Friday 24 January 2020

I know My own and they know Me

I know My own and they know Me

My dearly beloved daughter you must never forget the enormity of this mission.
Many times you will be drawn into traps laid down by the deceiver to trip you up.
Ruthless, he and all those who are easily led by him will do all they can to discredit My Word given to you.
You must rise and ignore such taunts.As you have surrendered your free will, all that matters now is your total obedience to Me.
Allow Me, in My Divine Wisdom, to lay out before you My perfect pathway to Paradise on Earth.
My followers must heed My warning also. You will come under fierce attack, each and every one of you, for proclaiming My Word.
This is a mission like no other.
You, My army, will lead the flock of My Remnant Church to the gates of Paradise.
This will cause you much personal persecution and it will not be an easy journey.
You must unite together and give each other strength for in numbers you will find comfort in each other.
In all corners of the earth My army gathers now.
All seers who are communicated with the Divine Truth, through My Mother, will ignite the flame of the Holy Spirit along with My prophets so that the remnant army is adequately prepared for the battle ahead.
Never doubt My Love. Remember that only those who follow Me can enter the New Paradise.
When those who come to you and torment you, remember your duty is to forgive them and then pray for their souls.
Show love to those who torment you in My Name. This way you can defeat Satan and he loses his power over you.
I will instruct you every step of your journey.
I walk with you always.
I know My own and they know Me.
Your Jesus

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