Wednesday 28 September 2016

No man knows the Truth of the real contents of the Book of Revelation. Only God knows

No man knows the Truth of the real contents of the Book of Revelation. Only God knows

My dearly beloved daughter you are at the cusp of an explosion, which will see My Mercy pour out over the world in an event, which will change the face of the earth.
This mission has been quick. You were called suddenly and with haste as I moved to ensure that the world was given the Truth.
So few people understand that this is how God calls on the prophets, unawares, leaving no time for preparation on the part of the prophet.
This means that the words flow without hesitation.
No man has the ability to write such Messages as these. To say that this is the case is an insult to My Father and the Holy Spirit.
No man could, through human words, ignite the Flame of God’s Love in the souls of His children like these Messages can.
Only God could produce such a result.
No man knows the Truth of the real contents of the Book of Revelation. Only God knows.
Only I, the Lamb of God, have the authority to reveal what they contain. I do this now through My messenger Maria Divine Mercy who will convey My Words, not hers, to a disbelieving world.
Heed My Word now for it is being given to you to save you. To warn you. To prepare you. And to purify you. Be ready when the time comes.
I come, through the Messages, to prepare you. You do not know the day or the hour; so therefore, you must prepare your soul as if the time for Me to come is in the next day.
Always be ready. I ask that you keep a clear and open mind when reading My Messages for the first time, for this will probably be the only time you will witness My Voice from Heaven until the day you have all been waiting for arrives.
I bless you all. (Make the sign of the cross to accept this blessing)
I beckon you to come to Me.
When I ask you to pray I simply ask you to confide in Me, in your own simple words.
In your own way. In your private thoughts. I hear everything. I see all. I feel what you feel. I am with each of you standing beside you, just waiting for the day when you will finally surrender to My Call.
You have nothing to fear from Me for My Love for you will overcome any darkness, which keeps you distant from Me.
Turn to Me and I will pour My Light over you.
Then I will give you the peace you crave. I am waiting. I am patient.
Come to Me when you are ready.
I love you. I bless you.
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ

Crusade Prayer (146) Protection against deception

Dear Mother of Salvation, protect me with the Grace of protection against deceptions, created by Satan to destroy the faith of Christians. Protect us against those who are the enemies of God. Keep us safe from lies and heresy, used to weaken our love for your Son. Open our eyes to untruths, deception and every attempt we may encounter to encourage us to deny the Truth. Amen.

Virgin Mary: The awakening is coming soon

My child the renewal of souls has already begun and the Era of Peace is not too far away.
As all of God’s children are being blessed by the Gift of the Word of my beloved and precious Son, the spread of the Holy Spirit continues to spread across all nations.
There will be no stopping the Word of my Son for this is by the command of My Father.
Conversion will ignite the hearts of humanity and many will feel the Love of God, their natural Father, grip them in such a way that it will surprise and shock them.
Once this Divine Love surges through them they will feel an urge to shout for joy for it is like no other love known to man.
The awakening is coming soon.
As the Spirit of God continues to fan out in Flames of Glory, evil will be diluted and Satan’s army will be left bereft of its soldiers.
It will be left defenceless because many of his followers will be won over by God’s Mercy, leaving Satan with only half an army.
Disillusioned with his empty promises they will respond to the Light of my Son’s Divine Mercy.
The battle has not only begun but souls are now following my Son in their multitudes as they seek out the Truth of Eternal Life.
I bless you my child.
Heaven rejoices because of the conversion of souls and the salvation of dark souls, which is being achieved through the prayers of those who love my Son.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Theme: Trust in His Mercy approximate time: Litanies & Crusades only: 25 minutes; with Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet: approx. 50 minutes Sign of the Cross In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Ask your favorite saint(s)to join you in prayer and to inte...

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