Monday 20 March 2017


22 hrs
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 @ 03:20 pm
My dearly beloved daughter (Maria Divine Mercy), the next stage in this Holy Mission is about to unfold.
My Book of Truth, like a flame, will spread quickly over the whole world.
Conversion will be quick and My Holy Word, in all tongues, will be heard.
All of God’s children, in turn, will spread My Messages and they will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Their lips will impart the Truth and all will prophesy in tongues so that the Truth can be heard quickly.
The thirst of God’s children, who wander in a confused state because their souls are empty, will be quenched.
The hunger pangs for My Presence will be satisfied when I bring those souls the nourishment they so desperately need.
When this happens very few souls in the world will be unaware of My Great Mercy.
Take My Gift, My Holy Word, My Book of Truth and devour it. For without it you will be like a body without a soul.
When you swallow My Words of Wisdom you will become whole again.
When you become whole again you will be ready to come with Me into the New Era of Peace on earth.
Await now, My beloved followers, for My Written Word will be with you soon an you will rejoice with love and peace in your souls.
Go forth all My followers.
Let you, your loved ones and all believers, prophesy in My Name.
Walk with Me while I lead you to Eternal Life.
Your Beloved Jesus
Redeemer of all Mankind

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