Saturday 4 January 2020

Virgin Mary: This Seal was foretold in the Book of John

Virgin Mary: This Seal was foretold in the Book of John

seal smallMy child, God’s children will be able to protect their faith, their courage and their safety during any war if they continue to pray the Seal of the Living God Crusade Prayer.
This is one of the last, and the greatest Seal of Protection, sent from the Heavens of all prayers given to humanity.It is to help sustain all during any future persecution, especially at times of domination and war.
This Seal was foretold in the Book of John and has many divine powers associated with it.
Cherish it and use it to protect, not only yourselves, but your families.
This reminder is needed at this time.
Go in peace.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Litany Prayer (5) For the Salvation of Those in Mortal Sin

Jesus, save all sinners from the fires of Hell.
Forgive blackened souls.
Help them to see You.
Lift them out of darkness.
Open their eyes.
Open their hearts.
Show them the Truth.
Save them.
Help them to listen.
Rid them of pride, lust and envy.
Protect them from evil.
Hear their pleas for help.
Grasp their hands.
Pull them towards You.
Save them from the deception of Satan. Amen.

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