Saturday 18 November 2017

Mother of Salvation rosary testimony

Mother of Salvation rosary testimony

Mos imageThis testimony was sent in from the U.S.A

I went to my eye doctor for a exam. After running tests and looking at the results she told me that I had Glaucoma. She said it could lead to blindness and then told me that I needed an additional eye exam with a more sophisticated machine in order to determine how far the disease had progressed and the extent of the damage.
As I was driving home I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the express intention that I be healed of this disease as I did not want to go blind. My follow up exam was not for a week and during this time I was praying for a miracle.XCU-MOS-ROSARY
A few days before the follow up exam I picked up the Mother of Salvation Rosary and held the medal on the rosary to one eye then the other blessing the my eyes with it. As I did this I told Our Lady that if she interceded for me for a healing I would give all the credit
for this healing to the “Mother of Salvation” Rosary and Medal that is on it. When I had my follow up exam a few days later they told me they would send the results to my eye doctor. While  waiting for the results I continued to pray on the Mother of Salvation Rosary for my healing.
Four days later the doctor’s assistant called me and told me everything was fine and that
they would see me next year for my annual eye exam. When I got off the phone all I could do is thank the Mother of Salvation over and over again for this great miracle. I was healed and I give all the credit for this great miracle of healing to the Mother of Salvation Rosary and Medal that is on it.
Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!
For the wonderful gift of the Mother of Salvation Rosary.
Please share your experience with the rosary

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