Sunday 29 March 2015

Mother of Salvation: For every step you take to come closer to my Precious Son, you will take two steps
Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 @ 14:51
My children, follow me, the Mother of Salvation, and take my hand as I lead you along the path of Truth to my Son. It will be
 through my intercession that many of you will find the courage to walk this thorny and stone ridden path to Eternal Salvation.
Dear children, in order to get to know my Son truly, it requires great perseverance. You must open your mind, your heart and
 your soul, without a trace of doubt or pride, before you will be able to see. When the Truth is revealed to you within your
 hearts, you must cling to this, for it will be the means by which you will be set free.
For every step you take to come closer to my Precious Son, you will take two steps backwards, because of the way in
 which the evil one will taunt you.He will never cease to try and pull you away from Christ, for he has made it his vile mission to
 pull you in the opposite direction. So when you fall along your journey you must pick yourself up again and start all
 over. For each time you take a backward step, know that everything that Satan influences will always be backwards – the
 opposite to all that my Son bequeaths to the human race. You will, therefore, require great patience, but once you overcome
 every hurdle, you will walk more quickly along the path towards my Son. Each setback, when overcome, will make you
 stronger in your faith. And when your faith becomes strong, nothing will stand in your way to become a true disciple of Jesus
Go in peace, dear children, and allow me, the Mother of Salvation, to help you to become stronger in your love for Jesus
 Christ, because without Him you will never find the peace and comfort that you seek in this life or beyond.
Your loving Mother
Mother of Salvation

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