Saturday 8 October 2016

If you believe in the existence of Satan then know that everything that is unjust and evil in the world is caused by him

If you believe in the existence of Satan then know that everything that is unjust and evil in the world is caused by him

My dearly beloved daughter I am calling out to everyone, young and old, who is unsure about their faith in God.
I appeal to those amongst you, who do believe in Me, but who do not speak with Me, or avail of the Sacraments, or who do not attend their churches, to honour Me.
I love you. I will never desert you and you are going to be given a special Gift shortly.
You will experience what it is like when you will come before me on the Day of Judgement. Then you will forget your doubts.
Many of you, despite your lack of faith, honour Me in so many ways but you do not realise this.
You, in your daily lives, feel love, concern and sympathy for others.
You feel an urge to fight injustice and are repelled when you witness wicked acts, committed by others over those less fortunate than themselves.
You show love for others and look after those who need your help.
You hate to take advantage of others and are sensitive to the needs of those who suffer in this life.
You feel love for your family.
You laugh and rejoice when you are with friends and feel a tremendous love and friendship for those close to your heart.
When you marry you feel an overwhelming love for your spouse. Then, when you have children, the love you feel surpasses anything you could ever have imagined.
You cry tears of remorse if and when you hurt someone. You forgive others when they offend you, insult you or cause you harm.
Where do you think this love and these emotions come from? Don’t you know they can only come from God?
Love is difficult to explain. Difficult to analyse and it can never be proved by science for it is a Gift from God.
Hatred , on the other hand, comes from the dark side.
Satan, to many people, may not seem real but he exists.
Many of you do not believe in evil or the existence of evil spirits for they are careful not to reveal themselves.
If you believe in the existence of Satan then know that everything that is unjust and evil in the world is caused by him.
He is the king of lies and he has the power to blind you to the truth of your  existence.
Because of your blindness My Mercy is now going to cover the world to prove to you that I exist.
Be prepared for this day for it will happen soon.
When the signs in the skies are shown to you and witness the clash, the noise and the shaking in the ground know that I have come to waken you up.
When this happens I beg you to turn to Me then for I want to fill you with My Love so I can bring love and joy into your hearts.
When My Mercy comes upon you will you feel peace at last.
I love you and I will never forsake you.
I await your response when this great day comes.
Your Jesus.

Crusade Prayer (155) For Protection of the Mission of Salvation

O dearest Mother of Salvation, hear our call for the protection of the Mission of Salvation and for the protection of God‘s children. We pray for those who defy the Will of God in this great moment in history. We ask that you protect all those who respond to your call and the Word of God, to save everyone from the enemies of God. Please help release those souls, who fall prey to the deceit of the devil and open their eyes to the Truth.
O Mother of Salvation, help us poor sinners to be made worthy, to receive the Grace of perseverance at our time of suffering in the Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
Protect this Mission from harm. Protect your children from persecution. Cover all of us with your Most Holy Mantle and favour us with the Gift of retaining our faith, every time we are challenged for speaking the Truth, for conveying the Holy Word of God, for the rest of our days now and forever. Amen.

When they deliberately bribed liars to deny My Resurrection, the Pharisees denied generations of Jews the right to the Truth.

My dearly beloved daughter mankind must understand the weakness of human nature before they can truly entrust themselves into the arms of God.
To those faithful amongst you, your faith and love for Me, your Saviour, brings Me great joy.
But when you say you love Me, this brings with it a great responsibility.
Never forget the weakness in your nature, though no your fault of your own as you were born with original sin, as it can cause you to sin when you are least expecting it.
When the souls of those who say they love Me reach a stage where they are consumed with love for Me that is when they have to be careful.  Sometimes this makes them feel elevated in My Eyes, which is true because they are.
But then comes the temptation to see others in a less than flattering light.
They can be tempted to, not just feel compassion for those poor souls who are in darkness or confused but to look down upon them.
Sometimes their strong faith and knowledge of scriptures gives them a false sense of security.
They believe they know everything regarding the teachings of the Church, My Church, My Body on earth.
This is what happened the Pharisees.
They thought they knew everything about the Laws of God. The Love of God.
What they failed to understand was the prophesies, foretold so clearly, about the coming of the Messiah. This meant that they rejected the Christ, the Son of the Living God, when He came as promised.
The cruelty they showed Me, Jesus Christ Son of Man, was in complete contradiction to the love they claimed to have for God.
If they truly loved God they would never have treated any child of God as they did.
Their minds were closed to the prophecies given to the world through the prophets, which proclaimed the Truth.
The Truth is that all prophecies will be fulfilled as promised by God.
They rejected The Messiah, promised to provide the future salvation for the whole of humanity.
In turn, through their lies, when they deliberately bribed liars to deny My Resurrection, the Pharisees denied generations of Jews the right to the Truth.
My Death on the Cross wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to ensure that no trace existed of Me, the Redeemer of the world afterwards.
They then went back and led God’s children into a false faith in which the Truth became a lie.
Remember the prophecies from God are always fulfilled.
My Second Coming is now about to be fulfilled. This time the leaders in the Christian Churches will deny Me like the Pharisees did.
They will torment Me, My prophets, My people and anyone who dares to spread the Truth of My Coming.
Do not deny Me this time.
Open your hearts.
Listen carefully to me as I prepare you for the final chapter in the salvation of the world.
Your Jesus

Theme: Prayers to God the Father approximate time: Litanies & Crusades only: 25 minutes; with Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet: approx. 50 minutes Sign of the Cross In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Ask your favorite saint(s)to join you in prayer and ...

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