Wednesday 25 September 2019

God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My Intervention is necessary

God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My Intervention is necessary

My daughter, the world is about to undergo a chastisement as a result of the terrible sin being waged by mankind.
While much of this chastisement has been averted, My Hand will fall now on the wickedness, which is being perpetrated in every corner.
So much hatred for Me, God the Father, must be stopped or My children will suffer an even greater horror.
I now prepare the world for the changes required to purify the Earth, so that it is according to My Plan to save humanity. So many souls are tormented by sin.
I Am the God of all Creation and I will not sit back and watch My children destroy each other.
My daughter, there is a wicked plan to destroy much of humanity through war. These wars are not accidental. Have you seen how many are taking place, in so many nations, everywhere? This is by the hand of the antichrist, who awaits his moment of glory on Earth, patiently. He, when nations are on their knees, will march in and create a false peace of his own devious making. This will be a mask of deceit.
My punishment will be unleashed on those nations who partake in this great deception to control the world through the seizure of nations. Be strong, My daughter, for this period, when the Earth will shake, will not last long. It is necessary in order to wake up My children.
They, My children, have been warned, but My Voice is detested. My poor children who live good lives and who watch in dismay at the evil in their world must understand that My Intervention is necessary.
If I do not stop what is happening then much of mankind will be destroyed. Pray that My children will pray for peace in your countries. Never be afraid to proclaim My Word even if you are persecuted. For just one soul, who professes their faith aloud, is enough for hundreds of conversions.
Go in peace. The time has come for Me, God the Father, to sanction the breaking open of the Seals. Only then will humanity accept that they are powerless.
They do not control the world for it cannot be so.
Only the Creator of all Mankind has the Power over Satan and now I will unleash a punishment on those cold hearts and dark souls, who have pledged their allegiance to him.
The final stages of Purification will now commence.
God the Father

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