Sunday 16 October 2016

Global hatred erupts between nations at this time and all in the Name of God

Global hatred erupts between nations at this time and all in the Name of God

My dearly beloved daughter the global hatred erupts between nations at this time and all in the Name of God.
How little humanity knows of the ways of God, which are so far removed from hatred.
Hatred cannot come from God. Hatred is used by Satan to insult the Word of God.
Satan uses religion as a means to condone hatred.
Hatred takes many forms and is presented in a number of ways cunningly devised by Satan and placed within the minds of humanity.
Hatred can be used to convince others to accept lies about another person in order to encourage hatred and tension.
Hatred can be used to create religious division and ignite violence by blaspheming against the Word of God.
When humanity used hatred to justify one’s faith in God they sin against God in the most evil way.
To hate another person in the Name of God is a contradiction for only love can come from God.
Hatred comes only from Satan.
The choice is simple.  You either choose God and live your life according to His Rules or you choose Satan and the lies he uses to corrupt humanity and steal souls.
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (164) Prayer of Peace for Nations

O Jesus bring me peace.
Bring peace to my nation and all those countries torn asunder because of war and division.
Sow the seeds of peace amongst those hardened hearts who cause suffering to others in the name of justice.
Give all of God‘s children the Graces to receive Your Peace so that love and harmony can thrive; so that love for God will triumph over evil and that souls can be saved from the corruption of falsities, cruelty and evil ambition.
Let peace reign over all of those who devote their lives to the Truth of Your Holy Word and those who don‘t know You at all. Amen.

The Gift from My Eternal Father is to give each child of His the most perfect life in the most perfect world

My dearly beloved daughter a milestone has been overcome in My Mission to spread My Holy Word quickly because of the prayers of others.
Those prayers, recited diligently by My precious and much loved followers are so powerful, because they are said from the heart.
I grant great Graces upon all My disciples to enable them to forge ahead knock down any obstacles, which they may confront in their drive to salvage souls through this Mission.
My dearly beloved disciples know that the angels in Heaven guide you, protect you and lead you towards My goal, the goal to convert the world.
Many of you who are new to My Messages will wonder if these Words are simply to guide or to convert people.
They are being given to do both but, more importantly, to save all so that everyone can live in the New Era of Peace in the world. For this is My promise. This is the great Gift.
The Gift from My Eternal Father is to give each child of His the most perfect life in the most perfect world in the way it was meant to be from the beginning.
Nothing can, nor will, prevent this New Paradise on earth from emerging.
It will rise from the grey drab world you live in, which has been sullied by a rottenness created by Satan. So rotten is the infestation that not many people know the Truth.
They do not know the difference between good or evil. Many confuse the two.
When people accept evil as part of their lives and justify its presence they deny the Word of God. Yet it is only by accepting the Truth of the Word of God that the Covenant, the final Covenant, can be fulfilled.
The plan of the final salvation of humanity is succeeding but there is still a while to go before I can salvage all those souls who are still beyond My reach.
Only the Truth will open their eyes.
Only the Truth, if accepted by them, will set them free so that they can enter the gates of the New Paradise.
Your Jesus

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