Sunday 31 July 2016

Never reject the prophets of the Lord

Never reject the prophets of the Lord

My daughter, it is imperative that you remain silent as the persecution begins.
The Holy Word of My Eternal Father will be rejected, by those very sacred servants who claim to proclaim the Truth of His Most Holy Word.
The Catholic Church is the One True Church.
All churches will unite to become one Holy and ApostolicChurch at My Second Coming.
Until that happens every Word from My Father, given to a spiritually dry world, will be either, ignored, challenged or fiercely opposed.
Those who will fiercely oppose My Messages, given to you, the 7th messenger for the end times, will be divided into two camps.
Those who follow Satan through new age fortune telling and witchcraft.
The others will be those who are spiritually blind, but who believe they are divinely inspired with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
Both will reject the Word of God, given to you through the Holy Trinity and My beloved Mother.
Even good priests, forbidden to publicly endorse these Messages, will feel it is justified to vilify My Holy Word for all the world to hear.
With little true humility in their hearts, they will set out to undermine this Call from Heaven, which is being given to help humanity.
These priests, clergy and other self-appointed apostles, who claim to know Me, will try to encourage souls to reject My Word.
They have no shame, for they will arrogantly pull My Book of Truth apart, as it is being revealed to all of mankind.
Then, they will shred the contents, with venom in their hearts.
They do not want to hear the Truth, for it will upset and rattle the cocoon of false security within which they wrap themselves.
Oh how they offend Me.
How much damage they will cause and yet, they do not realise this.
Pray that these souls, blind to the Truth, through the influence of the deceiver, will open their hearts and accept the Word of God as it is presented to them today.
They have no right to publicly dismiss these Messages without discerning them, with a clean soul, which must be humble in all things.
While God allows the sufferings experienced by His visionaries on Earth to ensure that souls are saved, He will not tolerate the abuse of His anointed prophets.
You, My daughter, are a prophet.
You accept suffering as a gift to me.
But, this is not about you, for you are nothing without Me and you know and accept this.
God, My Father, speaks to the world through His prophets.
It is His Word you reject, when you publicly slander His prophets.
For this is a sin in His Eyes.
Never reject the prophets of the Lord.
Never hurt or harm His prophets in any way.
Remain silent at all times if in doubt and pray for them.
Attack the true prophet and fire will pour forth upon you from the Heavens in punishment by the Hand of My Father.
No man will stop the Word of the Lord from being given to His children.
This is the promise made by My Father since the beginning.
Hear His Voice.
Accept that you are in the end times.
Pray that these Messages will be heard, so that all of God’s children will have Eternal Life.
Your Teacher
Redeemer of all Mankind
Jesus Christ

Saturday 30 July 2016

The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing

The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing

My dearly beloved daughter, as the events of disruption in the world continue to increase the time is the drawing close for My Divine Mercy.
As the wars and unrest spread in every direction, the Faith of My Church will continue to weaken.
The schism in My Holy Church is about to develop quickly.
Priest against priest.Bishop against bishop.
The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing.
Anger against My Father will emerge in every country in the world.
My followers will now experience suffering for their faith in a way they have not experienced before.
The pain felt by those poor souls is a reflection of the Pain that I Am enduring right now.
All those in union with Me, their beloved Jesus, will know, without doubt in their souls, that My Holy Spirit now rests within them.
They will instantly know when they witness sin around them and how it pains Me.
When they see wars inflicted on the innocent they will feel My torment in every bone of their bodies.
When they see the sin of abortion paraded in front of them, as if it were of no consequence, they will be riddled with My Pain.
Sin is escalating. The Faith of My Church is dissipating.
The loyalty of My sacred servants is weakening.
Belief in My Teachings is being dismissed by My sacred servants, where My flock are told lies about the seriousness of sin.
Then there are My beloved priests, nuns and clergy, of all religious denominations, who believed in Me and My Eternal Father, Who are enduring the pain of having to witness the spread of sin like wildfire, which is engulfing nations, everywhere, at a ferocious speed.
No matter how difficult this is, you must stay strong and keep united in My Name.
Prayer is now needed and you must spend at least one hour a day doing this in order to mitigate events, which will now unfold in the world.
Christian churches are being targeted and tormented by secular groups.
They will seek to abolish all things, which honour Me, their Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ.
The hatred being instilled in their souls is by the hand of Satan.
Pray, pray now that those souls who inflict pain and suffering on God’s children can be saved.
Your Jesus

Friday 29 July 2016

Virgin Mary: I ask of all God’s children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls.

