your Strength.
Fill me with Your Wisdom.
Fill me with Your Perseverance.
Fill me with Your Humility.
Fill me with Your Courage.
Fill me with Your Passion.

God the Father: As the Father of all humanity I Am ready to send My Son to reclaim His Rightful Throne

God the Father: As the Father of all humanity I Am ready to send My Son to reclaim His Rightful Throne

My daughter, these months have been a difficult time, not only for you, but for all of My beloved children.
I Am the Father of Creation and Love, with a deep passion for each child of Mine, no matter how they offend Me.
There is so much preparation required to help prepare souls for the Coming of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
Much of humanity is suffering at this time because of persecution. This persecution not only consists of poverty and lack of money, but hunger of spirit.
As the Father of all humanity, I Am ready to send My Son back to reclaim His Rightful Throne.
Only I know of this time. Not even My Son is aware of the date.
I can tell you it will be soon and that most of this generation, alive in the world today, will live for the Day of My Son’s Return in Great Glory.
I now prepare to gather all of My children as I take them away from the terrible abyss of suffering they have had to endure in the wilderness.
This wilderness was created by the hand of Lucifer and all his fallen angels who have roamed the Earth since the fall of Adam and Eve.
Today, many of My children find it impossible to believe in Me, God their Creator and Father.
I have blessed My children with intelligence and an independent free will where they can choose whatever way they decide to live their lives.
To guide them towards My Kingdom I gave them the Ten Commandments, which are cast in stone.
They have never changed, yet My children feel they were smarter than they are and created new meanings, which are unacceptable to Me.
This time for the end of the reign of all of the demons cast out and who flood the Earth, is almost at an end.
I call out to all My children to listen. Your time on Earth, as you know it, is drawing to an end.
Yet there is a new Earth, a New Paradise waiting for you.
It will surpass anything you could ever imagine and it has been prepared for some time, with love for every single man, woman and child.
At last I will unite all of My precious family and we will all live in harmony, peace, love and joy for eternity.
For those who refuse to enter the New Paradise I will do everything in My Power to stop you from turning your back on the inheritance, which is rightfully yours.
Because of the Gift of your free will, which I will never take away from you, the choice is yours.
All it takes is a turn of your head and the opening of your heart.
Then you must run into My Arms, so I can take you home.
This is My dearest and most treasured wish, to take all of My cherished children home to the rightful place to which they belong.
Your Loving Father
God the Most High

Monday 28 October 2019

Litany Prayer (5) For the Salvation of Those in Mortal Sin

Litany Prayer (5) For the Salvation of Those in Mortal Sin.

Jesus, save all sinners from the fires of Hell.
Forgive blackened souls.
Help them to see You.
Lift them out of darkness.
Open their eyes.
Open their hearts.
Show them the Truth.
Save them.
Help them to listen.
Rid them of pride, lust and envy.
Protect them from evil.
Hear their pleas for help.
Grasp their hands.
Pull them towards You.
Save them from the deception of Satan. Amen.

First Secret in Book of Truth reveals plot against the Church by Masonic Groups

First Secret in Book of Truth reveals plot against the Church by Masonic Groups


My dearly beloved daughter you have been given a gift which many would reject out of fear.Because of the graces afforded you, the strength given and the fire of the Holy Spirit , you are fully armed to proclaim the prophecies promised to the world so long ago.
The prophecy given to Daniel when he was told to seal up the Book of Truth until the end times, when the contents would be revealed, has now come to be.
Revelations given also to John the Evangelist were given only in part but some secrets were shown to him in The Scroll of the Seven Seals.
He was not granted the authority to disclose the contents. Instead he was instructed to put the scroll down and eat it so that the seals could not be broken nor the contents revealed until this era. By swallowing the scrolls a clue was given to humanity.
Bitter to eat, the Truth causes fear. It can also offend those who profess to know all God’s plan for humanity. Yet the Truth, the powerful love that God has for every single person on this earth, is sweet for those who acknowledge the Truth.
The Truth is that only I, Jesus Christ, can reveal the secrets given to John the Evangelist. The sweet truth will be welcomed with love by those who follow God’s teachings.
It may cause fear, but God’s power will overcome all evil and all persecution for He can do anything.
The first secret lies in the fact that God and all His works have been plotted against by Masonic groups established in the Middle Ages.
Their allegiance is to the evil one. He, Satan, is their God and they are proud to pay homage to him through black masses.
Then there is the Holy See, which has been under fierce attack by this group since 1967. Slowly they have infiltrated My Church, not just within the Vatican, but within the ranks beyond in every country.
Their deliberate contamination of My Church has resulted in evil atrocities inflicted on innocent victims.Their love of money and power is nothing compared with the sickening devotion they show to the king of lies, Satan himself.
He is openly worshipped in groups and in secret. Priests and other holy servants including bishops, cardinals have aligned themselves have aligned themselves in certain quarters in certain quarters with this group.
The evil acts they participate in are too serious to reveal to you but know that they offer human sacrifices to the evil one in churches set up to offer the Holy Eucharist of the Holy Mass.
This group, so careful to hide their true activities from those genuine and holy priests, holy bishops, holy cardinals and other sacred servants commit vile acts.
They hate God with a ferocity that would shock you. The powers given to them by Satan has meant that their wickedness, greed, lust and sexual deviations are welcomed by their followers in all countries.
They greet each other with private signals designed to show allegiance to each other.
One thing is certain. Their wicked acts will come to an end and, unless they turn to Me during The Warning, they will have little time left before they are cast into the lakes of fire where they will suffer a terrible persecution for eternity.
They have created and stirred up the apostasy that exists all over the world.
They achieved this by infiltrating My Church.
Your beloved Jesus
Lamb of God

Crusade Prayer (140) Protection of Hierarchy of Angels

Dearest Father, God of all Creation, God the Most High, grant me Grace and Protection through Your Hierarchy of Angels.
Enable me to focus on Your Love for each of Your children, no matter how they offend You. Help me to spread the news of the Final Covenant to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, without fear in my heart.
Grant me Your special Graces and Blessings to rise above persecution, inflicted upon me by Satan, his demons and his agents on Earth.
Never allow me to fear Your enemies. Give me the strength to love my enemies and those who persecute me in the Name of God. Amen.

House Of Prayer Achill
7 hrs
In a message to Christina on October 12, 2019, as she returned from New York. Jesus said,
"California's flames will rise high upon all those filled with their own pomp and false security. So many in their pride adore the world and its fruits - all that is not of Me but these are wasting away. These fires are little - there will be many more until they open their hearts to recognise My Hand crushing evil. Tell the people of California that they must honour Me their God."
Jesus then showed Christina a volcano erupting on a large mountain where none has erupted before. (He did not say in which country.) She could see the lava on fire flowing down on top of the people. The people had their hands up in fear and pleading. They were not prepared for this any more than the people of Indonesia at the time the massive tsunami struck them in 2004. Jesus then said,
"I am the Lord your God. This is My Hand. Can people not understand that this is My Hand to crush the deepest evil. I have to crush it. Why can't mankind live humbly and simply by obeying My Law. The destruction they perform is put in their hearts by the dark designs of the evil one."