Monday 11 July 2016

Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations

Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations

My child, reciting my Holy Rosary can save nations.
My children must never forget the power of my Holy Rosary.
It is so powerful that it renders the deceiver useless. He can do nothing to you, or your family, when you recite this daily.
Please ask my children to begin to say my Holy Rosary from this day forth in order to protect not only their families, but their communities also.
The Rosary is the most powerful weapon against the evil one’s plans to destroy what he can, in these his last days on Earth.
Never underestimate the lies that he plants in people’s minds in order to turn my children away from the Truth.
So many, under his influence, will kick and fight against the Truth of my Son’s great Mercy.
By saying my Holy Rosary you can protect these souls from lies.
Their hearts can and will be opened if you set aside the time to say my Rosary.
Pray now for my children to open their hearts to the Truth. Pray too that all my children will find the strength to accept my Son’s Mercy.
Your beloved Mother
Queen of the Angels

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