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Seal of the Living God -Testimony

Seal of the Living God -Testimony

This was sent in and I was given permission to share it to the blog

small seal of GodI have given all of my children and grandchildren the Seal of the Living God. One of my grandsons was baptized a catholic but grew up Lutheran. He placed one of the Seals in his dads car because he often drove it. His brother was home on Spring break a couple years ago and had driven their dads car to town. On the way home he drove into the bridge near their home. The car hit the bridge on one side and spun over to the other side and hit it again.
The car was totaled and my grandson was not wearing a seat belt. Miraculously he had not a scratch but the car was totally demolished. Like a scrunched pop can.
This past winter this same grandson that put the Seal in his dads car was driving home from visiting us. He had a pickup in which he had fastened the driver’s seat belt to the center seat belt so that it would not ding since he NEVER in his life wore a seat belt.  After he got on the highway he suddenly felt compelled to wear his seat belt. It was a struggle since the seat belt was fastened behind him.
Within seconds of putting on the seat belt he hit a huge buck. The front end of his truck was destroyed. He called us immediately to come pick him up and the first words he spoke were. “Grama, Jesus Christ just saved my life! I have the Seal of the Living God in my Truck and Jesus Christ saved my life!” (sent in from Kansas City, MO)

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Seal of the Living God -Nigeria testimony

Our Lady of Africa
For over 2 years my daughter and I have been sending Rosary Beads, Books and Sacramentals to Nigeria as they are a very poor country. Before Christmas, we sent another box, and I included about 30 Medals of Salvation, with 5 or 6 messages of Our Blessed Mother, Mother of Salvation, which explain or make reference to the Medal of Salvation. Around the middle of February, I received a letter of thanks for our parcel, I will send you a copy of this letter, so you can see the results for yourselves.
“Dear A… ,
The worst is happening in Nigeria. Priests now keep rifles by their side when saying Mass. this is because muslims are killing Christians even at Mass. Last month hundreds of Christians were killed in the Southern Kaduna Province of Kaduna State in Nigeria. There are displacments, there is hunger, poverty, frustration and anger. Malnutrition is everywhere. Money and basic things are scarce. Please pray for us.
The Medal of Salvation you sent to me before Christmas, is now wanted by lots of priests, nuns and the religious. I did not know what type of medal it was. I distributed them to the people where we went for Christmas activities (they teach the people in the Hinterland, the Rosary, Sacraments and the Catholic Faith).maryafrica
After Christmas, people came to me from far and wide pleading for the Medals. Lots of people came, from Bishop’s Secretariat and from the far north. I did not use the medal myself because I have never seen or known it till then. Please, I plead, if it is possible, that you please send us more Medals of Salvation. We will be very happy if you can send us more Medals of Salvation. God bless you.
We will start our Easter activities, a week to Easter and end a week after Easter. Our activities will be enlarged to meet more people. Local people here, find Easter very difficult to understand. It is our duty to make them understand that Easter is the centre of our Faith. Please pray for us to achieve our aim.
Please, I hope you can send us religious materials, for distribution during Easter. Please send us more Medals of Salvation. Please help us. God bless you.
Write soon
Yours Sincerely
Aloysius Anorue
medal of salvationMy daughter, Mar…, and I, spent many hours over the next 2 weeks, hastily putting together, 20 printed Crusade Prayer Packs, with Crusade Prayers for each day of the week, litanies included. 15 Priest Packs with large & small laminated seals, a seal scapular, 21 Medals of Salvation, with cord & with Our Ladies messages which refer to the Medal of Salvation, and a number of Benedictine Crucifixes.
Plus more.SealScapular_1
We sent over 1500 Medals of Salvation, a hundred laminated large Seals, and around 10 to 13 hundred small laminated Seals, and 70 Seal Scapulars.
I also sent some messages referring to the Passion and Suffering of our Lord, and hopefully, somewhere they will have access to a computer and find much more on the website.
“My Mission to save humanity is almost complete. My Remnant has been formed. You have been given the Gifts of the Seal of the Living God, the Medal of Salvation and the Crusade Prayers. They will be your armour against My adversary.”

If you are interested in sending medals, seals and scapulars to spread the Mission of Salvation to Africa or to any country please contact the website.

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