Friday 31 January 2020

Crusade Prayer (132) Renounce Satan, to protect this Mission

In order to safeguard this Mission, against the wickedness of Satan, I ask that you begin to recite this powerful Prayer to renounce Satan. When you recite this Crusade Prayer, at least twice a week, you will help to protect this Mission of Salvation and bring more souls into the Realm of God’s Kingdom.

Crusade Prayer (132) Renounce Satan, to protect this Mission

O Mother of Salvation, come to the aid of this Mission. Help us, God’s Remnant Army, to renounce Satan. We beg you to crush the head of the beast with your heel and remove all obstacles in our Mission to save souls. Amen.
Children, you must remember that it is never easy when you help my Son to carry His Cross. His suffering becomes yours, when you declare your allegiance to Him. By trusting in Him completely and persevering in your journey to help Him to save souls, you will become stronger. You will be given the courage, the strength and the dignity to rise above the ridicule, the blasphemy and the temptations, which will be your lot daily, until the Day of the Second Coming of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
Go in peace. Place all your trust in my Son and always call on me, your beloved Mother of Salvation, to come to your aid in your Mission to promote the salvation of souls.

Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination which will create disease all over the world.

Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination which will create disease all over the world.

My dearly beloved daughter the plans of the Masonic groups to take over the world currencies are getting close to completion.
Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination which will create disease all over the world to cause suffering on a scale never seen before.
Avoid any such sudden global vaccination announced for it will kill you.
Their evil schemes would shock all those innocent souls who have no idea how powerful they are.
Driven by a lust for power, wealth and a desire to be godlike in all they do, they believe they are invincible.
They control banks, governments and are responsible for causing terror in the Middle East.
They control much of the world’s media and the truth of their wickedness is hidden behind so called humanitarian organisations.
Sadly very few of God’s children know of their plans.
Know that the hand of My Father will fall so suddenly and swiftly on those nations who protect such evil leaders.
They will be struck with Tsunamis and earthquakes of such a magnitude that they will be wiped out.
Those who believe that they are so powerful will see fire falling from the skies just before My Second Coming.
The seas will become lakes of fire and they will find it hard to hide from the hand of punishment poured out upon those wicked souls who will refuse My Cup.
Defiant up to the end they will fight My Eternal Father and the power of the Heavens.
Siding with the antichrist, from the groups from which he evolves, they will realise the error of their ways when it is too late for them.
Many of these groups, including leaders of banks, governments, heads of large businesses all of them interlinked, and working together to make paupers out of ordinary people, will convert after The Warning. So this is good.
The time for me to separate those souls who love me from those who side with the evil one is not far away.
Be warned. There will only be so much time in which to convert. The souls most in need of My Mercy belong to these wicked groups who have no respect for the laws of God.
You must pray that they will see the Truth.
You must pray that they stop inflicting hardships through the terrible laws they mean to bring about.
You must pray to stop the genocide they plan, worse than what Hitler did in World War 2.
This group, the largest in number since their formation in the middle ages, are Satan’s army.  They will be led by the antichrist. They have been planning to bring about their control of banks for decades.
They have been planning the introduction of the Mark of the Beast, a chip which every man and woman will be forced to have implanted in their bodies to access food, for fifteen years.* (this refers to the PAST 15 years in which this has been planned)
Now that the time has come for them to unveil their New World Currency know that prayer, and much of it, can help mitigate much of their plan. Here is a prayer to avert One World Control.
Crusade Prayer (61) Avert One World Control
O Dear Heavenly Father in memory of the Crucifixion of your Beloved Son Jesus Christ I beg you to protect us, your children, from the Crucifixion being planned to destroy your children by the Antichrist and his followers. Give us the graces we need to refuse the mark of the beast and Bestow upon us the help we need to fight the evil in the world spread by those who follow the way of Satan. We beseech you, Dear Father, to protect all of your children In these terrible times and make us strong enough to stand us And proclaim your Holy Word at all times. Amen
My daughter I am saddened to have to reveal these things. My followers need to understand what is happening.
Those who do not believe in these messages will be in no doubt, when the antichrist presents himself  as I have foretold.
You must unite in groups around the world in prayer,
The more of My followers who do this the stronger will the presence be of the Holy Spirit and the weaker then will be the army of Satan.
Try not to be fearful for such a persecution can be faced fearlessly.
Once you prepare well by following My instructions and keeping in daily prayer the time will be swift.
Trust in Me always.
Remember I died for your sins. It is only fitting that you allow Me lead you in this time towards the New Kingdom on Earth.
Only I, Jesus Christ, can lead you. Remember that without Me you are nothing.
Your Jesus

Thursday 30 January 2020

No prophet has been given messages by My Beloved Mother and the Holy Trinity in such abundance.

No prophet has been given messages by My Beloved Mother and the Holy Trinity in such abundance.

