Saturday 14 January 2017

Regarding the Message of February 23, 2013

Regarding the Message of February 23, 2013

Regarding the Message of February 23, 2013, permission is granted to all who desire to print or email the Messages or Crusade Prayers from the site and distribute them for free in any language. Costs may be covered as long as no money is made to get the Messages to people.
Jesus desires that no Messages from other visionaries – true or false – be on the same website with these Messages because of the enormity of what these Messages represent to the world and that no donations are requested on websites containing these Messages. These Messages must stand by themselves. Maria is grateful to all of you who have helped this Mission in so many ways by reaching out to other souls. Jesus desires to reach all souls in all languages.  Because of this every attempt is being made to get the Book of Truth translated into every language for distribution. Maria is grateful to all the selfless translators who are helping with this great Work.

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