Saturday 28 January 2017

God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His instruction to humanity

God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His instruction to humanity

My dearly beloved daughter, the way in which I show Myself to God’s children on this Earth is through only one source and that is the Holy Spirit. I cannot make Myself known to them through any other way.
Without the Presence of the Holy Spirit My Voice cannot be heard. So when the Holy Spirit descends on a chosen soul My Voice can be made known. But be aware.  The Holy Spirit can only reside in souls who listen and simply communicate what is given to them.
The Holy Spirit may inspire people to speak the Word of God, but such souls cannot deviate from this. Anyone who writes, communicates, speaks and says that he represents the Word of God, given to him by the Power of the Holy Spirit, must never give his own interpretation of My Most Holy Word.
Anyone who proclaims the Word of God and who has been empowered by the Holy Spirit will never boast of this fact. They will never condemn another in My Name, speak ill of others or slander them. When you see this happening you will know that the Holy Spirit is not present.
So many false prophets shout at the top of their voices, boasting of the fact that they have been given the Gift of the Holy Spirit, but this is a lie. Know the liar when he says he is knowledgeable, has a great education in theology – and therefore knows more about Me than others – and then claims to have been given the authority to condemn others, who say they speak in My Name. This arrogance could never come from God.
God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His Instruction to humanity. He would never give permission to any genuine prophet, true disciple or holy servant to hurt or insult another in My Name.
Beware of the false prophets who do not have the Gift of the Holy Spirit, for they will lead you astray. They will lead you in the opposite direction to the path I have chosen for each of you.
Your Jesus

All 9 Book of Truth Webcasts

January 25, 2016
I am posting all the videos in this one post to make it easier to share with as many people as possible. 
The Warning and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
The false prophet and the antichrist.
spiritual and physical preparedness.
The prayers that have been given to Maria Divine Mercy
• The Crusade of Prayer groups
• What it means
• And how to set one up.
 The 7 Seals from the Book of Revelation – and what we have been told, from the Book of Truth.
 The Medal of Salvation and the Seal of the Living God.
 The New Paradise, and the promises associated.
This video focuses on the refuges
we focus on – combating evil
You can view all previous messages and prayers given to Maria Divine Mercy on Youtube channel
Crusade Prayer (108) Climbing the Hill of Calvary
Jesus, help me to find the courage, the bravery and the nerve, to stand up and be counted, so that I can join Your Remnant Army and climb the same Hill of Calvary, which You had to endure for My Sins.
Give me the power to carry Your Cross and Your load, so that I can help You save souls.
Rid me of my weakness.
Dispel my fears.
Crush all my doubts.
Open my eyes to the Truth.
Help me, and all those who respond to the Call to carry Your Cross, to follow You with a deep and humble heart and that by my example, others will pluck up the courage to do likewise. Amen.

In this part of the webcast, we discuss The Warning and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is by no means, a complete and thorough listing of…

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