Sunday 29 March 2015

Groups who will promote heresy against the Holy Bible will seek out those who will remain steadfast in the Faith
Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 @ 20:40
My dearly beloved daughter, My Father desires that all of His children show love and charity to each other. Sin is spreading so
 quickly, as a direct result of the sin of pride, that the infestation, especially amongst those who claim to be Christians,
 has claimed many souls who were once close to My Sacred Heart.
Satan, and every demon he has sent to destroy humanity, has created much division in the world. They are trying to bring nations
 and communities into dispute with one another. Terrorist attacks will become more rampant, but the most serious sign will be in
 the form of the persecution of Christians. Never before will Christians be demeaned – their right to religious freedom curtailed
 and their right to remain true to the Word be violated – as they will be now.
Christians will not only be targeted by My enemies, but they will also turn on each other. Groups who will promote heresy
 against the Holy Bible will seek out those who will remain steadfast in the Faith. They will publicly critise them, ridicule their loyalty
 to the Truth and seek out every sacred servant of Mine who dares to challenge their betrayal of Me, Jesus Christ.
The evil one fights Me, at this time, in a terrible rage, because he knows My Time is almost upon you. Recognise any form
 of persecution against you, as a Christian, a true visionary, prophet or sacred servant, for what it is. A vulgar and evil assault on
 Me, your beloved Jesus Christ. Remember, My beloved followers, you must not give in to persecution, because of your
 love for Me. Pray for those poor souls who have allowed evil to spill out of their mouths. Be patient and calm when you
 witness persecution against Christians, for only My Divinity is Eternal. Evil deeds, acts or heresy against Me, will vanish in
 an instant. And only those who are truly for Me will find peace and salvation.
Pray for your persecutors and your tormentors, for when you do, you dilute the power of the evil one.
Your Jesus

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