Virgin Mary: I ask of all God’s children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls.

My child there is much change, much of which has been disclosed to you in the past, about to be witnessed in the world. There will be much destruction, much unrest and chastisements, all of which will come about because of the sin of humanity.
I ask of all God’s children to, once again, dedicate the month of August to save souls.
This is what you must do. Go to Mass every day and receive the Holy Eucharist.
Then every day at 3 o’clock say the Divine Mercy chaplet.
For those of you who can you should fast for one day a week.
My children will be shocked as these changes will come about but must never fear the Hand of my Father if you are loyal to the teachings of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
Please keep the Seal of the Living God close to you in your homes in the coming months for much will unfold.
The Body of my Son, Jesus Christ, present in His Church on earth is being violated and will suffer terribly.
Many plans to topple my Son’s Church are already underway and very soon it will collapse.
Other events foretold will now be seen through ecological disasters as the Hand of my Father will fall in punishment on those nations whose sinful laws will no longer be tolerated.
Pray, pray, pray for souls at this time who may suffer during these events.
Use this month to pray for all souls who may perish in wars, earthquakes or in the forthcoming Confession, The Warning.
My heart is entwined with you children and, together, we must work hard to save souls.
By praying for the salvation of souls we are carrying out the Holy Will of my Father.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not enter the souls of those with hardened hearts?

Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not enter the souls of those with hardened hearts?

My dearly beloved daughter, the timing of My Father’s Will is not for your knowing.
My followers must be patient, as everything in the world will evolve as prophesied in My Father’s Book.
All of this will be according to My Father’s timing and the effect that your prayers will have, in helping to avert global wars.
It is not long for all My Promises to be fulfilled.
You, My followers, must trust in Me, your beloved Jesus.
Pray for souls and leave everything in My Hands.
Never forget to pray to My Father, as often as you can, for the Seal of the Living God, in order to protect you and your families.
Crusade Prayer (33) to ask for the Seal of the Living God and accept it with love, joy and gratitude.
“O my God, my loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude, Your Divine Seal of Protection.
Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity. I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my beloved Father.
I beg You to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever. I love You, dear Father. I console You in these times, dear Father.
I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children. Amen.”
Ensure also that you encourage others to pray the seven-day Crusade Prayer (24) to seek redemption for your sins.
“O my Jesus, You are the Light of the Earth. You are the Flame that touches all souls. Your Mercy and Love knows no bounds. We are not worthy of the Sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross. Yet we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You. Grant us, O Lord, the Gift of humility so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom. Fill us with the Holy Spirit, so we can march forth and lead Your Army to proclaim the Truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters for the Glory of Your Second Coming on Earth.
We honour You. We praise You. We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings as a gift to You to save souls. We love You, Jesus. Have Mercy on all Your children wherever they may be. Amen.”
To those who challenge this special Gift of prayer, in which I offer Total Absolution, you must know this.
I Am Jesus Christ, the Son of man and have been given the Authority to forgive all sins.
My sacred priests have also been given the power to forgive sin, through the holy Sacrament of Confession.
I request that you accept My Gift of Absolution, for the benefit of those who cannot receive the Sacrament of Confession or for those who are not members of the Roman Catholic Church.
Would you deny these precious souls the right to My Gift?
Why would you try to discourage those souls, who accept My Divine Word, from receiving Absolution? Would you rather they did not redeem themselves in My Eyes?
You must show love to your brothers and sisters and be happy that they are being given this special Gift by Me, their beloved Jesus.
Even if they never read My Messages given to you, My daughter, every sinner has the right to ask Me to forgive them once they show true remorse in their souls.
Open your hearts and pray for the Gift of humility.
Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not enter the souls of those with hardened hearts?
Your Divine Saviour
Jesus Christ

