Thursday 16 November 2017

Crusade of Prayer (1) My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls

Nov. 17th 2011 6 years ago
First Crusade Prayer
My Gift to Jesus to save souls [1]

the-crusade-of-prayer-englishMy beloved daughter please ask My children to recite these prayers from now until The Warning. My followers are requested to recite these prayers which I will give you every day to save souls. This is the first prayer
My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls
“My dearest Jesus, You Who loves us so much, allow me, in my humble way to help save Your precious souls.
Have Mercy on all sinners, no matter how grievously they offend You.
Allow me, through prayer and suffering, to help those souls who may not survive The Warning to seek a place beside You in Your Kingdom. Hear my prayer, O sweet Jesus, to help You win over those souls You yearn for.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pledge my allegiance to Your Most Holy Will, at all times. Amen.”
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ

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