Thursday 30 May 2019

Walk by My Side and you will be spit on

My dearly beloved daughter, you must remember that when you serve Me, your life will always be a bed of thorns. Nothing will be easy, but know that when you are a chosen soul, that it does not come without sacrifice. On this journey you undertake walking by My Side, you will be spit upon, tripped, mocked, kicked and tormented when you least expect it. All those who openly proclaim My Word will also suffer the same indignities.
However, it will not be until you accept these humiliations and trials, as being part of the cross you carry when you chose to work for Me, that you will mature towards the spiritual perfection expected of you.
Accept, My daughter, the humiliations, pain and suffering thrown your way. Surely by now you and all My beloved soldiers, who accept My most sacred instructions through these Messages, must know that it is I Who walks by your side.
Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ.

Crusade Prayer (26) Pray the Holy Rosary to help save your nation,

Crusade of Prayer (26) Virgin Mary urges all Christians to recite Holy Rosary to save nations

pray_the_rosary2In a message received by Maria Divine Mercy on Sunday 05 February 2012 Our Lady urges all of us – all Christians including non-Catholics – to say her Holy Rosary to help save nations and asked for us to pray for unity in the world.

How to Say The Rosary

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