Wednesday 6 September 2017

Prayer vigil testimony

Prayer vigil testimony

This was sent in from a Crusade member in Italy on Sept 3, 2017
Praying-rosary-in-IraqWe had a special permission to do this Vigil inside the Church where we pray crusades every week.
We thought it was too much asking to pray there during the night, but I decided to write to the priest explaining that we were praying in my house even if we knew it was better in front of the tabernacle and writing that if the priest had a similar initiative to pray during the night in his Church we would have given him the priority.
The priest called me at the telephone immediately saying that he was giving us the key of the church and explaining how to do in order to open it and close it. He was saying that it was not possible for him to pray with us but even that he approves that we pray in front of the tabernacle instead that in a private house.roman-catholic-quotes-3
We managed to be all present at the Vigil, three of us have serious health problems but we asked Jesus help to be there and all was well for them.
Other three participants went to pray with us during that night and we do not know exactly who informed them, surely someone, but we were surprised to see how easily they knew about this Vigil prayer and about the need they had to pray independently on prejudice against a Jesus to mankind prayer group.
Our-lady-of-FatimaWe were in front of a new statue of the Virgin Mary just arrived from Fatima from the Pilgrimage of that parish. She was to the side of the tabernacle.
We received a special strength to resist, we are not used to these kind of Vigil, not everyone, so this was special for us,
Thank You Jesus.
Please continue to send in your prayer vigil dates and testimonies.  Many are coming in from across the globe

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