Tuesday 27 September 2016

One third of the earth will be destroyed as the angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens

One third of the earth will be destroyed as the angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens

My dearly beloved daughter the time has been set aside so that these, My Holy Messages to the world, are heard by every soul, young and old, throughout each nation.
Many of God’s children will sit up and listen to My instructions if they are given access to these messages.
Know now that changes have already begun as prophesied where the crops will no longer yield their fruit as before and when the seasons will no longer be the same.
These changes are by the Hand of My Eternal Father as He brings in new laws of the earth which no man will fail to notice.
Nothing in the world governed by the laws of nature will remain as they once did.
The seas will rise, the waters will pour, the earth will shake and the soil will become barren.
My Father will impose a great chastisement to stop the spread of sin which is a source of great sorrow for Him.
Those nations which defy His Laws will suffer much. They will soon understand that their sins will no longer be tolerated and they will be punished.
Their punishment is to prevent them from infesting other souls and unless they change their wicked ways they will be forced to do so through divine intervention.
My daughter you must spread My Word quickly now as The Warning draws closer.
Many nations must be given the Book of Truth so that they can prepare themselves for My Second Coming.
The time for My Second Coming will be after The Warning.
Chastisements, handed down by the angels in Heaven, by the command of My Father, have commenced in stages. These will continue to escalate as sin continues to surge.
The battle has begun and the early stages can be seen in many countries.
You will all bear witness to climate destruction which will rain upon the earth as it groans in pain because of the degradation of sin.
The shaking will increase and nation after nation will suffer according to the stain of sin which corrupts its core.
Leaders who follow the anti-christ will not escape the Eye of My Father and they will be destroyed.
My Father punishes those who lead wicked governments now in order to salvage His children from their wicked grasp.
He will not stand back and watch as these leaders, who follow the anti-christ who remains hidden at this time, destroy His children.
One third of the earth will be destroyed as the angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens.
Then many will know that something is wrong and that is caused because of the anger of My Father.
Yet many will still not learn.After the Warning, many will convert. Yet many won’t even when they are all given the proof of the state of their souls.
They will still idolise the false allure which they think the earth has to offer. Only this time their lusts and those material idols they worship will become even more obscene and wicked. All their sins, visible to all those who can see them for what they are, will become so ugly that few of God’s children will be able to bear to watch.
Every abhorrent sin will be publicly displayed with contempt for God.
Every action will degrade the sinner to such depths that they will behave like animals.
All respect for the human body will disappear and every evil lust will be flaunted for the world to see without any shame in their souls.
These are Satan’s prisoners. All of them are children of God but they will lose their souls to the beast.
Chastisements are part of God’s plans to cleanse the earth in order to purify both the sinner and the ground you walk on.
Only when the earth is purified can My Second Coming take place.
Pray, My followers, for the courage and the fortitude to deal with the chastisements.
You must never fear them for you, My army, will pray for those, those nations and help in the purification needed for the conversion of humanity.
The Seal of the Living God will protect each and every one of you.
It is because of the love My Father has for all of His children that he must chastise them for if He doesn’t they will march forward, unwittingly, towards the gates of Hell.
Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (145) Fill me with Your Gift of Love

Dearest Jesus, fill me, an empty vessel, with the Gift of Your Love. Flood my soul with Your Presence. Help me to love others as You love me. Help me to be a vessel of Your Peace, Your Calm and Your Mercy. Open my heart always to the plight of others and give me the Grace to forgive those who reject You and who trespass against me. Help me to proclaim Your Love through example, as You would do were You in my place. Amen.

Theme: Mother Mary's intercession. approximate time: Litanies & Crusades only: 25 minutes; with Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet: approx. 50 minutes Sign of the Cross In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Ask your favorite saint(s)to join you in prayer an...

God the Father: No man can explain how I created the universe or humanity no matter how they try for it is impossible.

My dearest daughter help Me in My grief as I weep for all of My children who refuse to accept that I exist.
How I yearn for them.
How I weep for their poor souls.
So intelligent and smart in the way of human understanding, they fail to grasp the Truth of who I Am.
I Am the beginning.
I Am the creator of all that is.
I am their Father, although they reject Me.
If they could only see the Truth.
If they could only allow Me to touch their hearts so I could show them My wonderful and glorious plans which await them.
Many of these souls do not know Me, through no fault of their own.
Those souls will be shown the Truth so that they will choose My Path.
Then those who were given the Truth, but who allowed human reasoning and the glorification of human intelligence to blind them, are now lost to Me.
Many such souls will convert but many will refuse the Cup of Salvation presented to them by My Beloved Son.
Children of My Heart I beg you. Help Me save My precious children.
My tears flow at this time and I ask you to bring them to Me through the Divine Mercy of My Son.
So many of these souls include young children, who defiantly and publicly reject Me, in order to show others how smart they are.
An exaggerated respect for human intelligence is a temptation driven into the souls of My Children by the enemy.
The Beast devours My children’s souls and they have no idea what he is doing to them.
So many fallen angels convince humanity that human intelligence is faultless.
When mankind believes, or convinces himself, that he knows the Divine Law of Creation he has fallen into a deceitful trap.
No man can explain how I created the universe or humanity no matter how they try for it is impossible.
When will they learn?
When will they see that those children of Mine, pure, simple and humble souls who accept Me, understand the simple truth?
They do not need proof because they feel My Love in their pure hearts which they leave open so I can flood their souls with Divine Graces.
I Am your God, your Creator and your Natural Father.
My children must come to Me through My Beloved Son and through their own free will. I cannot force them.
You, My children have been given the power to help save their souls.
All of you who respond to My plea to save your brothers and sisters through prayer and sacrifice will be granted special graces.
My power is infinite.
My miracles, aligned with the suffering and prayers of My children, will be used to save lost souls from eternal death.
I love you My beloved children.
Come and help Me unite My cherished family and help My Son to defeat the beast before it steals any more of My children.
Your Loving Father
God the Most High

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