Wednesday 13 July 2016

Virgin Mary: Plan to redeem mankind for Second Coming is complete

Virgin Mary: Plan to redeem mankind for Second Coming is complete

My child, the world must prepare for my Son through prayer. My precious Son’s plan to redeem mankind for the Second Coming is complete.
Time has been given to allow faith to be spread through these and other Divine Messages.
Even a small group of devoted Christians, who pray for those who deny my Son, can save these souls.
You, my child, must ask as many followers as possible to pray for immunity for those poor souls in sin.
I urge all of my Son’s followers never to give up hope for the whole of mankind.
Many poor souls do not understand what they are doing when they deny the Existence of God the heavenly Father.
Their minds are dictated by human logic where all things are based on how they are seen by the naked eye.
They fail to understand that Earth is simply a planet, which was created by God for His children. It is only a temporary place.
The New Paradise is their True Inheritance.
Pray, pray, pray for these children so that the Holy Spirit will touch their souls and spark love in their hearts for my Son.
Never forget that Christmas is a Holy Feast to celebrate the Saviour Who was sent to give you, all my children, eternal life.
Your Blessed Mother
Queen of the Heavens

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