Thursday 13 June 2019

You will be hated in many quarters and feared in others

You will be hated in many quarters and feared in others

My beloved daughter, you must listen. As My prophecies unfold and when My Holy Word will begin to be accepted and listened to, you must be careful. You, My daughter, will be hated in many quarters and feared in others.
My prophecies, which will be given to you, are to ensure that there will be no doubt in the minds of all My children that the promise of eternal salvation will at last be realized.
My daughter, you will feel isolated, rejected, feared and will suffer harshly in My Name.
Without your sacrifice, I could not fulfil My promise to save mankind, so that every soul is accorded the opportunity to benefit from their rightful inheritance.
I call on My sacred servants to protect you, My daughter, for it will be their holy duty. In time they will understand what their role is. Meanwhile, I call on all My precious followers to pray for your protection against the evil forces, which are led by Satan, who want to destroy the world for their own gain.
Be strong. Pray for protection and involve the help of My Blessed Mother at all times.
Your Jesus
Saviour and Redeemer of Mankind

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