Monday 30 September 2019

Join us in Ireland in Spirit and Prayer on 13th October Global Rosary on the coasts all around Ireland and the World

Latest Irish Locations for the Global Coastal Rosary on Sunday October 13th at 2.30pm, as we pray to keep abortion out of Northern Ireland.
For more information, or to sign up a location (even if inland), visit
In the lead up to October 13th, a week of Eucharistic Adoration will also commence on October 7th. Sign up times of adoration at your church also at
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Rosary on the coast Ireland, for life and faith. together we are calling on God, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, to heal our wounded nations and return them to holiness

October 13th anniversary of Fatima Miracle. Rosary on The Coasts.

My new miracles will be presented to the world

My new miracles will be presented to the world

Featured Image -- 29812My dearest beloved daughter, you must remain brave throughout your suffering and not allow fear to enter your heart.In union, truly with Me, your suffering coincides with the week, which commemorates My death on the Cross.
This is not a coincidence. For the suffering that you and other such chosen souls endure, during this week, will save millions of souls from the fires of Hell.
Just as I endured pain, torture and death, to save mankind from eternal damnation, so too, do victim souls save other souls, so that they can be given the Gift of Eternal Life.
No matter how difficult and frightening this suffering is, always remember the Gift to humanity that it represents.
Children, as Holy Week commences, please meditate on My Passion on the Cross.
Not just on the suffering, but on the Gift of freedom that it offers the whole of humanity.
Not one soul, including the cruel and hardened sinner, influenced by Satan, will be excluded from My Mercy.
The Mercy, which has been made possible, because of the Gift My beloved Father gave the world.
When He sent Me, His one and only Son, He made the biggest Sacrifice of all.
This Sacrifice, proof of His ardent Love for all of His children, has meant that it is possible to destroy Satan once and for all.
Because of the free will, given to humanity by My Father, each man will be given the choice.battle-between-good-and-evil
You will either be for My Father or against Him.
You will choose either the Paradise of Eternal Life or the horror of Hell.
Satan, as his days are almost at an end will not sit back, while My new miracles will be presented to the world at this time.
Not only will he attack those dark souls, in order to tempt them into further darkness and closer to his domain, he will target devout Christians.
The miracles I speak of are firstly, My communications through you, My daughter. My Voice is being heard and conversion is multiplying.
Millions of souls are now being claimed by Me, through these Messages.
The other miracles include the great Gift of My Mercy I bring into the world shortly, when The Warning takes place.
For the first time, every single man, woman and child will be given the proof, that not only does God, the Father, Exist, but that I, Jesus Christ, His only Son, also Exists.
This means that all those religions, including the Jewish people, My chosen people from whom I came, will realise the Truth.
The miracle of global conversion will infuriate Satan, who will not give up even at that stage. Those poor souls, already in terrible sin, will find it very difficult to pull away from him.
Other miracles will include global events, which will involve ecological wonders, which will be given by My Father, out of His Love for His Two Witnesses, the Christians and the Jews.
Power will be given to these two Faiths when they are being persecuted.
Jesus-Christ-3109Their enemies will suffer as they inflict terrible punishment on them.
And then there will be My Second Coming, the greatest miracle since My Resurrection.
This will be the Day I come to Judge the living and the dead.
This is the Day I come to gather My family so that we become one.
This will be the beginning of My Reign, as Heaven and Earth merge, to become one for 1,000 years.
At this time, all will live by the Divine Will of My Father.
Your beloved Jesus

Sunday 29 September 2019

Mother of Salvation: No one will prevent the Book of Truth being revealed to the world

Mother of Salvation: No one will prevent the Book of Truth being revealed to the world

My child, when you work for my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, you must show obedience at all times.
Never question His Holy Word, because He speaks the Truth and only the Truth.
So many of my children question every Word He says, since the beginning. For every one who obeys His Holy Word, as contained in my Father’s Book, there is always another who interprets His Word, in a different way.
You must do everything that is asked of you under the direction of my Son. Never succumb to those who demand that His Words be adapted to their interpretation.
Move now, my child, with speed, to carry the Messages given to the world by my Son to save sinners who are lost. My Son has one intention and that is to save souls. Have no fear, my child, because everything my Son tells you does not contradict the Teachings of His Most Holy Church on Earth.
His Gifts to my children are very special and are being given in these, the end times, for all souls.
So generous and Merciful is my Son that He wants to shower sinners with special Graces, to ensure their salvation.
Anyone, who tries to stop my Son in His Mission to prepare the world for His Second Coming, will be stopped by the Hand of my Eternal Father.
This Work, to unveil the Book of Truth, as the Seals are broken, is one of the most important Missions on Earth for my Father.
The world has been promised the Truth, at this time.
All souls, believers and non-believers, must be told the Truth, because they are so far removed from the Church, that it must be given to them in this way.
All the angels have been sent to Earth to protect humanity against the deceiver, and the lies he spreads about the Truth of eternal salvation.
Mankind may not want to hear the Truth and many obstacles will be placed before you, my child, but it will be useless.
No one will prevent the Book of Truth being revealed to the world, for should they attempt to do this, the Power of my Father will be unleashed, like Flames of Fire, poured from the Heavens. My child, never doubt these Messages as they are being given to you.
Never change one word to suit those who try to make you amend the Word of God.
There can be only one Master and that is God – in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Go now with the assurances you need.
Remember these Messages, from my Son, are for all God’s children and are not just for His Catholic Church, or for His chosen people the Jews. They are for everyone.
Each soul is loved by my Father, equally. No soul is deemed more important than the other.
Your heavenly Mother
Mother of Salvation

Saturday 28 September 2019

Did you think I would ignore you until the Day of Judgment?

