Wednesday 6 September 2017

Prayer vigil testimony #2

Prayer vigil testimony #2

roman-catholic-quotes-3This was sent in from Hungary 9-06-17

Under the Vigil in the Hungarian prayer groups happened some special things: Many said they felt they cant continue praying due to tiredness, but they got new energy and freshness every time.
Many of them felt that they’re not alone in the room and there are maybe others praying with them. They may were angels.
Whom they felt this were not physically in the same place under the vigil, not even the same cities, they told me these experiences without knowing each other…
My strange experience: „I was praying with my mom and i felt my throat is bleeding (or my gum) i had to take my kerchief, but then i realised it was nothing special going on.
I told this to mom later, and She responded me she felt there are many other souls praying with us in our room, but we only prayed together.”
Everyone prayed with enthusiasm and we’re going to repeat it from time to time as Jesus asked !
Praise to the Lord and Gratitude for His Graces !
You can continue to organize prayer vigils as often as you would like 

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