Thursday 20 October 2016

This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls

This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls

My dearly beloved daughter, the speed at which My Messages are being given to humanity is indicative of the urgency of this Mission.
So many people in the world are lost.
So many poor souls do not know who God, My Father, is.
So many do not accept Me, His beloved Son, as the True Messiah.
This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls.
These Messages are for Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostic and all those who seek solace in man-made religions.
All people, all souls, have the same desire to find meaning in their lives.
For most it is heart breaking if they do not believe in God, for they believe that all ends when their life on earth expires.
Oh if only they could see what happens when their souls come before Me. They see Me and are speechless for they cannot believe that I am real. The joy in many such souls is matched only by relief if they die in a State of Grace.
However, the joy of those souls in darkness, when they see Me, is cut short and they drift away from Me, into the depths of Hell in a state of shock and despair.
Those souls who know of God’s Teachings, through His prophets and as a result of My own Mission on earth, and who reject Me, know this.
You have chosen to turn your back on the Truth. Because of My Love for you I will do all I can to open your eyes.
I will bring gifts and because of My Great Mercy I will save you. I call on all of you, irrespective, as to which religion you follow, to listen to these Words now.
You all know what it is like to be part of a family.
Some of you are fortunate enough to have been born into a family full of love.
Others are not so blessed and may have suffered through difficulties and darkness within the family unit. Others are lost, bruised, angry and cannot feel true love for their families.
Some are cast out into the wilderness to fend for themselves with no one to turn to.
Many simply need a crutch of some sort to lean on in order to feel hope. This is why many poor souls try to find religions, which provide that missing link.
Sadly this simply leads them into further despair. For these religions are based on a lie.
Lies hurt you children. They give you a false sense of security. These religions have no substance because they do not follow the Truth, the path of the Lord.
Just know that We, the Holy Trinity, are your family. The New Heaven and Earth will be your true home.
Follow Me on the path of Truth so I can take you to your rightful home.
A home so full of love and joy that it is all you need strive for.
Please open your eyes because the time has come for the world to be finally present with the Covenant of Truth.
My Death on the Cross was a Covenant to bring you salvation.
My Second Coming is also a Covenant, the final Covenant, to bring you home to God, the Creator of all things.
My Father, God the Most High, is now sending Me soon to bring Salvation to all of His children.
I can only do this and fulfil My Father’s Promise if I can save every soul.
Do not block My Path because of doubts.
Do not reject My attempts to bring salvation to every soul.
Do not forfeit the chance to live a fulfilled life full of love, joy and wonder, in peace and harmony, in the New Era of Peace.
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (168) For the Gift of God‘s Love

O Dearest Father, O Eternal One, God the Most High,
Make me worthy of Your Love.
Please forgive me for hurting others and for any wrong-doing, which has caused suffering to any of your children.
Open my heart so that I can welcome you into my soul, and cleanse me of any hatred I may feel against another person.
Help me to forgive my enemies and to sow the seeds of Your Love everywhere I go and amongst those whom I meet every day.
Give me, Dear Father, the Gifts of Perseverance and Trust, so that I can uphold Your Holy Word and thus keep alive, in a darkened world, the flame of Your Great Love and Mercy. Amen.

At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment

My dearly beloved daughter, you must know, by now, that the suffering you endure, in My Name, will continue until the very last day of this Mission.
This is difficult for you to hear, but know this. This Mission is the most difficult of all the Missions, which came before you. You will be cast into the wilderness and you will feel isolated and lonely. Your voice will be ignored, but My Holy Word will touch the hearts of millions.
My Holy Will, will be heeded by you at all times, although you often feel that you will not be strong enough.
Your weakness is your strength, because of your trust in Me. Because of this I will never desert you or leave you without the help of others. Yet, you will walk alone in this Mission. Your only companion will be Me. I conjoin our suffering as one.
You, My daughter, will always need My Graces of endurance. To endure this Mission, and proclaim My Holy Word to an ungrateful world, will not be easy. It will require a great sense of determination and courage.
This applies to all of My disciples, including those who love Me, but who do not accept these Messages.
The obstacles you will face, at this part of the Mission will increase for all of you, My devoted army.
You must accept, with dignity, that when you follow Me, that you will suffer. Very few souls can handle the suffering, which affects everyone who aligns themselves with My Teachings.
At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment.
Not only does it cause you discomfort, when your allegiance to Me is declared in public; you will suffer because of Me.
Remember, to suffer is a special grace. It is very difficult to endure and many souls turn away from Me because of it. But you must remember this. When you suffer in My Name, I will hold you and pour over you My Graces. Despite your sufferings, this will bring you a peace of the soul.
Please, My daughter, never give up. Never feel abandoned for I am even closer when you feel alone. I am even closer to you during these times of torment. You must keep asking, for all the help you can, get by requesting My beloved Mother and all the saints to come to your aid.
Very soon you will accept that the increase in suffering is a direct result of the opposition to this Mission by the evil one. He is extremely frightened because his battle is at an end. He hates you because of the souls, which are being saved through this Mission of salvation.
Your Jesus

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