Thursday 26 October 2017


Promises of Seal
1. Satan and his fallen angels do not have authority over them. March 8, 2012
2. All those with the seal are granted a place in the new paradise. Aug 23, 2013
3. Only those with the Seal of the living god will escape a form of the genocide of the soul. April 4, 2013
4. Your home will not be seen. It will be invisible to the enemy. MOS will protect such refuges. Aug 5, 2013
5. The Seal will sustain all during persecution, domination and war, and any kind of persecution. Oct 11, 2013
6. There will be many Divine powers associated with the Seal. May 17, 2012
7. They will not have to accept the Mark of the Beast. They will be protected against the Mark of the beast. May 5, 2014
8. They will have the Graces to defend the Word, to remain true to God, to protect their faith with courage. May 17, 2012
9. They will be given relief from their suffering when all things seem unbearable. Aug 23, 2014
10. The Seal will enable them to overcome the opposition they will face when Christianity will be brutalized. June 7, 2014
11. SOLG will protect you from physical and spiritual death during wars. Sep 21, 2013
12. They will become immune to the suffering which the AC will inflict on the world. Aug 30, 2013
7 Promises of the MEDAL OF SALVATION
1. The gift of conversion. Gift of Salvation. Convert those who are open to the Mercy of God / Jesus. July 18, 2013 / Sept 14, 2013
2. Protects us against Heresy May 5, 2014
3. Will be shown Mercy by Jesus. January 20, 2014
4. Many Miracles to be associated with this medal. January 20, 2014
5. Those who do reject it or try to prevent others from accepting it will be denied salvation Jan 20, 2014
6. Safeguards you against the power of the AC. Feb 7, 2014
7. More powerful than any other medal. Feb 20, 2014

You are welcome to download this image to print off and give to people to explain the importance of the Seal of the Living God and Medal of Salvation22791627_10203920460369480_2256988325630474934_o

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