Monday 4 November 2019

Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming

Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming


Jesus-Christ-3109My dearly beloved daughter, humanity must know that the time for Me to present Myself to a disbelieving world is not far away.All of God’s children who are devout believers must now, out of their loyalty to Me, their beloved Jesus, help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.
So much time has already been accorded to entice souls back into My Sacred Heart.This was important, for, without this time, very few souls would be able to enter My New Paradise.
I urge all those, in My Holy Name, to allow Me to guide you, to help you proclaim the Truth of My Teachings in every corner of the world.
Preach My simple Teachings first.
Love of one’s neighbour is expected of all those who say they are followers of Mine.
Speak only of My Second Coming.
I love you child
Anyone who denounces you, remind them that, My Promise to come again in Glory to Judge the living and the dead, is to be fulfilled during the lifetime of this generation.
My Holy Spirit will flood the souls of those to whom you impart My Holy Word.
But first, you must ask Me for this special Grace. Before I sanction you to do this most Sacred Work, I call on you to ask Me for this Grace through the recital of Crusade Prayer (48)
Crusade Prayer (48) Prayer for the Grace to proclaim the Second Coming of Christ
“O my Jesus, grant me the Grace to proclaim Your Holy Word to all of humanity so that souls can be saved. Pour Your Holy Spirit over me, your humble servant, so that Your Holy Word can be heard and accepted, especially by those souls who need Your Mercy the most. Help me to honour Your Holy Will at all times and never to insult or condemn those who refuse the Hand of Your Mercy. Amen.”
Go now, My Army, for you have been given the armour you need to convert mankind.
You will be ridiculed in your mission, insulted and challenged.
Know that when this happens, that you will truly be a child of God.
Fear not, for I will give you the strength to overcome such obstacles.
I will lead you the whole way. Go in peace and love.
Your beloved Jesus

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