Tuesday 18 October 2016

Virgin Mary: There is a wonderful future ahead for all of God’s children

Virgin Mary: There is a wonderful future ahead for all of God’s children

MaryqueenMy child let all of God’s children sit down quietly and allow His Light to shine through their souls.
It is important to put time aside in perfect silence in order to ponder on the Love of God and the plan of my Son to save humanity.
There is a wonderful future ahead for all of God’s children and this New Era of Peace will be welcomed by all those fortunate enough to enter the gates.
Until that day comes, every effort will be made by the evil one to cause disruption and hatred in the world.
He and his demons are creating division amongst God’s children.
They encourage murder, abortion, hatred, violence, persecution and war in every part of the world.
They will not rest until they ensnare every weak soul who succumbs to the temptation they place before such souls, to sin against the Lord God, God the Most High.
So many souls have allowed themselves to be taken, unawares, into their dark prison from which there is little escape once there.
Once the evil one wins over a soul he does not stop until he completely infests the poor soul.
Sin, therefore, is to be avoided for no sin is of little consequence. All it takes is one temptation and the soul becomes weak and defenceless.
Pray, pray, pray against the war which is being waged by the evil one against God’s children.
When someone sins against you, even though you are an innocent victim, you must not allow yourself to be forced to retaliate through sin for this is what the evil one wants.
He pits one soul against another in the hope that hatred will fester between the two.
Be on your guard every day and never forget the protection that my Holy Rosary offers against Satan.
I encourage all souls, all religions, to recite my Holy Rosary every day. When you do this the evil one will avoid you and leave you for he cannot withstand the pain he endures when My Rosary is recited especially when said aloud.
Go in peace. Remember I am the Mother of all humanity.
I am the Mother of Salvation. My protection must be sought out by God’s children.
By asking for my help, and prayers, many graces will be accorded to you.
Mother of God
Mother of Salvation

Crusade Prayer (166) To mitigate the murder of innocents

Dearest Mother of Salvation, please present this, our plea to mitigate the murder of innocents, to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
We ask, that in His Mercy, He will remove the threat of genocide, persecution and terror against God‘s children, in every form.
Please, we implore you, dear Mother of Salvation, to hear our cries for love, unity and peace in this sorrowful world.
We ask that Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, will protect all of us during these times of great pain and suffering on earth. Amen.

This Mission can be likened to the rescue of a gigantic ocean liner

My dearly beloved daughter you must never feel that you work alone in this Mission even though it feels like this.
You must know that many people the world over are listening to My Holy Word and that My Messages are saving souls.
This Mission can be likened to the rescue of a gigantic ocean liner.
Many souls are being warned of danger and told, in advance, of the rescue plan.
If they listen they will not only save themselves but the lives of their families and friends.
Many will not listen and say: “What danger?” They will not accept the life rafts because they do not believe the ship will sink.
No, they say, this is a false warning, a false alarm. As the time will draw close and the final days become apparent they will scramble everywhere looking for a place of safety.
They will run and hide from the explosion, when the mountains will sink into the seas and when the sky will turn like blood but they will not escape.
Those sinners who commit terrible grievances against My Father and who know how black their souls are will be lost.
They, who sided with the Beast, will at that stage try to escape his clutches. For it will only be then that the Truth will finally dawn on them and the Light will not be their right.
Only the darkness will ease their pain and, yet, it will also bring them relentless terror and suffering.
Never reject the help you need to prepare your souls. You must accept that the wickedness in the world has to be eradicated.
Those sinners, who refuse to change, even after they have been given the Truth of the Word of God, will not survive the final battle.
They will be thrown into the lake of fire with the beast and that will not be the end of their suffering. It will only be the beginning.
To those who sneer at My attempts to prepare your souls you will be given every chance to turn to Me.
Every attempt will be made to save you. If you do not accept My Hand, the life raft you need to keep you afloat, you will drown in sorrow.
Only the prayers of others can save you.
The earth looks like it has done for centuries.
The skies look the same.
The sun shines like it has always done.
The moon looms on a clear night and man still gasps in wonder at the Creation of God.
But changes have already begun and to those who are alert I say this.
You know and you sense the change. Do your duty and use prayer so that the eyes of mankind will be opened to the Truth and that the hearts of all will be opened up to the Love of God.
It will be the Love of God for all His children and the response of His children to His Call that the human race can be saved.
Your Jesus

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