Monday 12 February 2018

Testimony-Book of Truth Seminar

Testimony-Book of Truth Seminar

Have you ever attended a Book of Truth Seminar?

The seminars are a wonderful experience for anyone to learn more about the Seal of the Living God,  Medal of Salvation and the Book of Truth. These events are very prayerful and uplifting.
I encourage you to write in to share your testimony about your experiences.
This testimony was sent in from the New Jersey seminar, which took place Feb 10, 2018
Sharing with you a testimony of God’s Goodness and Greatness. With Divine Assistance this Vestment was finished in exactly 9 days work, a task which normally takes 3-4 weeks. God Willed it that (A) get all the assistance of angels and saints to enable (J) to bring this gift to Maria Divine Mercy in God’s Time. We hope this will bring joy to Maria Divine Mercy and her Holy Priest and we thank God for giving the New Jersey prayer group this opportunity. God Bless you and your work too for the salvation of mankind.
The woman has sewn in a Seal of the Living God scapular into the vestment and a Medal of Salvation.

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