Did you think I would ignore you until the Day of Judgment?

My dearly beloved daughter, how joyful I Am at the response of My followers, to My Great Gift of a Plenary Indulgence, for Total Absolution. But how sad I Am for those ungrateful hearts who reject My Gift.
These souls fail to understand that only God the Father can sanction this Gift of a Plenary Indulgence. Whether it is given to the world through My Holy Vicar or Me, your Divine Saviour, is not important.
What is important is that there is little time left in which to save the souls of mankind.
To those who question My Word know that I Am your Divine Saviour speaking to you from Heaven. Don’t you accept that I Exist? That I wish to send you a Message in these, the end times? Did you think I would ignore you until the Day of Judgment? That I would not prepare your souls by communicating with you in this way?
If you believe in Me, then you must believe in Divine Intervention. And if you don’t, then you have not opened your hearts. How do you know it is I?
I ask you to sit now and speak to Me privately. Ask Me for the Grace of the Holy Spirit and I will respond immediately, to open and pure souls.
Put down your armour and allow Me to give you this special Gift. Know you offend Me, when you reject My Gifts. Does this mean, too, that you will reject My Mercy? Bow your heads and ask for forgiveness. When you come to Me in humble gratitude, I will enlighten you to the Truth.
When you open your eyes to the Truth, your tears of understanding will pour forth and you will thank Me, finally, for My Great Gift of Absolution.
Your Divine Saviour
Jesus Christ

Friday 27 September 2019

Mother of Salvation: Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same

Mother of Salvation: Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same

battle-between-good-and-evilMy child, evil is spreading in certain quarters of the world rapidly.
While wars are being orchestrated with hatred in souls, the Holy Spirit, at the same time, floods the souls of others in different parts of the world.
The battle of souls has begun. Good against evil.
My child, never assume that those hardened of soul are those with no belief or with lukewarm faith. Many compassionate believers in my Son, Jesus Christ, will now be turned by temptation. Their minds will be filled with doubts that will make them blind to the Word of my beloved Son as He speaks to the world through you, my child. Their hatred, as they turn on His Holy Word will be just as powerful as the hatred shown by murderers towards their victims. Hatred comes from the deceiver.
Lies are spread by the evil one, who uses weak souls to undermine the Truth. Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same.
The pride of those loyal souls will now be stirred as a final attempt is made by the evil one, to prevent these most urgent Messages for the world, from being spread.
My Son needs the support of His beloved followers to form His Army on Earth. This Army will stem from His loyal followers. Be assured that it will be this group whose hearts will be hardened first.
You cannot harden a soul that is already in the dark. And so it will be the souls who are in the Light, who will be tempted by the deceiver. They will then spread lies to hurt my Son and delay this Work. They will not understand that this is happening to them because they think it will be their duty to defend the True Word of my Son.
By finding fault with these Messages He gives to you, my child, my Son will be tormented.
The very foundation of His Church will turn their backs on Him shortly. They will deny Him and then they will crucify Him again.
Pride prevents them from opening their eyes when He stands before them now with loving and open Arms. My child, I urge that all of God’s children unite as one and fight for the salvation of all souls.
So many are not listening, my child, to these Messages now, but after The Warning takes place they will. Pray, pray, pray for those souls who inflict hurt, slander and spread untruths about you.
I will now give you a Crusade Prayer to ask for protection for all my visionaries and those chosen by God the Father to spread His Most Holy Word on Earth in these times.
Crusade Prayer (25) For protection of visionaries around the world
“O God of the Most High, I plead with You to offer protection to all Your holy messengers in the world.
I pray that they are protected from the hatred of others.
I ask that Your most Holy Word is spread quickly all over the world.
Protect Your messengers from slander, abuse, lies and every kind of danger.
Protect their families and cover them with the Holy Spirit, at all times, so that the Messages they give to the world are heeded with contrite and humble hearts. Amen.”cropped-sacred-and-immaculate-hearts.jpg
My child, pride is a trait, which is most displeasing in the Eyes of my Father. It is more painful for Him when the sins of pride invades the souls of devout and holy souls when they refuse to accept the Truth of His Holy Word given to the world today, through His messengers.
They must ask for the Gift of true discernment, which will only be granted, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to humble souls, with a pure heart, empty of pride and arrogance.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation