Friday 30 June 2023

I will come in the clouds surrounded by all the angels and the saints in Heaven... BOOK OF TRUTH..


I will come in the clouds surrounded by all the angels and the saints in Heaven

Jesus-Christ-3109My dearly beloved daughter, My children must know that the reason the world is spiritually empty is because they no longer know the difference between right and wrong. If it were not for My Light, which fills each soul, including sinners, the world would cease to exist. It is My Light, which keeps the world alive.

Many of My followers, who consecrate themselves to suffer in union with Me, also help keep this Light alive.

Just before I return, My Light will disappear in the world, for a period of three days.

This will happen at the very end and must not be confused with The Warning.

It will be during these three days, that there will weeping and gnashing of teeth and people will scramble looking for My Light, even though they rejected Me.

This will be the time for the Truth.

My followers must not fear these three days, for while you may not be aware of My Presence, I will be with you.

Then after the three days, I will return to Earth, exactly the way in which I ascended into Heaven.

I will come in the clouds, surrounded by all the angels and saints in Heaven in Great Glory.

How beautiful and joyful will that Day be when I come to Reign over the Earth according to My Father’s Will.

No man will be in any doubt that it is I.

Nor will they have any doubts about their future.

This will be the Day I come to Judge.

I will divide My people into those who love Me and those who hate Me.

Those, who rejected Me and paid homage to all things evil, will be banished in the eternal fires of Hell.

The rest will come and live with Me, in Paradise, along with the resurrected righteous.

This is the goal, which every soul must look forward to when I come again as I promised you.

To Christians, I say this. Know that this Great and Glorious Event will take place soon. Your generation will witness My Glorious Return.

I will never reveal the Day, for only My Father knows this, but I can assure you that the time for My Second Coming is close.

To My sacred servants, I tell you that it is your duty to prepare My people, those souls for whom you are responsible so that they are included in the Book of the Living.

I plead with you to work hard, through the power of communications and prayer, to prepare the world for My Second Coming.

Your loving Saviour

Jesus Christ

Redeemer of all Mankind

Crusade Prayer (127) To save my soul and those of my loved ones

O Jesus, prepare me, so I can come before You without shame.
Help me and my loved ones (name them here…) to get ready to confess all our wrong doings. To admit our short-comings. To ask for the forgiveness of all sins. To show love to those we have wronged. To beg for Mercy for salvation. To humble ourselves before You, so that on the Day of the Great Illumination, my conscience and those of (name them here…) will be clear and that You will flood my soul with Your Divine Mercy. Amen.

Thursday 29 June 2023

Love is more powerful than hatred... BOOK OF TRUTH..

Love is more powerful than hatred

jesus-my-love1My dearly beloved daughter, I embrace you tightly, within My Bosom, as you endure this pain in union with Me.

My children, and especially My followers, feel a tenderness towards each other, which they cannot explain. They may be strangers, living on opposite sides of the world, yet the love they feel is My Love. They love each other as natural brothers and sisters do in any loving family.

I Am the Light that creates this spontaneous love, which brings souls together. It is My Holy Spirit, which unites all of God’s children together as one family. You, My children, are My family.

The Holy Trinity heads up the family, and when your love is pure and humble, you are automatically part of this holy family. Love of the Father is through Me.

When you love Me I will take you into the Arms of My Father who will place the Seal of Protection around you and your family.

*(See Seal of Protection Crusade Prayer 33.)seal small

My Heart is tender, as I witness with joy, the love that you have for each other. You bring Me such comfort from the torment that I have to endure, as My poor children in war torn countries are being persecuted.

Unite with Me now, so that My family of devoted followers will join as one, no matter what their background is or what country they come from, in order to conquer the hatred in the world.

Love is more powerful than hatred. Hatred is diluted if it is responded to with love.

If someone treats you unjustly, you must respond with love, and Satan will cower in pain. If you feel tempted to seek revenge on those who hurt you, then you must pray for them, forgive them and show them love instead.

Love, which permeates through My family on Earth, is a very powerful force. You must never believe, for one instant, that hatred can defeat love. The power that hatred wields, although ugly and painful to witness, can be defeated through the power of love.

How can love weaken hatred in the world today?

Prayer is the answer. Love Me. Listen to Me.

Respond to the requests of My beloved Mother and Me, her Son, through the various prayers given to you. Here is a special Crusade Prayer for the unification of God’s children.

It will spread love in the every corner of the Earth and dispel the hatred that grows every day. This hatred, caused by Satan through the weakness of humanity, and which creates atrocities such as torture, murder, abortion and suicide can be averted through this

Crusade Prayer number (37) for the unification of all God’s childrenAre-we-alll-gods-children“O dear Jesus, unite all Your beloved followers in love, so that we can spread the Truth of Your promise for eternal salvation, throughout the whole world. We pray that those lukewarm souls, afraid of offering themselves to You in mind, body and soul, will drop their armour of pride and open their hearts to Your Love and become part of Your holy family on Earth.
Embrace all those lost souls, dear Jesus, and allow our love, as their brothers and sisters to lift them from the wilderness and take them with us into the Bosom, Love and Light of the Holy Trinity. We place all our hope, trust and love in Your Holy Hands. We beg You to expand our devotion so that we can help save more souls. Amen.”

I love you, children. You must never feel disheartened when you see the wickedness around you.Your prayers can dilute this wickedness.

Your love will defeat it.

Your loving Saviour

Jesus Christ

Crusade Prayer (126) To withstand religious persecution

Dear Jesus, help me to withstand any kind of persecution in Your Holy Name.
Help those who fall into error, in the belief that they bear witness to Your Work.
Open the eyes of all those who may be tempted to destroy others, through wicked acts, deeds or gestures.
Protect me against the enemies of God, who will rise up to try and silence Your Word and who try to banish You.
Help me to forgive those who betray You and give me the Grace to remain firm in my love for You.
Help me to live the Truth, which You taught us and to remain under Your Protection, forever. Amen.


Wednesday 28 June 2023


 Ireland & United KingdomEnglish7:30 pm – London time (Monday & Wednesday)Ireland UK Prayer Meeting

Now, a concerted effort being made to silence you, by a certain fragment within My Church... BOOK OF TRUTH..


Now, a concerted effort being made to silence you, by a certain fragment within My Church

holyeucharistMy dearly beloved daughter, today you finally realised how much My Most Holy Word is not only opposed, but rejected, by certain members of My Church. Those who are not fit to fall at My Feet and beg for Mercy, proclaim themselves fit to judge My Sacred Words, given to mankind to save their souls.

I Am a God full of Mercy, full of desire to save all of My children and Am slow to anger. Today, My Patience was tested as another assault, this time from a man who professes to speak in My Name, was made to undermine these Messages.

You, My daughter, may not, from this day forth, engage with any such representative without first asking for My permission. There is now a concerted effort being made to silence you, by a certain fragment within My Church.

My children, these are the times when the faith of My most ardent followers, including members of My Church, will be put to the test in ways not witnessed since My Crucifixion.

Just as I was viciously treated and condemned to death for daring to speak the Truth, when I came the first time, so too, will the same treatment be meted out to My prophets in the lead up to My Second Coming.

They will be sneered at, ridiculed and made to look foolish, when they spread My Word. They will be accused of heresy, by those who proclaim My Teachings, but who fail to recognise My Word given to the world today.

Be fearful, those of you who attempt to block the pathway I now lay down before you, in order to save humanity. You will be punished.

You will have to answer to Me for the injustice you inflict on those sent to proclaim the Word of God in these, the end times. Reject the prophets of the Lord and you reject the Word of the Lord.

Your arrogance blinds you to the Truth and you do not have the right to represent Me.

You offend Me greatly and your rejection of My Holy Word wounds Me deeply.

I weep at your cruel rejection of Me, while at the same time, you preach a watered-down version of the Truth of My Teachings.sacrament holy eucharist

You must spend time now in Eucharistic Adoration before you can communicate with Me, to enable Me to guide you on the path of discernment.

Examine your reasons for rejecting My Words.

Is it because you do not want to hear the Truth of the schism, which is to grip the Catholic Church?

Is it because you do not accept that the Church has been infested by the deceiver?

Don’t you understand that this has all been foretold?

You must pray so that you will see the Truth and come to Me for guidance, before it is too late.

Your Jesus

Redeemer of all Mankind

Crusade Prayer (125) To defend the Most Holy Word of God

O Mother of Salvation, help me, a humble servant of God, to defend His Most Holy Word in times of torment.
Consecrate me, dear Mother, to your Son, so that He can cover me with His Precious Blood.
Grant me, through the Intercession of your Son, Jesus Christ, the grace, the strength and the will to remain true to the Teachings of Christ in the times of Tribulation, which will devour His Most Holy Church on Earth. Amen.

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Mother of Salvation: Never before has there been so much opposition to Divine Revelations... BOOK OF TRUTH..


Mother of Salvation: Never before has there been so much opposition to Divine Revelations

vierge-marie-mere-pretresMy child, it is at this time that all of God’s visionaries, seers and chosen souls, will suffer the greatest persecution.

Satan’s days are almost at an end and he will use every weapon, especially some sacred priests, to try and discredit the word of me, your beloved Mother, and my precious Son, Jesus Christ.

Never before has there been so much opposition to Divine Revelations, as there are today.

The darkness continues to invade the Church, and many within the Church are doing all they can to quieten the word of visionaries. They do not want the Truth to emerge and will block the prayers, given to visionaries to save souls, from being proclaimed.

Pray, children, that their efforts will not block the Work of my Son or blind believers to the Gift of the Holy Spirit, as it continues to be poured over souls who see these Messages.

Your prayers and loyalty to my precious Son have never been so important, as this cloud of darkness continues to fall upon my Son’s Church.

Pray, pray, pray for the Light of my Son to shine through, so that lost souls can be enlightened through His Most Holy Word.

Thank you for responding to my call, my child, especially at this time of great sadness in your soul, caused by the torment you have had to endure at the hands of those who profess to speak in the Name of the Lord.

Your heavenly Mother

Mother of Salvation

Crusade Prayer (124) Hear my plea for freedom

O God, my Merciful Father, Creator of all that is, hear my plea for freedom.
Release me from the chains of slavery and protect me from evil persecution.
Help me to discern the Truth and come to my aid, even if I am confused and may doubt Your Word.
Forgive me if I offend You and take me into the refuge of Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.

Monday 26 June 2023

Time for the Second Seal to open, as wars will increase... BOOK OF TRUTH..


Time for the Second Seal to open, as wars will increase

havemercyMy dearly beloved daughter, it is time for the Second Seal to open, as wars will increase and spread. The avenging dark angel comes from one source, My daughter, and these wars are all connected. They did not happen because of regional unrest. They were planned by the West.

These wars have been ignited, deliberately, in order to control, and many of these nations are painted as demonic, with lies spread about their political leaders.

Children, these wars have been cunningly set up, all at once, the objective being to remove leader after leader.

Peaceful solutions will be presented and applauded, but they are false.

You, My children, are being deceived.

Rumour of war is just that – rumour. How do rumours start? Who starts them and why?

Why do you think so many countries became embroiled in these wars at the same time?

This was not a coincidence.

There is a plan being organised by the antichrist to control and conquer these nations who have rich resources.

Once they control these countries they will become very powerful.

As these wars increase and become wearisome, then the antichrist will make himself known, as the peaceful negotiator.

Few of you are being told the Truth, because of the control that the antichrist and his organisations hold, in the world of communications.

Pray now, as the wars will increase, so as to render their plans impotent.jewishprayer

Know that Israel, so influenced by the West, will be rejected and betrayed by the US, when they least expect it.

It will be then that the holocaust I speak of will take place.

Pray, pray, pray for the people of Israel, who will continue to suffer for their sins, until My Second Coming.

Your beloved Jesus

Crusade Prayer (123) Gift of free will to God

My dearest Jesus, hear this prayer from me, a most unworthy soul, and help me to love You more. By my free will, I offer You this Gift back, dear Jesus, so that I can become Your humble servant and remain obedient to the Will of God.
My will is Your Will. Your Command means that I am obedient to Your every desire.
My free will is Yours to do with it what it is that is needed to save all people, all over the world, who are separated from You.
I grant this Gift, which was given to me at birth, to Your Most Holy Service. Amen.

Sunday 25 June 2023

Global Daily Crusade of Prayer Meetings...BOOK OF TRUTH..


Global Daily Crusade of Prayer Meetings

We invite you  as a matter of urgency to pray the Crusade of Prayers and Litanies dictated from Heaven, spend time in prayer and have an open heart and mind to hear God’s call – where the only goal is for the salvation of souls.   We hope that you would help in your own little way to do just that – save souls.   A soul may depend on you.  In Jesus’ words, “I bring you the Gift of My Crusade Prayers so that by reciting them you will help Me to save as many souls as I can.”  (September 1, 2014) Please sign up to receive a newsletter with information on upcoming seminars in your area

Below is a listing of all the countries and their prayer group times which are prayed through Zoom either on your phone or a computer. If you have any questions about joining a group please contact