My dearly beloved daughter you must not allow the cruel rejection of My Holy messages by those followers of mine whom you know are especially devoted to My Holy Will to distract you.
Expect this kind of rejection to increase in intensity as My Word will be torn into shreds and discarded as if it is nothing.
The pain of rejection you feel is My pain. The humiliation and ridicule inflicted upon you is My persecution. Instead of allowing such disapproval to hurt you, you must accept it in silence.
Be joyful amidst your tears for you know by now that I have always been rejected even by My own disciples.
If you are to allow rejection of My Word to delay you in spreading My messages then fewer souls will be saved. Always remember that My greatest desire is to save souls.
My mission must not be sullied by human opinion designed to undermine you.
The words I give you this evening are not to provide comfort but to emphasise the urgency of My warnings to the world.
Many of God’s messengers have come before you, My daughter, to prepare humanity for My Second Coming.
No prophet has been given messages by My Beloved Mother and the Holy Trinity in such abundance.
Only these messages can reveal the secrets of times to come and offer the blessings needed by all of God’s children up to the last day.
Grasp the gift of My Word given to all of humanity to give you life.
Without My help you would find it very difficult to withstand the trials which lie ahead.
All My true messengers are preparing God’s children for the Second Coming.

Know that this will take place during the lifetime of this generation.
Take My Cup, drink from it, let it fill you with the gift of discernment so you can help Me save souls.
Your Jesus

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Virgin Mary: I can, with my son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate.

Virgin Mary: I can, with my son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate.

My child how my Son suffers at this time and how my own suffering is entwined with His.
Those who cause suffering to others crucify my Son. When they do terrible things which cause hardship, pain and death to God’s children they re-create the Passion of my Son.
Those who follow the path of the deceiver are being tempted every second by the fallen angels led by Satan.
Many of them do not know this so you must pray for them.
Many of them do not realise that they are being used by the evil one to achieve his destruction of the human race.
Very soon they will be discarded by Satan when they serve no further purpose.
My Son will be waiting to welcome such sinners back into His Sacred Arms so merciful is He.
The wicked plans being perpetrated by Satan, invisible to all, are to bring about grief to my Eternal Father. By hurting their brothers and sisters, those hardened sinners, hurt God.
Never think that they will achieve all that they set out to do.
mary-world-rosary1I, the Mother of God, as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix have been given the graces to destroy the serpent.

By asking me to help you I can offer you protection children from fear.
I can, with my son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate.
Satan cannot harm or attack all those who say my Holy Rosary every day.
By reciting three or more Rosaries you can extend this protection for others. If even a hundred people could do this they could save their nation from the contamination spread by the evil one.
You must gather together children and pray to protect yourselves.
You must be generous of heart and pray for your enemies for many of them do not realise what they are doing.
By trusting in my Son completely and accepting the gifts He now brings you through His teachings and prophecies you can wipe out all your fears.
Satan preys and feeds on fear. Face the Truth and use prayer to mitigate the evil plans underway by those evil groups who want to destroy humanity.
Feel the love of my Son by opening your hearts. Hand me, the Mother of Salvation, your worries and I will take them to my Son.
Then I will cover you with my most holy mantle and you will feel a strength which can only come from Heaven.
Only then will you be filled with peace, courage and the determination to become part of God’s army. This army, already forming, is made up of the multitudes across every nation.
They will march to the end and cannot be defeated.
Thank you my child for responding to my call.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you.

Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you.

Jesus-Christ-3109My dearly beloved daughter My followers must understand that like any good parent I will always want what is best for them.
I will never give them everything they ask for unless it is according to My Most Holy Will.
I will never let them wander off the path of Truth without coaxing them back to Me.
I will always try to protect them from all harm.
I will also chastise them for any wrongdoing.
I will, and can, become angry when they do evil onto others.
I will also forgive them when they do wrong if they are truly sorry for the error of their ways.
I am patient. I am not easily shocked and never, nor could I, hold a grudge.
This is why even those who have wandered off lost and who feel empty inside should ask Me to hold them, love them and bring them the Divine Love that will bring them true peace.
So many people are lost and have forgotten Me.
Many, because of the sinful lives they have led, are reluctant to turn to Me. They feel awkward, don’t know how to pray and believe, wrongly, that it is too late for them. How wrong they are. They must never forget that I offered up My life on earth for each one of you.
I don’t give up on souls that easily. I love all those who, through their actions, deeds and thoughts, break My Father’s Laws.
You are precious to Me. I love you just as I love all of God’s children.
Never believe you are loved less because you sin. Sin, while abhorrent to Me, is the stain with which you were born.
It is almost impossible for any soul on earth not to sin.
Never feel I could never help you or welcome you into My Arms.
You will stand first in line to enter My New Paradise on earth, which will last 1,000 years when you turn to Me.
All I asked is that you speak with Me in these words
Crusade Prayer (62) For Lost and Helpless Sinners
O Jesus help me for I am a sinner lost, helpless and in darkness I am weak and lack the courage to seek You out Give me the strength to call You now so that I can break away from the darkness within my soul, Bring me into Your light Dear Jesus, forgive me Help me to become whole again and lead me to Your Love, peace and Eternal Life. I trust You completely and I ask You to take me in mind, body and soul as I surrender to Your Divine Mercy. Amen.
Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you. All it takes is to hold out your hand and reach Me.
I listen. I see. I weep. I love you.
I will never give up until you are in My Arms and My Divine Mercy floods your soul.
Soon you will finally see the Truth of My Great Mercy
Your doubts will fall away like an outer shell to reveal your soul which will be filled with the light and you will come running towards Me.
I await that day with great hope and joy.
Only when every poor lost soul knows that only I, Jesus Christ, can save them will My Heart be healed.
Remember I may condemn the sin but I love every sinner no matter what they have done.
Never be afraid to come to Me, to talk to Me, for I love you too much to reject you when you show true remorse.
Your beloved Jesus

