Saturday 27 August 2016

My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.

dmcMy dearly beloved daughter the torment inflicted on you by those lacking in true humility, but who profess to speak in My Name, will intensify now.
Listen to no voice only Mine.Do not engage or respond to those who insult Me.
They have allowed human pride to block Me and then, not only is that not enough, they persecute Me.
My Second Coming will be similar to events which took place during My time on earth the first time.
My Holy Word will be questioned, criticised, dismissed and then rejected.
The first to reject Me will be My own, those souls who love Me the most. They will stand front in line to throw the first stone.
My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.
I agonised over the sins of mankind, not only those who lived at that time, but those who reject Me today. Those who reject Me today hurt Me more because I died for their sins. They have learnt nothing.
Then those who mocked Me and tore My eye out with the thorn, the sharpest one in the Crown of Thorns, are those representatives of My Church on Earth.
They won’t accept My Second Coming or the warnings I reveal to them now.
Every word uttered from My lips is being devoured by those humble souls like children in a famine.
Yet those nourished by the knowledge of the Truth of My Teachings, turn their heads and look the other way.
Humility is no longer present in the souls of many of My followers so that they will be unable to benefit from My special Graces.
Until you become little in the eyes of God you cannot hear Me.
Until you denounce pride and arrogance you will not feel the power of the Holy Spirit.
When you reject Me today you plunge the first nail into My wrist.
When you, My sacred servants, denounce My Holy Word, given to you now, you drive the second nail into My other wrist.
For those poor souls who have no interest in My Teachings or the Salvation I gave the world, through My Death on the Cross, they have no one to guide them.
They are the victims here. They are not being led towards Me. They are being denied the chance to prepare for My Second Coming.
Now I call all of My followers to prepare.The battle among believers will begin soon. One half will not only denounce these messages, they will try to ban them.
The other half will use them to convert others.
Those simple lost souls who don’t know Me at all, will know Me as soon as I reveal the Truth to them during The Warning.
It will be easier for them to see the Truth than it will for those who say they love Me but who deny Me now.
This is why you need to pray for the graces to allow you to see Me, hear Me and to let Me prepare you for My Second Coming.
Never believe that to truly follow Me, especially in these the End Times, will be easy.
For this time, silent homage to My Holy Word, will not be enough.
You will be like a new recruit in any army. You will need to train, renew your souls and come to Me through the Sacraments, before you will be strong enough and brave enough to spread My Holy Word.
The spread of My Crusade Prayers will be your first task.
You, My army will lead the biggest Crusade of My Holy Mission on earth ever. You will start small but will swell to 20 million.
The prayers and suffering of My Remnant Church can be enough to save the whole of humanity. Never forget that your prayers can save the souls of the most grievous sinners so powerful is prayer. So prepare to gather together. Prepare well because efforts will be made to stop you.Accept the abusive insults which will be flung at you.
Know that every kind of argument will be presented to you in order to stop you in your mission.But know that I guide you, steer you and make you strong.
Know also that you, My Army, will be responsible for the salvation of millions of souls. Souls who would have had no hope at all.
Let My love touch your soul and bind you together as one, in union with Me, your Jesus.
Allow Me to cover you with My Precious Blood and bestow My Gifts to help you stay loyal to Me so that, no matter how strong the temptation is, you never deny My call to you now.
I bless you all My strong Army.
I will lead you in your march to the New Era of Peace every step of the way.
Your beloved Saviour
Redeemer of Mankind
Jesus Christ

Crusade Prayer (113) To defeat evil in our land

O Mother of Salvation, come into our midst and cover our land with your protection.
Crush the head of the beast and stamp out his wicked influence amongst us.
Help your poor lost children to stand up and speak the Truth, when we are surrounded by lies.
Please, O Mother of God, protect our land and keep us strong, so that we can remain loyal to your Son in our time of persecution. Amen.

Prayers can avert the atrocities being planned urging the use of nuclear bombs

My dearly beloved daughter My prophets, My messengers and all the true visionaries in the world are uniting in spirit to proclaim My Holy Word at this time.
Those chosen for the difficult mission, to ensure that the souls of the whole of humanity are prepared for My Second Coming, are being instructed to call out to the world.
They will soon urge for urgent prayer to help those who will suffer in the coming wars.
The time is near for wars to break out and many innocent souls will be the victims in these hate filled terrors against God’s children.
Many will be torn in different directions in these wars and much confusion will exist in the Middle East.
So many little wars will escalate.
So many sides splintered in all directions at first, will merge into only a small number of sides.
Then the larger armies will become involved with many nations joining in.
How My tears fall over this terrible evil led through the influence of Satan who wants to kill as many people as possible and as quickly as possible.
Pray for these wars to be diluted.
Pray that God’s children, through their prayers, can avert the atrocities being planned urging the use of nuclear bombs.
My dearest daughter, Satan will do everything in his power at this time to encourage the Catholic Church to denounce you and to declare these messages heresy.
You must ignore these attacks. All those who follow My teachings need only follow their hearts for they will find it easy to discern the truth.
If My prophets were not given the graces from Heaven to withstand such persecution, then My Holy Word, My instructions to prepare all of God’s children for My Second Coming would not be heard.
Were it not for the stubborn persistence of all God’s prophets and God’s messengers, from the beginning of time, then God’s children would remain ignorant.
Once the knowledge is given to you, My precious followers, you must never be afraid for you are following the path to Eternal Life. Any other path, irrespective of the glorious, but worthless, temptations which pull you towards worldly trappings will not lead you to Me.
For if, and when, the lies about My Holy Eucharist begin to emerge you must be brave and walk away.
Pray for strength, determination and courage to follow me on the final Path to Salvation.
Your beloved Jesus

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