Sunday 12 November 2017

Are you looking for a prayer group?

Are you looking for a prayer group?

Guidelines for Crusade of Prayer Groups
My dearly beloved daughter it must be known that I wish to form an army of prayer groups around the world.
I will provide you, My army, with prayers that will need to be recited to save souls.
These prayer groups will expand and within its ranks will rise a veritable army of devoted followers to bring forth the Truth of My Divine Promise of Salvation for all.
These groups will form the army as dictated by My beloved Father, which will tackle the darkness of evil caused by Satan and his believers and followers.
These prayers were written in Heaven and promise extraordinary Graces.
They have one purpose only and that is to save the souls of everyone; every child; every creed; each sex; every religious denomination and atheists. This is My greatest joy.
If you have a prayer group or you are looking for a prayer group please fill out the contact form
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