Wednesday 7 September 2016

God the Father: I reveal My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth.

God the Father: I reveal My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth.

My dearest daughter today I reveal to all My Children My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth
When they merge into one glorious Paradise there will be twelve nations.
These nations will consist of some nations in the world who have shown allegiance to Me, God the Father, My Son Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven.
Those scattered will be brought together to join those other nations as one, united as one Holy Family.
My Will, will be honoured. You will all have the gift of free will but it will be entwined with Mine. Only then will the truth of Paradise be truly revealed.
My Twelve nations are signified in the twelve stars on the woman in the Book of Revelation.
The woman is the Mother of God and she wears the twelve stars to signify two things.
The twelve apostles helped My Son to set up His Church on Earth.
The twelve specially chosen nations will form the one true apostolic Church on the New Earth when Heaven and Earth merge as one in My New Glorious Paradise.
This is the moment I have been waiting patiently for.
My Divine Will, which created Paradise for Adam and Eve and which was thrown aside caused by temptation by the evil one, will now be done and the this time Paradise will be perfect.
My Son,  King of Mankind, King of the Universe, will reign over My New Paradise on Earth.
He will appoint leaders in every nation all joined together by My Divine Will.
The people of those nations will honour My Son in the way in which He must be, the only way, in peace and love for one another.
His Blessed Mother, the Mother of Salvation, was crowned Queen of Heaven and will also reign as Queen of the New Paradise.
Her Coronation in Heaven was a very special Divine Manifestation of her role in the future of the salvation of the world.
She was crowned in great honour and splendour for the role she played, not only as the Mother of God and as spouse of the Holy Spirit, but as the Mother of Salvation given the power to destroy Satan.
It was My Beloved Son who lovingly placed the crown of  twelve stars on the head of the Mother of God at her Coronation.
It will be My Son who will place the crown on her head in the New Paradise as Queen of all God’s children.
My Divine Plan to save humanity has already begun.
It is My desire that this Mission will help Me gather lost souls in every corner of the earth and save them from the enemy before it is too late.
My Divine intervention will prove My love for all of My children.
Nothing is impossible. Nothing is hopeless in My battle against Satan’s army.
I will bring you a new world that will astound you in all its magnificent glory.  It is ready.
Its beauty and splendour is beyond your human capacity to envisage.
When you do witness it, you will have eternal life.
Pray that those poor children of mine who do not believe in Me, God the Most High, who do not obey My Laws and who commit terrible atrocities against each other, repent.
I do not want to lose one child of Mine.
Help Me to bring them this wonderful glorious inheritance. Unfortunately it must be by their own free will.
I love you children with a passion unknown to humanity.
Come to Me through My Son as one.
The time for the New Paradise on earth  is very near but you  have been accorded the time  to help convert humanity through this Mission of the 7th Angel on earth who works with My Son to bring My family to Me.
Your Loving Father
Creator of all things visible and invisible
God the Most High

Crusade Prayer (125) To defend the Most Holy Word of God

O Mother of Salvation, help me, a humble servant of God, to defend His Most Holy Word in times of torment.
Consecrate me, dear Mother, to your Son, so that He can cover me with His Precious Blood.
Grant me, through the Intercession of your Son, Jesus Christ, the grace, the strength and the will to remain true to the Teachings of Christ in the times of Tribulation, which will devour His Most Holy Church on Earth. Amen.

New Paradise: You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing.

My dearly beloved daughter the New Paradise has now been completed in its full glory ready for all of God’s children on earth.
It will be presented, in all its glory, just like the Paradise created by My Eternal Father for His children in the beginning.
How the angels sing and rejoice for the time to unveil this great splendour to a disbelieving world is very close.
It will be presented by Me when the New Jerusalem descends upon the earth at the ringing of My Second Coming.
You, My daughter, will be told to announce this just before I make myself known.
Only those who accept Me as the Messiah will be able to enter its magnificent gates.
Every call from Heaven will be made to reach out to all those who will still reject My great gift right up to the very last trumpet.
Then it will be too late for those poor souls. They will be beyond help after that as My Mercy will have been thrown back in My Face in outright rejection.
All that matters now is to warn all those who are in danger of losing their souls to Satan.
Gather them up My followers. Coax them gently into My flock. Never give up your prayers to salvage them.
Oh My beloved followers if you could see the New Paradise when Heaven and Earth will merge as one you would drop down on your knees and weep with joy and relief.
For those of you frightened about the end times, when the earth as you know it will change, then you must allow Me to ease your worries.
You will take your family with you and all with rejoice in pure utter love and harmony.
You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing.
You all will have your own dwelling with grass, trees, mountains, rivers, streams and flowers surrounding you in all their glorious beauty.
Animals will be tame and live in peace and in harmony with all of God’s children.
You see your children marry, have children  and the miracle of families, risen from the dead, will be witnessed by all.
This resurrection will be like no other joy imaginable.
You will be reunited with your loves ones who passed away in this life and went to Heaven.
You will have nations, twelve in total, all signified by the twelve stars in the crown on my My Mother’s Immaculate head, all of which will be governed by Me with My Apostles and Prophets.
This is My Kingdom, promised by My Father since He created Paradise on Earth. Anyone who rejects it will perish.
Pray that all of God’s children will have the purity of soul to enable them to come home to My Father’s Kingdom on Earth, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end, for ever and ever.
Your Jesus

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