Sunday 5 March 2023

Crusade of Prayer (3) Rid the world of fear... BOOK OF TRUTH..


Crusade of Prayer (3) Rid the world of fear

My dearly beloved daughter I now provide you with the prayer to rid the world of fear

“O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You to rid the world of fear, which detaches souls from Your loving Heart. I pray that souls who will experience real fear during The Warning will stop and allow Your Mercy to flood their souls, so that they will be free to love You in the way they should. Amen.”

Your loving Saviour
Jesus Christ

Crusade Prayer (9) Offer of Suffering as a Gift

Oh, most Sacred Heart of Jesus, teach me to accept insults in Your Holy Name, when I proclaim Your Word with humble thanksgiving.
Teach me to understand how humiliation, pain, and suffering bring me closer to Your Sacred Heart.
Allow me to accept such trials with love and generosity of spirit, so that I may present them as the Gifts so precious to You, in order to save souls.

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