Sunday 29 March 2015

When a man betrays Me, he sins against Me
Thursday, May 29th, 2014 @ 00:45
My dearly beloved daughter, when My Apostles came to Me, weeping and crying tears of frustration because of the way they were
 treated with cruelty in My Holy Name, I told them this.
Never fear rejection in My Name.
Never be frightened by the howls of the evil one, who screams through the mouths of those who serve him.
Never feel fear when you are held accountable in My Name. But when you are betrayed, by those close to you, know that it is I
 they have slapped in the Face.
When a man betrays Me, he sins against Me. When he betrays God’s prophets, he betrays the Triune God, and for that he
 will suffer greatly.
When intervention by the Triune God is rejected by souls, who oppose the greatest power from Heaven, they will have to
 endure turmoil within their conscience. This turmoil will never leave them, unless they reconcile their souls to Me, their
 Jesus. To reject Me, when the soul knows that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who speaks, is regrettable. But to defy the Triune God, by
 interfering with God’s Intervention, in His task to save souls, this will result in a swift punishment by My Father.
Humanity may sneer, question and analyse My Word, as it is given now, but when they dare to try and prevent Me from salvaging
 souls by betraying My Trust and opposing My Mercy then they will be shown no Mercy.
Your Jesus

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