Host CountryLanguageMeeting InformationLink to join
AlbaniaAlbanian7:40 pm – Tirane time (Daily)Albania Prayer Meeting
AfricaEnglish7:00 pm – Nigeria UTC (Daily)Africa Prayer Meeting
Argentina, Paraguay, BoliviaSpanish3:00 pm – Buenos Aires Time (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia Meeting
Argentina, Paraguay, BoliviaSpanish9:00 pm – Buenos Aires Time (Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – South Australian Time (Mondays) 90 minute Crusade of PrayerAustralia 7:30 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – Northern Territory time (Tuesdays) 90 minute Crusade of PrayerNorthern Australia 730 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish8:00 pm – NSW Time (Wednesdays) 90 minute Crusade of PrayerNSW 8:00 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish11:00 am – Victoria time (Thursday) 60 minute Crusade of PrayerVictoria 11:00 am Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – NSW (Thursday) 20 minute Crusade of PrayerNSW 20 Minute Crusade of Prayer
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – Western Australia time (Friday) 60 minute Crusade of PrayerWest Australia 7:30 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:00 am – NSW (Sunday) 60 minute Crusade of PrayerSunday 7:00 am NSW Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:00 am – NSW (Monday to Friday) 2 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary – 60 minutesNSW Morning Daily Prayer
AustriaGerman3:00 pm – CET (Daily) 30 minutesAustria 3pm Daily Prayer Meeting
AustriaGerman8:00 pm – CET (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 90 minutesAustria 8pm Daily Prayer Meeting
AustriaGerman7:00 pm – CET (Thursday) 90 minutesAustria 7pm Thursday Prayer Meeting
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch3:00 pm – Brussels Time (Friday)Belgium 3pm Prayer Meeting
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch3:30 pm – Brussels Time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)Belgium 3:30 pm Prayer Meeting
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch8:00 pm – Brussels Time (Sunday)Belgium 8 pm Prayer Meeting
Netherlands, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch6:00 am – Amsterdam Time (Daily)Netherlands 6 am Prayer Meeting
BrasilPortuguese & Spanish8:30 pm – Brasil time (Monday to Friday)Brasil 8:30 pm Prayer Meeting
CanadaEnglish9:00 pm – EST UTC-4 (Daily) 90 min Crusade PrayersCanada 9 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
CanadaFrench5:00 am – EST UTC-4 (Daily) 90 minute + 20 minuteCanada 5 am Daily Prayer Meeting
CanadaEnglish7:00 am – EST UTC-4 (Starts 2nd Monday of the Month for 7 days) Novena of SalvationCanada 7 am Novena of Salvation
CanadaFrench8:30 am – EST UTC-3 (First week of every month) Novena of SalvationCanada 8:30 am Novena of Salvation
CanadaFrench11:00 am – EST UTC-3 (Mondays) 90 minuteCanada 11 am Monday Prayer Meeting
CanadaFrench2:30 pm – ATL UTC-3 (Daily) 20 minute Crusade PrayerCanada 2:30 pm Daily 20 minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaFrench3:00 pm – ATL UTC-3 (Daily) 20 minute Crusade Prayer3 pm Daily 20 Minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaFrench7:00 pm – ATL UTC-3 (Daily) 20 minute Crusade Prayer7pm Daily 20 minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaFrench7:00 pm – EST UTC-4 (Daily) 90 minute Crusade Prayer7pm Daily 90 Minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaEnglish8:00 pm – EST UTC-4 (Saturday)Canada 8pm Saturday Prayer Meeting
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish2:00 pm – Costa Rica Time (Monday, Tuesday and Saturday)Central America 2pm Prayer Meeting
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish3:00 pm – Puerto Rico Time (Tuesday)Central America 3pm Tuesday Prayer Meeting
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish8:45 pm – Costa Rica Time (Wednesday – Prayer Vigil)Central America 8:45 pm Wednesday Prayer Vigil
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish8:45 pm – Costa Rica Time (Friday – Prayer Vigil)Central America 8:45 pm Friday Prayer Vigil