Monday 27 January 2020

Man did not evolve from animals but that is what those, who do not believe in God, would have you believe.

Man did not evolve from animals but that is what those, who do not believe in God, would have you believe.

My dearly beloved daughter since time began and when the world was created by My Eternal Father there has been much confusion about the origin of the human race.
When My Father created the world so that He could have a family much preparation was made.
He created the earth, the seas, the plants, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the animals and then, on the second last day, when all was in place in Paradise, He created man.

Man, while stained with sin, is a sacred creature. Animals are there to serve mankind.
Man did not evolve from animals but that is what those, who do not believe in God, would have you believe.
Evolution theories, which claim that man came from animals, is a lie. They can never be proved. Satan, his fallen angels and every devil which springs from the enemy of God, has convinced man of this terrible lie.
Man is a child of God but in order to demean the human child of God, Satan wants to create confusion in the hearts of humanity.
Why does he promote this lie through false teachings? So he can prove that man evolved from apes and then convince them that they were not created by the Hand of My Eternal Father.
This is one of the greatest lies perpetrated by the devil using the souls of those men who claim they are more intelligent than the rest of their brothers and sisters.

Scientists declare that man evolved from animal but they are being deceived.
Science is flawed when it attempts to declare the truth about the creation of the universe.
No man understands the miracle of Divine Creation.
If man believes he knows all the answers about the origins of humanity, based on human reasoning, then he deceives not only other poor souls, but himself.
When there is no love of God present in such souls who believe in the superiority of human intelligence then atheism spreads like a weed.
This weed, which grows in every direction contaminates and destroys every crop in sight and creates disease.
The only cure is to seek help from God through humble prayer and ask that the Truth be revealed.
So many untruths spread by atheists, who try to prove that God does not exist, have destroyed millions of souls. Their victims need your prayers.
Atheism is the biggest religion in the world and those who have devoted their lives to this deceit are lost for eternity.
They will face the fires of Hell.
Unless they turn to Me, during or after The Warning, they will suffer a terrible chastisement.
Pray for them.
Your Jesus

Sunday 26 January 2020

Virgin Mary: The world has been turned upside down by paganism

Virgin Mary: The world has been turned upside down by paganism

FatimaMy children I call you all to join in prayer for the conversion of sinners and to continue your daily prayers.Fasting will save so many souls and is a great Gift to my beloved Son. So many people in the world have turned away from my Son.
How He weeps at this time. He loves them so much and it is heart breaking to watch, especially the disloyalty of those who accept that He is the true Son of God the Most High.
The world has been turned upside down by paganism. It has become a place of confusion, hatred, turmoil and unrest.
This is like the state of Hell, although nothing as terrifying or as painful. Yet the power of the evil one has created this hateful tension and it surrounds all of God’s children.
Few are left untouched by the venom which is being spread in every nation by the darkness. So many are blinded by this darkness and feel no hope.
Many who do not turn to God and continue along a path which brings them much unhappiness.
Those who love God, but pay little attention to Him through prayer, are just as helpless.
Only prayer, devotion and sacrifice can bring you close to God. Nothing else will bring you peace.
Pray, pray, pray for souls who idolise false gods. They are in much need of prayer at this time.
Pray for those tempted by the evil one who causes hardship to those under their control.
They have little time before The Confession, The Warning. When that day comes they must show humility when the truth is revealed to them.
My Son’s great plan to save much of humanity is about to be revealed to the world.
Many will not be saved.agony_in_the_garden_s1
This is why all His loving disciples have such a responsibility now to pray for conversion to save as many souls as possible.
Go in peace my children, comfortable in the knowledge that my Son is ever merciful.
He wants to save all and The Confession is the Gift He presents to the world to do this.
The Warning is the biggest Gift to humanity since His Death on the Cross.
Rejoice for many souls who would, otherwise have been tormented in Hell for eternity, can be saved and be given the Gift of Eternal Life.
Thank you for responding to this call from Heaven.
Your Beloved Mother of God
Mother of Salvation