Monday 6 March 2023

Crusade of Prayer (4) Unite all Families.... BOOK OF TRUTH..


Crusade of Prayer (4) Unite all Families

My daughter this prayer is important for it will help keep families together so that they can remain as one in my New Kingdom of Paradise on earth.

“Unite all families, Jesus, during The Warning, so that they may receive Eternal Salvation.

I pray that all families remain together, in union with You, Jesus, so that they may inherit Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen”

Your loving Saviour
Redeemer of Mankind
Jesus Christ

Crusade Prayer (10) Carrying the flame of your love

Help us, dear Jesus, to rise fearlessly in Your Name to carry the Flame of Your Love across all nations.
Give us, Your children, the strength to face the abuse we will be faced with among all those who are not true believers in your mercy.

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