ChileSpanish3:00 pm – Santiago Time (Monday and Friday)Chile 3pm Prayer Meeting
ChileSpanish9:00 pm – Santiago Time (Friday & Sunday)Chile 9 pm Prayer Meeting
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish3:00 pm – Bogotá Time (Wednesday, Friday)3 pm Bogota Prayer Meeting
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish10:45 pm – Bogotá Time (Friday) Crusade Prayer hour for healingBogota Crusade Prayer Hour for Healing
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish12:00 midnight – Bogotá Time (Friday) Prayer VigilBogota Friday Midnight Prayer Vigil
CroatiaCroatian3:00 pm – Zagreb time (Daily – Divine Mercy Chaplet)Croatia 3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet
CroatiaCroatian7:00 pm – CET (Daily) Prayers for MariaCroatia 7 pm Daily prayers for Maria Divine Mercy
CroatiaCroatian8:30 pm – Zagreb time (Monday)Croatia 8:30 pm Monday Prayer Meeting
CroatiaCroatian8:30 pm – (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)Croatia 8:30 pm Daily Prayer Meetings
CroatiaCroatian10:00 pm – CET (First Saturday) First Saturday Rosaries10 pm First Saturday Rosary
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak6:30 am – Each morning Holy Rosary at except 3rd week of the month6:30 am Morning Rosary
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak8:30 am – Tuesday8:30 am Tuesday Prayer Meeting
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak8:00 pm – Prague and Bratislava time (Daily)8 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak9:45 pm – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 20 min prayer)9:45 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
DenmarkDanish7:00 pm – Copenhagen Time (Tuesday) (60 minute)7 pm Tuesday Prayer Meeting
France and other francophone countriesFrench15:00 Paris time (3:00 pm) – (Daily) (20-minute Divine Mercy Chaplet)France Divine Mercy Chaplet
France and other francophone countriesFrench16:00 (4:00 pm) Paris time – (Thursday & Sunday) (90-minute Crusade of Prayer)France 90 Minute Crusade Prayer
France and other francophone countriesFrench17:30 (5:30 pm) Paris time – (Thursday & Sunday) (60-minute Crusade of Prayer)France 60 Minute Crusade Prayer
France and other francophone countriesFrench20:30 Paris time (8:30 pm) – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) (90-minute daily COP)France Daily Crusade Prayer 90 Minute
France and other francophone countriesFrench22:00 (10:00 pm) Paris time – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) (60-minute daily COP)France Daily Crusade Prayer 60 Minute
German Speaking CountriesGerman8:15 am – Berlin Time (Monday – Sunday) (3 Rosaries – 90 minutes)German Daily Rosary
German Speaking CountriesGerman3:00 pm – Berlin Time (Monday – Friday) (Chaplet of Divine Mercy – 30 minutes)German Divine Mercy Chaplet
German Speaking CountriesGerman6:00 pm – Berlin Time (Monday and Wednesday) (Crusade of Prayer – 20 minutes)German 20 Minute Crusade of Prayer
German Speaking CountriesGerman8:00 pm – Berlin Time (Monday – Sunday) (Daily Crusade of Prayer – 90 minutes)German Daily Prayer Meeting
Gethsemane – International VigilMultilingual9:00 pm – Central Europe Time (Thursday)Gethsemane Prayer Group
HungaryHungarian7:30 pm – Budapest Time (Daily)Hungary Daily Prayer Meeting
HungaryHungarian12:00 midnight – Budapest time (Saturday Prayer Vigil)Hungary Saturday Prayer Vigil
IndiaHindi20:30 – UTC 5:30+ (Daily)India Daily Prayer Meeting
IndonesiaBahasa Indonesia7:00 pm – GMT+7 (Sunday)Indonesia Sunday Prayer Meeting
Ireland & United KingdomEnglish7:30 pm – London time (Monday & Wednesday)Ireland UK Prayer Meeting
ItaliaItalian21:00 – Rome Time (Daily)Italy Daily Prayer Meeting
ItaliaItalian14:55 – 16:40 – Rome Time (Lu. Ma Wed Thu.Sat.)Italy Prayer meeting
Italia & EspañaItalian Española14:55 – 16:40 – Rome Time (Friday)Italia Espana Friday prayer meeting
KoreaKorean3:00 pm – GMT+9 (Daily)Korea 3pm Daily Prayer meeting
KoreaKorean8:00 pm – GMT+9 (Daily)Korea 8pm Daily Prayer Meeting