Thursday 28 July 2016

God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages

God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages

My daughter, the Gift of today’s vision, where I revealed to you the Face of My Son and Me, your beloved heavenly Father, is rare.
You are blessed to have been given this extraordinary Gift from the Heavens. This was necessary to make you stronger. Your suffering will ease now and you will become much stronger than before.
Never fear this Work, for you must know by now that all power on Earth is in My heavenly Hands. No one has power over The Father. Even the deceiver cannot tamper with or change My heavenly plan for humanity.
Heaven rejoices because of the conversion, which has evolved from these, My Messages for the world. Over two billion souls will now convert as a direct result of these Divine Messages.
No man will stop this Work. They may try, but it will be useless.
My divine protection covers all souls who proclaim the Truth of eternal salvation.
Never give up, children, no matter how hard your suffering becomes. Suffering, never forget, brings you closer to My heavenly Kingdom.
You, My children, will rejoice shortly when you feel the graces being poured out upon you through My Son.
Stay alert. Keep praying for all souls and never doubt for one minute that it is I, your Eternal Father, Who brings you peace of mind, body and soul through these Messages.
Treat these Messages as Sacred. They are and will always be in accordance with My Word, given to man since the beginning of time. They will ignite the flame of your soul in ways, which you will find difficult to ignore.
Allow My Spirit to reach you and relax. Only then can I touch your soul so that a spark of recognition will fire your heart.
I call you to run to Me, so I can embrace you in the only way that a Father can.
Let Me offer you My protection and graces to make you strong enough to fight in My army, against the evil in your world.
My army will bring about the peace you desire and the love you need to quench your thirst.
Go in Peace, children, in the knowledge that the Truth is contained in these Messages, which I have sanctioned for the whole world.
You will, if pure and humble of heart, recognize My Love. Become little, as a child, in My Eyes. Only then will I lift you up like an angel in My Hierarchy when the time is right.
Go in peace. Rest your weary head upon My Shoulder and I will bring you the comfort and solace you desire.
I love you, children, every single one of you.
I rejoice, for when the day comes for our holy family to reunite, all the Heavens will sing in praise and glory for eternity.
God the Father
(Note: Reference 2 billion souls – Maria Divine Mercy wishes it to be known that in an earlier private Message received from God the Father to her, she was told that “Two billion more souls than would otherwise have been lost will be saved because of these Messages.” Many people have interpreted the above Message to mean that only two billion people in the world will be saved which is not correct. There will be much more than that. This two billion is in addition.)

I will make Myself known very soon

I will make Myself known very soon

My daughter, I will make Myself known very soon.
The preparations are complete, but I need more prayer for those who will die a wretched death in a state of mortal sin during The Warning.
I urge My followers to pray, pray, pray for their poor souls.
I love you, My beloved followers. How I rejoice at the love and purity of heart I witness amongst you. You bring Me so much comfort and ease My suffering. Your devotion is like a balm on My festering Wounds.
In the world, just as I Am dismissed and rejected by so many, it is the loyalty of you, My beloved followers, which brings Me great joy.
My suffering is dictated by the level of godlessness in the world – this world, which honours ambition, self-glory and false idols.
My Name is not deemed important. My Voice is not heard above the din of the voices of the self-obsessed.
How loud they shout and boast of their worldly gains. But it is the whispers of My beloved followers, which allow Me to speak so that My Voice is heard.
You, My followers, are now in union with Me, in a way that will surprise you.
Go, My daughter, and tell My beloved followers that I love them and that My graces will make them strong enough to proclaim My Holy Word to a world that needs to hear the Truth so that souls can be saved.
Your beloved Jesus