Monday 18 July 2016

Medal of Salvation testimony

Medal of Salvation testimony

medal of salvationI received this testimony today 7-18-16.
The same day as the first message given about the medals
This is my testimony of the events which I have witnessed:
In 2014 and precisely in July, I have had quite a few issues with my debit card occurring practically at the same time in which I wanted to buy the first medals of Salvation.
First of all, my mother was very ill, we knew it was the end ,so I really wanted to give her one of the medals.
At that time, a dear friend of mine, who was a member of the congregation Jesus for Humanity, sent me one and she even gave me 4 ( four) of hers. 
They proved to be prodigious in many ways than one.The events that occurred soon after are proof of what these medals can achieve.
No need to say, I gave the first Medal to my mother and made her wear it.; she’d tell me all the time, how she would see figures, call them souls if you like, red and grey. These souls would taunt her, wanting to take her away, to someplace unknown to her.
Then as she wore the Medal, these ‘souls’ disappeared suddenly; she’d see them no more. Soon thereafter she peacefully passed away.
Then I recalled that these ‘beings’, dressed in red and grey, were the souls the Medjugorje children saw when our Mother Mary allowed them to see Heaven.
The second event occurred while I was working in a hospital.
I gave a Medal to a patient there; an elderly lady who, because of her stay there, was suffering from a unique phobia: she was petrified at the idea that someone would tie her up in bed ; so her daughter would walk her up and down the corridor all night long. With her daughter’s help , I managed to make this lady wear the Medal; soon after she went to bed and slept.
The day after her daughter was relating this event to all nurses she’d meet.
Eventually I gave the third Medal to a dear friend of mine. For various circumstances, we hadn’t seen each other for years, but he came to see me.
After talking about his family issues and detailing me his brother’s mental health problems, I decided to give him the Medal for his brother to have.
Although it suddenly dawned on me, that the person who needed the Medal most , was him; he gratefully accepted to wear it, there, on the spot.
My friend has been married for quite some time, he has a daughter, but he has had a mistress for the past six years. A mistress whom he never managed to detach himself from.
The only sensible advice I could give him was to seek a priest and confess; to return into God’s graces.
He left saying he’d think about it, it wouldn’t be an easy task, he added.
I had news from him after about a month. He had found a trustworthy priest, he heard his confession, and he quit his mistress. In the meanwhile, this woman, called my friend’s wife telling her about the relationship she had had for many years with her husband.
And this, as you can imagine, put him in a lot of trouble.
But his wife, at the end, pardoned him. He was evidently, relieved and the marriage was safe again.
It’s not easy to gather testimonies and confirmations. I have had , myself, three episodes of Medal’s power, one after the other. I sure think that the fourth Medal I gave will eventually have it’s effect, though I haven’t had any news to the woman I gave it to.
Ill’write you if I have any new testimonies.

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