KoreaKorean10:30 pm – Korea (Thursday) GethsemaneKorea Thursday Gethsemane Prayer
MalaysiaEnglish11:00 am – (Thursday)Malaysia Thursday Prayer Meeting
MexicoSpanish9:00 pm – Mexico City Time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday)Mexico 9pm Prayer Meeting
MexicoSpanish9:30 pm – Mexico City Time (Tuesday and Thursday)Mexico 9:30 pm Prayer Meeting
MexicoSpanish12:00 am – Mexico City Time (Tuesday and Thursday) 4 Rosary VigilMexico Rosary Vigil
New ZealandEnglish8:00 pm – NZ DST GMT+13 – (Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri)New Zealand Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesEnglish8:00 am – PH Time (Starts every First Monday of the month for 7 days) Novena of Salvation8am Novena of Salavation
PhilippinesTagalog11:00 am – PH Time (Starts every First Monday of the month for 7 days) Novena of Salvation11am Novena of Salvation
PhilippinesBisaya11:45 am – PH Time (Starts every First Monday of the month for 7 days) Novena of Salvation11:45 am Novena of Salvation
PhilippinesEnglish1:45 pm – PH Time (Daily)PH 1:45 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesEnglish3:00 pm – PH Time (Daily- Chaplet of Divine Mercy)PH Divine Mercy Chaplet
PhilippinesEnglish7:30 pm – PH Time GMT +8 (Daily)PH 7:30 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesTagalog3:30 pm – PH Time (Daily)PH 3:30pm Daily Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesVisayan12:00 pm – PH Time GMT+8 (Daily)PH 12 pm Daily Prayer Time
PolandPolish7:00 am – Warsaw time (Daily Rosary)Poland Daily Rosary
PolandPolish3:00 pm – Warsaw time (Daily Divine Mercy Chaplet)Poland Divine Mercy Chaplet
PolandPolish7:30 pm – Warsaw time (Monday and Wednesday)Poland 7:30 pm Prayer Meeting
PolandPolish8:00 pm – Warsaw time (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)Poland 8pm Prayer Meeting
PortugalPortuguese3:00 pm – Lisbon Time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday)Portugal 3pm Prayer Meeting
PortugalPortuguese3:00 pm – Lisbon Time (Thursday)Portugal 3pm Thursday Prayer Meeting
PortugalPortuguese9:30 pm – Portugal (Monday to Thursday)Portugal 9:30 pm
PortugalPortuguese9:30 pm – Portugal (Friday) Crusade of Prayer for healingPortugal Friday Healing COP
PortugalPortuguese9:45 pm – Lisbon Time (Friday) (Crusade Prayers)Portugal Friday Crusade of Prayers
RomaniaRomanian8:00 pm – Bucharest time (Daily)Romania Daily Prayer Meeting
RussianRussian20:30 – Belarus (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 90 minutesRussian Prayer Meeting
BelarusBelarusian20:30 – Belarus (Sunday) 90 minutesBelarus Prayer Meeting
SingaporeEnglish8:00 pm – GMT+8 (Tuesday)Singapore Prayer Meeting
Slovakia, Germany, Czech RepublicGerman5:45 am – CET (Monday to Sunday – Every third week of the month) Novena of SalvationSlovakia Germany Czech Prayer Meeting
SloveniaSlovenian20:30 – Ljubljana Time (Daily) (90 minutes)Slovenia Daily Prayer Meeting
SloveniaSlovenian11:00 – Ljubljana Time (Week 4 of every month for 7 days – Monday to Sunday) (Novena of Salvation)Slovenia Novena of Salvation
SpainSpanish3:00 pm – Madrid Time (Monday to Thursday)Spain 3pm Prayer Meeting
SpainSpanish3:00 pm – Madrid Time (Sunday)Spain 3pm Sunday Prayer Meeting
SpainSpanish10:00 pm – Madrid Time (Monday to Friday, & Sunday)Spain 10 pm Prayer Meeting
SpainSpanish12:00 midnight – Madrid Time (Friday) Prayer vigilSpain Friday Prayer Vigil
Ukraine    Ukrainian8:30 pm – Kyiv time (daily)Ukraine Daily Prayer Meeting
USAEnglish11:00 pm – EST (Wednesday and Sunday Only)USA 11 pm Prayer Meeting
USAEnglish9:30 am – EST (Daily)USA 9:30 am Daily Prayer Meeting
USAEnglish3:00 pm – EST (Divine Mercy Chaplet)USA Divine Mercy Chaplet
USAEnglish4:00 pm – EST (Daily – 90 minute Crusade of Prayer)USA 4 pm Daily Prayer
USAEnglish5:30 pm – EST (Daily – 20 minute Crusade of Prayer)USA 5:30 pm 20 Minute Crusade Prayers
VietnamVietnamese8:30 am – GMT +7 (Daily)Vietnam 8:30 am Daily Prayer
VietnamVietnamese14:30 – GMT+7 (Daily)Vietnam 14:30 Daily Prayer Meeting
VietnamVietnamese20:00 – GMT+7 (Daily)Vietnam 20:00 Daily Prayer Meeting