Monday 19 September 2016

The pact with Satan is almost over and two events must soon take place.

The pact with Satan is almost over and two events must soon take place.

My dearly beloved daughter many people do not really understand the mystery of My Second Coming.
My Second Coming is the fulfilment of a New Covenant.
It will be the creation of the perfect Paradise which was lovingly brought to fruition for Adam and Eve by My Beloved Father. At that time all things on earth were in perfect harmony and  according to the Will of God.
The time since My Crucifixion on earth has been painful for humanity because of the reign of Satan who has ruled the earth during this period.
The pact with Satan is almost over and two events must soon take place.
The redemption of the human race will occur during The Warning. From then onwards people, including those who are ignorant of the existence of God, will embrace the Truth.
Others who will respond slowly to this great miracle, when the proof will be presented to them, will convert in time. They too will seek forgiveness for their sinful lives.
Then comes the final stage, the sanctification – the final purification so that the whole of humanity is fit to enter the perfect Paradise.
This is the Paradise inhabited originally by Adam and Eve. It will only be then the Divine Will of My Father, where all people will love and respect the Will of My Father, is to be accomplished at last.
Before this all comes to pass there will be much opposition to the Will of My Father being finally realised.
God’s children will be pulled in every direction. Although the Holy Spirit will be poured out over the whole world during The Warning, every effort will be made by Satan to stop this global confession.
He, and his wicked followers, are also preparing for The Warning. Their goal is to convince everyone that it did not happen.
So many people will find it difficult to openly accept God’s love and the existence of the New Paradise as long as Satan walks the earth.
Freedom will only come when he is banished.
Sadly, those who will fail to see the Truth, and who will stubbornly refuse to accept God, will never see Paradise.
Please say this Crusade Prayer  to accept the Divine Will of My Father.
Crusade Prayer (69) Prayer to God the Father to accept His Divine Will
God the Almighty Father I accept Your Divine Will
Help Your children to accept it
Stop Satan from denying Your children’s right to their Father’s
Never let us give up the fight for our inheritance in Paradise
Hear our pleas to banish Satan and his fallen angels
I ask You Dear Father to cleanse the earth with Your Mercy and to
cover us with Your Holy Spirit
Lead us to form your most Holy army, laden with the power to banish the beast forever. Amen.
Go in peace.
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (137) Prayer of Restoration

O God Almighty One, O God the Most High, look upon me, Your humble servant, with love and pity in Your Heart. Restore me in Your Light.
Lift me back into Your Favour. Fill me with the Grace, so I can offer myself to You in humble servitude and in accordance with Your Most Holy Will.
Rid me of the sin of pride and everything which insults You and help me to love You with a deep and abiding desire to serve You all of my days forever and ever. Amen.

Love is a sign from God. No matter what religion or creed you follow love can only come from God

My dearly beloved daughter I wish to discuss the importance of love and how, without love, the world could not survive.
God is love.  Love comes from God.
Where you find love  you instantly feel the presence of God.
Nearly everyone in the world feels love at some stage. Love frees the soul and its purity gives you a glimpse as to the depth of the love that God has for every single one of His children.
Love defeats death. Love defeats evil. Love is ever lasting.  It can never die for it comes from God and will last for eternity.
When love is attacked in this life by the evil one, who acts through souls, it suffers, withers and can be replaced by indifference or, at times, hatred.
It is only through love, especially for each other, that peace in the world can evolve.
Without love people would die and become barren.
When you love a child you are feeling the same kind of love that My Father holds in His Heart for each child born in the world through His creation.
Imagine a parent’s anguish when a child goes missing.
The grief, the worry and the anxiety are identical that felt by My Father when His children wander and become lost to the Truth of His existence.
Then imagine the horror which a parent has to endure if their child cannot be found.
What if they become lost forever? This is the heartbreak My Father endures when He loses His children.
Nothing consoles Him until He can find them again or when they turn and come running home to Him again.
The whole of creation was founded through the love of My Father.
His Love floods the Heavens and the earth and is intensely powerful.
All was created by His Divine Love and His generousity of heart so that he could share all the wonders of creation with His children.
His love for His children will never die.
His betrayal by Lucifer, to whom He gave everything, has meant that His love for humanity has not been reciprocated by much of mankind.
But as an ever loving Father, His love is so powerful that nothing can ever kill His love for His children.
His love means that every person has been given a second chance.
The Warning, a great Gift sanctioned by My Father, is a special calling from Heaven.
This calling, a great supernatural miracle, will give each of you the chance of being saved; of being called and of being given the key to open the door to the New Paradise on earth.
For those of you who accept the Key to Paradise you will, in effect, defeat the beast.
The world will be finally rid of evil, sin, suffering and every pain. Peace will reign.
Love for My Father will flourish finally and you will all live according to His Divine Will.
Love is a sign from God. No matter what religion or creed you follow love can only come from God.
It is the light present in every soul, even those who are hardened sinners, for God does not extinguish his light ever.
Grasp it. Embrace it. Cling on to love for it will lead you to Him.
Love will save you from the dark.
Your Jesus

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