Tuesday 13 September 2016

God the Father: I will fight the Battle of Armageddon with the Hierarchy in the Heavens

God the Father: I will fight the Battle of Armageddon with the Hierarchy in the Heavens

My sweet daughter trust that I, your Heavenly Father, will do all in My power to salvage all of My children on earth
While I must respect the gift of free will, bestowed by Me as one of the greatest gifts to ensure that mankind would love Me on their own accord, and not by force, I will do wonders and create miracles to bring My children home to Me.
While a God of Justice, I could never condone or accept evil, but I will forgive all those who turn back to My Son and seek redemption when they become aware of the contents of the Book of Truth.
I will fight the Battle of Armageddon with the Hierarchy in the Heavens and will, I promise, defeat the enemy and the devils spawned by the hand of Lucifer.
The time is drawing nearer for Satan to be banished for 1,000 years and woe to the man who does not renounce him or his wickedness.
All will be shown the truth of My Divine Love and My desire for My splendid Kingdom, My Paradise, to be shared with all.
Every attempt, through My prophets, will be made to draw them into the arms of My Son.
Do not, My children forsake Me, your Loving Father.
Come hear My Call.
Do not reject your inheritance.
You are now facing the biggest crisis since the creation of the human race, for the time has come for you to make the final choice.
Be aware that every lie, every temptation to seek solace in the arms of Satan and his devils, will be made to steal your souls.
Only those who spend time protecting their Faith, through prayer and the sacraments, will be strong enough to withstand their power.
Remember that Satan cannot win for he does not have the power.  He will now attack all, even holy souls, to reject Me and My Beloved Son.
Instead he will suck you into an abyss of darkness and confusion and you will be caught in an intricate web of deceit from which you will be unable to entangle.
Hear Me now. The final battle has begun. Do not make the mistake of rejecting this call, made from the Heavens for it will mean  you will be lost for eternity.
O were you to witness the tragedy of souls, who will refuse the Cup of Salvation.
They will tumble helplessly along with Satan into the depths of Hell from which there is no return.
I must, as your Father, point out the dangers you face. Why do you not want to listen?
If you believe in Me, then know that I would send My prophets to warn you.
Did I not do this before? Did they listen? No, many did not and then the prophecy evolved before their disbelieving eyes.
This time I come to announce that the time for My Son, the True Messiah, to come again is near.
Satan knows this. His hatred for Me is so powerful that he will do everything to snatch My children away from Me.
I am your God, the beginning and the end.
I created the world in the beginning and it will be by My hand that the world, as you know it, will come to an end.
But for My beloved children who renounce Satan the new world, the New Paradise on earth, awaits you in all its glory.
Do not turn your back.
Do not allow flawed human reasoning to prevent  you and your loved ones entering this splendid Paradise where  you will want for nothing.
Choose My Paradise of love, joy and beauty, a special place where you will live in perfect harmony, in mind, body and spirit.
No corruption. No sin. Just love where you will live in union with My Divine Will.
Your loving Heavenly Father
God the Most High

Crusade Prayer (131) The Mercy Prayer

O my dear Mother of Salvation, please ask your Son, Jesus Christ, to grant Mercy to (name all here…) during The Warning and again on the final Day, before they come before your Son.
Please pray that each of them will be saved and enjoy the fruits of Eternal Life.
Protect them, every day, and take them to your Son, so that His Presence will be shown to them and that they will be granted peace of the spirit and attain great Graces. Amen.

Free will cannot be taken away from you. I cannot demand that you follow Me

My dearly beloved daughter many reading these, My Holy Words given to mankind out of love, misunderstand My intentions.
As the Son of Man, My pledge is to save the whole of humanity.
My Crucifixion on the Cross was not simply a moment in time, or a moment in history.
It was a Sacrifice made to offer every single one of you, even today, the gift of Eternal Life.
This is a solemn promise. The life of the world to come, My Kingdom on earth, is for everyone.
I come now to prepare you.
I have told you before that while I come to warn you of the dangers in rejecting My Teachings and the Ten Commandments lay down by My Eternal Father, I cannot command or demand God’s children to listen. For the whole of humanity was given a special gift, as well as the angels in Heaven, the gift of free will.
Free will cannot be taken away from you.  I cannot demand that you follow Me.
I can warn you, show you the error of your ways but I cannot demand that you respond to My call.
I can only ask.
Free will, while a gift, can also be an obstacle as it will be used by Satan to plant lies in your mind.
He can make demands of a very forcible nature which you will find very difficult to fight against such is his power.
My patience is being tested in these, the end times, like never before.
Despite My Death on the Cross, My life given up with love to save each of you, many have forgotten what this Sacrifice really means.
If I gave up My life for the salvation of mankind why don’t My children listen?
If they do not want to listen to Me now, through these messages, that is the choice they make of their own free will.  Then why do they continue to misinterpret and twist the contents of the Holy Bible?
No matter how much I am rejected I will never fail in My duty to warn you of the dangers to come.
The dangers I speak of are not just the miseries being planned by Satan’s wicked disciples over your nations, control of your money, your food or human life.
No, the dangers you need to be made aware of, most of all, are the dangers of losing your soul to Satan and his fallen angels.
Whether you heed My Word now is entirely up to each and every one of you.
All I ask is that you listen. Failure to listen, to accept the special graces I bestow on your now, means you may not be equipped properly to save your soul from the beast.
I bless you all. To those who are confused I urge you to select the prayers given to you through these messages.
They will help you respond to My Call from Heaven.
Your Jesus

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