Wednesday 14 February 2018

Seal of the Living God testimony

Seal of the Living God testimony

Featured Image -- 26181This is a testimony to the protection of the Seal of The Living God.
About 5 weeks ago, my husband and I had gone to our daughter’s home. I was working in the back yard, and my husband was on the porch at the front of the house. I had heard dogs barking rather loudly, and thought to myself ,” that doesn’t sound too good” so I went to the front door and my husband, who was just inside the door, said that these two dogs were barking aggressively at him. So I stepped out of the house and yelled at the dogs to go. They started to go but then they had other ideas.
They came racing back to within a few meters of me, and with their teeth bared, and fierce and vicious barking, bailed me up for over 40 minutes, edging closer and closer, until the front dog was only a meter from me. Still baring their teeth and exhibiting what seemed like intense hatred for me, I knew I was not to move.
Over half an hour after the siege began, these strong thoughts were coming to me… “Stand your ground, do not move, you are being protected. They can NOT touch you”. And I had the most amazing Peace and CALM within my spirit, that I find hard to explain. It lasted for over an hour.
SealScapular_1Some time later, I was pulling my rosary beads out of a little bag I wear around my waist, when I touched something firm; it was the Seal of The Living God, plus I also was wearing the Seal Scapular around my neck.
Praise God, my Loving Father, it was He who had protected me, his child.
I still thank Him for letting me know that we are not to be afraid of whatever situation we are in.
When thinking about this situation, just before writing, I was reminded of ISAIAH 26:3….”Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee”. 
That same morning, as I walked through the lounge, my husband was at that time, listening to the news….a teenager had been attacked and mauled to death by two aggressive dogs………..
Praise and Glory and Honour to Thee, Almighty Father.
I didn’t say, but the lady next door, heard the dogs barking and saw that I was bailed up by them; she called the Council ” dog catcher”.  When he arrived, he was not able to get out of his vehicle as the dogs were so aggressive towards him and even his vehicle.
Thank you for this powerful testimony 

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